Saturday, December 1, 2012

Off to Pavilion, Sephora, Brand Outlet, H&M And Lot 10

What an awesome outing it was. LOL. Truly enjoyable and I love it. Even it maybe a little bit tiring but it is all paid off as the happiness was always there. Happy moment thou especially when we going out with family. Basically the intention why am heading to Kuala Lumpur is to visit my nephew that is just underwent a small surgery which is bersunat. Congratulation to both of them and now they can pray inline with les adults and also maybe get married. 

Back to the story, the next day which is on monday, we planned to go to Pavilion to pay it a visit as I have never been here yet for the rest of my live. I thought it was just like the other shopping mall but my thought is totally strayed away. My imagination is false and lost. This place is really not a place for me perhaps. Going there wearing slipper was a total rare cause people patronizing this area is too fashionable. True fashion victim. And know what, there is even an old guy wearing purple pants, what-a-world rite? But still I respect it as they think they are fashionable, what can I say kind of thingy. 

The structure of the Pavilion. Later when people ask have me been here, i can proudly said that Yes I do.
There are many branded-shop that I have never even know the name before I came here. Weird huh, for me perhaps. There are Topman, Parkson, just to name a few that I recognised and memorised. Others, I really can't recall it. 

After wandering inside this building for almost an hour, we went out and again we spot this unique building structure that is just opposite the Pavilion, Sephora.

Unique structure, Sephora.
 Deciding not to go inside cause my expectation is that the price will be even cozier than Pavilion due to its more glamorous, sophisticated, complex structure. Then, we just walked by and away. Phewww. As it almost zohor time, we headed to the only spotted ensurely supplied Halal Food, Subway. As usual we are having sandwich here and a must to have the sub of the day due to it's cheapest price I think. Around MYR8 each. 

Monday sub of the day, **can't recall the name. Yummylicious
 After filling our stomach with this scrumption and finger lickin' good sandwich, we went to the Brand Outlets. A store that is suit to our wallet. LOL. And know what, it is an OmaiAllah, there were lots of nice cloths and even bags that make me so confused which is to buy and which are not. After choosing this and that shirt, going for like a thousand time to the fitting room, I found afew that is really suit my heart and soul. Beside buying my only T, we also buy a same T for all of us. As a symbolic of our outing, maybe.  

There is a story behind this shirt. Funny story.
 Here is the story, initially we choose this T over the others as maybe the Santa look cute or I don't know cause I just follow their lead. We even already paid for the T and straightly went to the toilet to change into this T. All of us did. We even take one or two toilet photos with this T before we were regretting our choice. Yeah, regretted. Why? because of the Sante. Other people religion symbol and believe rite. Thus it is prohibited to be wore by muslim. That what we believe. As our heart on that particular of time did not really sure bout this thingy, we just return back this T and change it to other T that is more abstract. What a story rite?
Lot 10, where H&M is located. Triple storey of H&M, truly heaven.
This H&M outlet is full of foreigners. And not just them, there were also lots of malaysian fashionista that love wearing striking color T and pants as well. All that sort of people can be easily found here. But still, they are fashionable in their own way. Oh yeah, the outlet is really grand and there are quite selection of awesome T to be bought. But due to money constriction, I just grab a dream T of mine. 

I like this T to the max. MYR39.90.
Actually it took me a week to come to this decision to buy this T. The T may seem simple but for me it is nice. LOL. But then I still buy it, whatever. I asked my brother at UM to buy it for me first. Thank god there is still available T and still not sold out. Or not I'll cry regretfully. 

These are all the T I bought on the day. Awesome.
Before heading off to the Sg. Wang, we spotted this Chatime outlet just outside the Lot 10 mall and I said, I should give it a try cause it is quite hard to find this Chatime. It is not available in Teluk Intan and I never come across it back in Shah Alam. And you know what, it taste delicious. Really scrumptious and straw sucking good. Won't miss it if I spot it eslewhere.

My first Chatime. Mine is Chocolate Hazel and I already fall in love with it.
Next, after a very tiring day of walking, we went to Sg. Wang and there were like lots ad lots of more gorgeous and fabulaz thing. Am so falling in love. I'm searching for a singly handed bag here but I think it is not my luck cause there is nothing catchy enough to my eyes. Here, I did not buy anything except that I went for dinner to the Johnny's. Will blog bout it later.

Dinner at Johnny's. Thailand cuisine.
Then, after dinner we straightly went home by the public transport. For me, to be here it is better by public transport rather than by our own car or bike because it is more easier and convinience. Traffic congestion here is like a crap. What a sadist was that thru out our outing, it was raining even just mild. 

Raining all day long. That man sold the transparent umbrella for MYR10.00 way to expensive. 


asyraf harun said...

GOSH GOSHH GOSHHH loving that black H&M tee! ahh cravings for shopping in H&M all of sudden! hahaha and Chatime is seriously awesome :DD

unknown said...

yeah, btw the tee back in h&m is not too cozy thou...the chatime is awesome, way better than coolblog thou...even the pearl is soooo much...