Wednesday, September 26, 2012

INPRO 2012

Turn out, I choose this story rather than others to be posted for today. I basically wanna write about the open haus at Miss Fiza house but what to do as the pictures are still stuck at my friend, Zulfitri Firdaus. Attention to him, please pass it to me as soon as possible. LOL's. So, here it is; INPRO 2012.

INPRO is an abbreviation for INTEC Inter-Programme Games that is held each years and on the third sem of seniors and first sem of juniors. This year, the event was not as merry compared to last year as there were a few programme that not participating. If last year we have MEP's student as well as Russian's student, this year there were not as they already fly to their chosen destination. But, all in all the event is still a great success   and some people may also believe it as a "largho"

What is more memorable is that I had participated in Bowling Tournament during the games and what was shocked, I won. Even just as the second-runner up. And more joy is that my gamers' group which is A-Level 2 sat at the third place overall. If I 'm not mistaken.

So, as there is so many photos and colours to be presented, let me stop here and allowing the photo to take over;

The event was held at the mini stadium, main campus of UiTM Shah Alam. We went there by shuttle bus.
Plus, we were being escorted by the marshall in charge. LOL's. Feels so VVIP.
There was even fireworks during the opening. It last for about 2-3 minutes I think. So beautiful and picturesque. 
The event began with the marching from all the Programme that were still in INTEC namely, A-Level,
Korean Programme, A-Level German, KTJ, AUSMAT and also ATUSA.
Event continued with the dance and singing performance from the A-level group. Very energetic and awesome.
Go2x A level.
Followed by the performance form Korean Programme. Super fantastic with fast shaky movement that is
very attractive. Like it so much. Besides, if you realise, there is PSY Gangnam during the show.
Then, a musical theater form the A-Level German group about the war between Russian and German.
No offense by the plot is quite difficult to be digested.
But their accessories eg. Cable Car, was awesomely constructed. 
Colourful dance performance form the KTJ's student. Like the song so much and the dance is also enjoyable.
Full of pride and love plus dignity of an asian women dancers. Suddenly...
AUSMAT which was so soo AUSEMAT. Combining a few choreograph into one dance which is quite hard
to be done but they manage to do it. Plus, their balloon is really unforgettable.
Seem like a floating spermy rite? So cute.
Finally, performance from ATUSA's group. The idea was amazing as they were copying the Batman movie
and convert it into a I guess. I like the joker; dress up and make up both, so real.
As all had perform, the winner goes to A-Level team and they were asked to re-performed. But this time,
all of us do join them dancing, including me. LOL's. So much fun. Congrate to A-Level.
Finished all the tentative, its time for a little cam-whoring with le hausmate.
Another cam-whoring on the stairs.
Bit more cam-whoring with the KTJ's student as they wore awesome outfit, plus there was a dragon. 
Finally, le hausmates photo excluding pozi. I don't know why but I do really like this photo.
Seem so real and full of different human expression in a single photo. Do you think so?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Anjale's Open House

Nothing much to write about as there is already too many delayed post in account. LOL's, student life is always as hectic as hell, rite? Let skip this crap introduction and move on to the main topic of the post.

Last two weeks i think, my brother had held his open haus together with his housemates and friends. The event was a success I think. Me, my sis and bros just came to help our elder brother to prepare the course for the day basically. We were just come to help but turn out, we (maybe excluding me alittle) were the one who handle the cooking. We prepared the dishes from late nite up to morning as the event will just begin at 12 noon. So, no worries.

Moving on, lets the photo do the talks.

Buzy preparing the course
Food on house. Yummy2x.
People behind the scene of food preparation.
Then, just after finished the dishes, we just headed back to our hometown, meeting our beloved parents. even tasting all the food that we ourselves prepare pun tak sempat. Really sad and sad. Hu3x... Btw, the food is all gorgeous.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bowling Tournament @ Ole-Ole Mall Seksyen 18

Hello guys. This story took place last week, on Wednesday to be exact and as informed, I had joined the A-level team to participate in Bowling match that was held in line with the INPRO (stand for Intec Sports Programme or so so). The tournament was held at the Bowling alley at Ole-Ole Mall which is just a walking distance from my hostel. About the tournament, it was an inter-programme match that is still here in Intec like Ausmat, KTJ & Korean Programme, ADFP, and opkos A-level as well. 

The alley where the war took place.
The emptiness of the bowling arena was just for a while as more and more students came in from time to time supporting there  own programme mates and friends. The match begin and ended up as Ausmat becoming the winner followed by A-level 1 and A-level 2 as the second-runner up. Btw, I am one of the members in the A-level 2 and indicating that I win. Wheeee... For first place you'll have bag and towel for the first-runner up and umbrella as the third place prize. And I'll prefer the umbrella instead of the towel.

Score sheet of the last match. We played 3 set in a row.
Lol's. Playing in a tournament is way different from playing with friends for fun as maybe there is more pressure that keep forcing me to do the best. Thus, this kind of feeling really ruin my first and second sets games, avoiding me from collecting a high points. As I realised, on the third game, i shove that feeling away and strengthen my gut back, then strive to the highest and wow, thanks Allah, I scored quite high with a drastic increment from my previous set. Accordance to the score sheet, as my name is Shahnon that start with a S, the S in the sheet represent me.

Not only that, our games that nite also been sponsored with a can of rehydration 100Plus from Miss Fiza. Perhaps if she came by earlier, treated us earlier, we can score much better. Keh3x, just kind of expecting. And owh, btw my war-mates for the match were Yus, Aus and Afiq.

Together with the sponsor woman. Thanks a lot miss.
And yeah opkos, my roomates also came and support me and perhaps, maybe they are the only supporter, a loyal supporter that I have compared to others team on show that nite. Pity me, rite?

After games. Camwhoring a little with Miss Fiza and super-loyal supporter.
Another shoot of don't look at the camera with them and balls.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Family Pot Luck 2012

What to say, having a big family is really a heaven and bless as when we gather together, the bond called family's bond can really be felt. Spending time together, eating, snapping photos, playing mercun, and sleeping together; thronging the living area and so much more interesting and joyfulness event that will absolutely creating a very good, sweet memory.

Story began on a Saturday evening where all of us gathered at my Abang's house at Puncak Jalil. This Pot Luck is also joined by my beloved parents that is specially imported from Perak. Initially, I thought, me and Abg Jale foodies are the merryest but as soon as the arrival of the troop from Perak which is my parents, we are totally doomed. My mother is a supermom as she had cook more that 4 dishes for that particular gathering. Awesome melampau, rite? 

Photo session while waiting for azan as my mom is fasting for the last day of her Puasa 6.
While waiting for azan, I grabbed the chances to take as many pictures as possible together with my mom as everybody else was busy preparing the dishes and courses for the day. Unlike normal shooting, we try out the latest phenomenal of "sore eyes 5 days mc" face together with our mom. Besides, the unnatural plus stripper-smile of mine was also captured. Overall, am satisfy with the photos event my face is really oily.

Snapping photos, creating memories to be remembered.
Moving on to the best part of the day is actually the selection of varieties of foodies from western to eastern, from chocolate cake to orange cake, form butter bread to garlic bread and so much more that will make anybody that catch the smell of the food will drool. As I said, the concept of this Pot Luck is where we, each single person or sharing can buy or cook food to be brought together. Like me, am bringing the carbonara sauce that will compliment the spaghetti and also the garlic bread even the garlic-taste is not taste-able. Noted, there is selection of cakes; chocolate and also orange, spaghetti that is complimented by three choices of sauces; seafood carbonara, sardine bolognesse, and also fresh-meaty bolognesse, fruits, varieties of rendang; ayam, daging and also daging kicap. Wow, so much to be taken in by my stomach. Presenting the foodilicious:

So many food and all of them are really tasteful.
As time passed by, the night came and now there was an event to make us more enjoying the moment. Besides cam whoring and cam whoring again, we also played mercun that is provided by Abg Arip. But as a grown up man, bunga api is no more my style cause im Oppa Gangnam Style. LOL . Abg Wan was putting in charge of taking care of the fire as well as the kids. Its look like we are at kidzania cause there is just too many kids around.

Enjoying the fire crackers together with the nephews and nieces.
Continuing playing the fire cracker, we were also been visited by Kak Ana. Not only that, a simple birthday celebration was also been held together here; Kak Jah and Abg Baya's birthday. After tired eating we play outside and once the stomach empty-out again, we start to refill it back. Cause that is the natural phenomena.

Happiness to the power of two.
Finally, the pot luck is really awesome and we should make it more regular next time. Having fun with family members is differ from having fun with friends. Maybe next time we can held it someplace nicer like at Kg Bahagia, perhaps. The facilities is more complete. Finish enjoying the food, we the bachelors headed off to Downtown Cheras together-gether with Kak Ana and Abg Baya. Here I bought a sleeve-less blue T that will accompany me sleeping in more open-armpit style. Till next post.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Newly-Found Snogurt Store @ Seksyen 7

It is a truly snogurtilicious.
Assalamualaikum guys. It had been days since my last post about my outing to S7, Shah Alam and basically this story is also belong to that outing. Once finish eating at the Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang, we just basically wanted to head back to Cemara but suddenly, on our turn at a junction, I spot a newly-open Snogurt at S7. It is just behind the Jackel and beside The Restaurant Sekinchan if I am not mistaken.

What to call is, that day was our lucky day as there is free trial of the yogurt selections to the customers that come and bust in like us, to give a try to any flavor of the froyo that you dream off. And for a thick facers like us, we'll completely utilise the opportunity without any further ado. Basically, me myself had take few flavor that is totally awesome like mixed berries; sweet sour which is really kick me well.

Provided container for trial. We refilled it few times and make it worthy 
After filled our stomach with the freebies, we were planning on to take an escape way. Go to toilet and gone. LOL. But for sweet tooth like us, taster will surely not enough. Thus, we grabbed the container and filled it accordingly based on your own. No sharing wokeyh. Then, we enjoy eating it up to the last of it.

Enjoying the Snogurt a lot. Don't mind my hair, it was messy.
Enjoying the Snogurt up to max. Glurppp.
Snogurt of mine and myself. No sharing wokey dokey. Truly addictive and miss it already.
30% discount available for the first 30 days of opening. People should really grab this opportunity.
Basically, the froyo is superbly delicious especially the mixed berries one and perhaps addictive. Really hope to be there in the short future, very short future so i won't miss the 30% discount yet. Omaigad, miss it already. 

Then, this is the end of my outing to S7 and now there is no more private transport available for us as Radin's sister's car had been returned and that is really sadist things. Hopefully if there is a million or billionaire that accidentally on purpose read my blog and have extra car that is unused, you may donate it to us.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang Seksyen 7

If two minutes ago I'm writing bout Ayam Penyet AP, now let's hear about my last nite food-hunt to Section 7. Actually the venue is just a stone throw away from the back-gate of main campus of UiTM Shah Alam. Yeah, it is just a walking distance to a food paradise. Really jealous to the student at main campus thou. 

But, as yesterday Radin brought his sister's car, we travel there and had a pit stop at Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang to give it a bite and gratefully it doesn't disappointed us. Even there is nothing much here except the Nasi Lemak that I think being prepared with lots and lots of love and care, the restaurant is still a full house. As Merry As Christmas to say. Note to you all, there is also "hottie food" or "makanan panas" available here like nasi goreng, mee goreng and all kind of that. Besides, there is also otak-otak being sold here.

And for the time being, we try out the main dish of the restaurant which is Nasi Lemak. Let's the show begin;

Mine, Nasi Lemak with the Omelette. The sambal maybe has to many belacan. MYR3.30
Radin's turn. Nasi Lemak compliment with a Spicy Ayam Goreng. I think it cost you around MYR5.00
Noel's Nasi Lemak with Sotong Ketuk. Can't really recall the price btw. Approximately around MYR4.00 i guess.
Lastly, Ayap's Fat Rice; addition of Rendang Daging which is awesome and just cost you around MYR5.00++ i think
Oh, my bad as I miss out Poziee's Nasi Lemak. I guess he take the same as Noel and that the reasons why I accidently miss him out. My bad. So sorry.

The Nasi Lemak is good and what I can say is that it all good and people around should give it a call. Even for me the sambal it too belacan-taste and not spicy enough, for other maybe it will just be nice and perfect. Finish here. Phewww, one more post to go about newly-found Snogurt shop at Section 7. Can't really miss it. Till next post.

Ayam Penyet Padang Jawa

Random post after awhile. Basically this post won't be long as there is much more delayed post to be posted and yeah, let's make it short. Simple but full of memory rite. This time is actually about my outing with my classmate, Syamil Shah to the isolated area of Shah Alam; Padang Jawa. Why I said that? Yeah, it's true as once you cross the bridge over the KTM lane, you'll feel like you are in a different area, with lots of traditional, wooden hauses, people riding bike without helmets and many Indonesians unlike other part of Shah Alam that I know. 

Initially, I am planning on to eat at Ayam Penyet at Section 18 but as recommended by Syamil, he said that, this place will provide you with more delicious and tasty Ayam Penyet as it is originally prepared by Indonesians and it true. Once I step in into the stall or "gerai makan" which is not a restaurant with the glimmer lamp and air-cond, one thing that I spot is that all the workers is purely Indonesians with 100% physical appearances of an Indonesians and all the customers that patronizing the stall is all Malaysians. Such a One Malaysia, rite.

Yeah, on my journey here, there is a road block by the police and it was a shock for me as well as for my passenger. As I am not expecting for this because the route that we take is just a village road in the middle of big city. LOL. But alhamdulillah I am always prepare for the worst and nasib tak kene saman, kalau tak menggelupor nak bayar MYR300. Alamat makan pasirlah lepas tue ~ . ~

I think it enough already. Oh yeah, how to reach here, you can basically googled mapping Padang Jawa. Or from UiTM back gate, you can just take the right turn from the junction and just go straight until you cross over a bridge and take a quick left after the bridge. The stall is just at the road side.

Now, let's the photos take over the story; 

Man on show for today. He is the one who bring me here even I am the one who rode him.
As the foodies, there is two option whether you want Ayam Penyet or Ikan Keli Penyet. Besides, there is also selection of food choice on palate for you like Sambal Cabai Hijau, Masak Lemak Ayam, Soup and many more.

Ayam Penyet on the plate. It is juicy and softy.
Also Ikan Keli Penyet on call. Didn't try this out but my friend did and he say "it nice"
My plate. Full rice and tempe So Indonesians rite.. owhhh, compliment with the Sambal Cabai Hijau.. Spicy .
All the food course of the day. The soup is really kicking.
And also drinks. Even it just a normal drink, the Limau Ice is scrumptious as it use Limau Nipis instead of Limau Kasturi.
So, that is it my outing to Padang Jawa. Insyallah I'll be here again in the close future to give a call to the Ikan Keli Penyet. Till then...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seoul Garden, One Utama.

It's been three weeks plus I'm not visiting and either posting on my blog due to hectic life of a student. Yeah, such a lame and pathetic excuses rite but that the things are. Basically these few weeks is like a real hectic weeks of my live where I almost fainted to death getting back my not-good-or-maybe-worse marks for my previous Chemistry test, my water bottle fell down and broken, I sat for speaking test and I am like a grammar nazi mumbling to the interviewer instead of properly speaking and many more. Well then, let the past be by gone and life must still go on; buckle up and let's face the future steadily.

Due to the problems that had happen in my life which is actually nothing much, I decided to stay back at cemara to revise my study and try harder to be better like others cause just talk and regret without effort is like a dirty bags at the roadside. During my staying, I am planning to go to Seoul Garden at Bangsar to give a first attempt to this Korean BBQ concept restaurant but as there is sudden joining from my elder brother and sister from Sungai Buloh, I decided to call off the first plan and now, we are all heading to One Utama.

As planning, the main part of the outing is actually to enjoy the lunch buffet at the Seoul Garden. The buffet concept is truly my taste as you pay once and then you can eat till you die. It is easy enough to spot this place; located at the lower ground floor store 345 (LG345) opposite to the Auntie Anne's booth. Besides, as I went there by motorcycle, I can park for free.

Front view of Seoul Garden, One Utama. Believe me, the interior  is wider enough.
Like I said, you pay once and please eat till you die. Basically the price on weekend is MYR27 for an adult, plus the beverage MYR4 will cost you around MYR31. Including the service and government taxes and also charge for exchanging the soup for steamboat will cost you around MYR36. No more or less. My suggestion is you change your soup to super kimchi soup that is more spicy and tasty. Believe me, you will be shocked with the food provided. Here, the chickens and beefs will be marinated to a few different flavors like coffee, black pepper, bulgogi, spicy and few more. Besides, there is also cendol, ABC, salad, 6-ice creams selection and many more to be digested here. You won't regret cause the food is really delicious and fresh except the lala which smell and taste bad.

Varieties selection of salads and fruits.
and there is also lines of chicken, beefs and sea foods 
Heat all the meats and chickens. Slrupppp, really drooling rite.
Ice cream. Nice for the sweet tooth like me. The green ice cream is just too minty for me too.
Self-made cendol. You are also able to make ABC and there is also few selection of beverages prepared.
Me and aftermath of a quarter of what we ate on the day. Really satisfied.
 Yeah, we can also change the plate or wok to cook and get a new one. I just knew this back then. So, for more info here it is. After this, if I come again it will be on weekdays where the power of my matrix card is applicable and I can get the buffet in a cheaper price.
In which category are you? Being a student is truly awesome.