Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Wasting the late night lamps, facebook-ing and of kos blogging about Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Seriously, instead of sleeping like the others due to tiredness pleasing the guest that come home for raya absolutely, I'm writing a post. Level of tired is truly already above the par. But what ever it is, awesomeness and enjoyment in Hari Raya is still there even the visitation from kids around is too slow and unproductive. 

Before going on to much more mumbling, let me tell what had happened here as the preparation and the on going process during Hari Raya. For this year, I had finished up 85 "kelongsong ketupat" with aided from Abg Baim, 2 table runner by my own which is truly gorgeous for a first timer like me, decorate flowers, a little help on langsir and many other small scale work I had done here and there for the sake of Hari Raya.

Myself-made ketupat. Believe it or not, I'm a men who know how to 'menganyam ketupat'! Don't jelous ok!!
Finished with the Pre-Hari Raya, moving on to the Hari Raya itself. As usual, after performing solat hari raya, I straightly go home for hand-shaking ceremony and money-earn event. We are apologizing to each other on any wrong doing and mistaken that had been done in the last few decades of life. Thus, here I officially asking for a forgiveness to anyone that had been hurt with my words, acts, or even eyes and please keep praying the best for me. Then we had a family group photo to be remembered in the future.

One big happy Family.
As the ceremony ended, I quickly jumped out and joined the mosque team to walk from selected house to house to beraya. Few houses from Lorong 4A and 5A is chosen one and my house is absolutely one of them all.Wandering around for almost 2-3 hours under the shining UV light really burnt my already tanned-skin, and absolutely can cause cancer if precaution is not taken. Around 12-1 in the noon, I arrived home and everyone is just too exhausted to keep living and standing up causing them to dying and keep lying down on the floor.

Whats more to write? Yeah, even this year the number of children that come to my house in small group is too calculative, the fatigue is still there as our siblings, uncles, aunts and nephews plus nieces unstoppably striking my house for beraya just like bees. Truly amazing and awesome and now, seem like my house is  like a must-come house for hari raya all years.

A little camwhoring with a new Bedazzling Dhotti On raya's morning.
This year, we also go to the cemetery to visit our grandfather's and grandmother's graves to pay our respect to them on this beloved and gracious day of Hari Raya.

Paying my respect to my late grandfather and grandmother. May they rest in peace there forever and ever. Amin. Al-Fatihah for them.
Actually there is many more thing to be written and remembered but due to time constriction, I cut it short and here is the end of everything. Finally, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin from me, ShahnonSalleh.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Guy Who Cooks

Wow, this is like the third or forth attempts I'm cooking at Cemara but this time in more proper and conventional way. Instead of using rise cooker, I'm using p******e c****r. Shut, keep it slow so that the administrator won't know about it.LOL.

Actually, today I'm planning on having a little hang over with my old friend, Haris and other friends ; Tajul, Fikre and Radin also but instead of eating outside, I decided to cook for the last time for Iftar in Cemara 2012. Thus, Tom Yam Hot Dog, Daging Burger with Thick Black Pepper Sauce, Reddish Hot Chicken Sauce and also Air Soda Herbs. And the food are a total-licious. For sure people will kill each other to grab it...***metaphors.

So, with the professionalism and talent that I inherit from my mother, I cook the delicacies within 1 hour 30 minutes and try to imagine how pro am I. But such a sadist as Yap, my former chef-mate cannot join and help me as he went to Empire(alone without inviting me) to having the most blasting iftar ever.jelous, so jelous.

Thus, due to m chef-mate absenteeism, two imported helper is called to help me in the kitchen and the food is well-served with a flavoursome, tempting and delicious taste which are total-licious. Presenting to you the snapped photo during the incidence.

Two loyalty assistance that help me thru out the preparation of the course for iftar. Tajul and Fikre, thanks to both of you.
Now, presenting the line of the foodilicious of the day and what can I say, "It is simple to be prepare, but still glamorous and clamorous. The most important, it is edible."

Hot Dog Tom Yam. I can say that, I am such a pro as the Tom Yam was a success even with some left-over at the kitchen due to its large-cooked portion.
Next course of the day is Daging Burger with Extra Thick Black Pepper Sauce. This one, I rate it as 4 over 5 stars due to its super Dante taste and pepper-taste. 
Them is the Reddish Chicken Fillet Cooked Sauce that is truly mouthwatering and appetizing. Hope to make another in the close-future.
 The combination of those art work totally edible with super duper amazing feeling once you eat it. You will surely feel heaven once the meal touch your tongue. 
And here is the members of my iftaring for today and thanks to them to easily joining me with a very short noticed info.
Owh and, lastly is this scrumptious drink that cann make you feel like it heaven once it flow thru yourr throat. Totally awesome, Air Soda Herbs without herbs. Mixture of Ais Cream Soda, Lychees, Lemon ad Lemon Grass. but this drink is a little fail to me.
 All in all, the day was amazing memory and I hope we can do it again next time with another dishes absolutely.

Monday, August 13, 2012


More than a week, my blogosphere had again turn grey and dull. So, to prevent and inhibit further dullness from those syaitan-nir-rajim to take over my blog due to their returning in less than a week from now, here is just one-little-nothing thing that I wanna post about, Food of course.

Last week, as mentioned before, on wednesday to be exact, my housemates and me had have krispy kreme and subway as our meal for iftar. Maybe it seem to be too simply and light but what-ever-it-was, it is really krispy kremelicious and subwaylicious.

As one who has bike, I rode to S9 to buy all the stuff and what a shock is that the journey just consume about 20 minutes compared to if we heading there by bus. What a relief, phewwww. So, let just see some random photo of the day...

Krispy Kremelicious that is totally superb. More flavorsome compared to Bapples, or not? 
As today is Wednesday, so Meatball Marinara is the choice. It is truly a thumbs up and subwaylicious event the vege is not as much as I normally and usually consume.
 Finish with the food and goodies for the iftar. Then, let sneak a peak on a few eager faces of food-hunter.

Extremely hungry face with extra stretch of mouth to get the doughnut thru into the mouth in one go. Meet, Radin.
Over-rated smile with chocolate, Yap. Trying harder for the sake of posing.
Lastly, me. A natural poser that can pose anything and HIS pose is just too glamorous and clamorous.LOL.#perasandirisendiri.
And that it for our iftar. Look at how we are dieting for the sake of Hari Raya, let me kurus and sexy. Then, baru gorgeous. Btw, Hari Raya is now just around the corner. Excited, really excited.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Part 2 :Famine 30 Hours DIY Camp

15th Anniversary of 30 Hours Famine.
This is just happening to me this morning up to 5.00 in the evening and rite now I'm sitting in front of the laptop, updating about the experience that I have gather back in Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam for the count down of Famine 30 Hours Camp which btw I am not involve actively due to some serious matters.

Actually this is the continuous event of my yesterday story. The count down will be held at the stadium where all the participant across Malaysia will gather  and break their fast together.

Campers across Malaysia start to fill the Stadium.
As I said before, due to serious problems, I cannot get involve into the ceremony 100%ly. Thus I gave Radin a call to come over to stadium to pick me up and join my walk. I decided to go to Pasar Karat that is just a stone throw away from Stadium Melawati itself. Wandering around here for almost 3 hours, looking for a good things to be bought at the cheapest price, there is it. But not too many things to be bought because most of the items sold is just shawl, shirt, jersey, short pants and bundle. That all. Nothing much that can stop me and even Radin to  stop by, have a look and buy except a few things.

Radin in the middle of buziness of Pasar Karat, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.
A creature that manage to stop me. Its not a lizard or monitor lizard, it is Dorb. Imported from the desert.
And another one that make me stop is this giant colourfully rainbow umbrella. I bought it due to the non-stop raining almost every weekdays morning.
Finish wandering around at the Pasar Karat, me and Radin were then heading to the Giant Mall, Seksyen 13. We took a little rest and a nap of course before Radin sent me back to the stadium for me to join the others. But again I just went in to just have a little peek and then when out again, sitting on the stairs reading the brochure about this event. Now I can conclude that I don't like extra noise environment and I love peace. Clubbing, concert or jamming is really not my forte cause they are just too much noise.

What does inside the stadium looks like? And that is the reason why I'm outside.
During the closing, Lee Hom, the Ambassador of World Vision do come down. Seeing him live on stage, singing even the voice is just "comme si comme sa". 
After the 30 hours fasting, now all the participant are provided with V-Soy and Duetto from Massimo for our break fast. Instead me as a muslim, everybody enjoying the soy and bread while I need to keep on fasting up to 7.30pm rite.

Sponsored by V-Soy and Massimo. Thanks.
Finish all the business the around 4.45pm, we headed bask to cemara and a little photo snapping of myself, showing off my new T-shirt.

Hunger No More t-shirt.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Part 1 : Famine 30 Hours DIY Camp

It almost 1.00 in the morning but I still cannot sleep. Thus, I'm deciding to write the adventures that I am  experiencing  today; Part 1 : Famine 30 Hours DIY Camp. Briefly about this camp, it was basically organise for us to collect plus donate money to the person in need especially the poverty in Ethiopia, India, Africa, Bangladesh, Asia and even Pacific. This money will eventually directly go to them and it is used to help them learning to fish instead of us giving them fish. Means, we are teaching them how to survive in this cruel life for a long time period. We provide them seeds to crops, we establish them clean water supply system so that they don't need to walk for 4-hours just to take water at the river, and we provide them with education so that they can change the entire community in the future. This is actually the things that this camp/NGO working on and the support from youngsters are very appreciable

Bla...bla...bla... That is what they say and now is I say. I think this camp is a good start for the youngster or student like us to get involve in. Beside strengthening the bond between you and your friends, get to know new faces, we can also doing a charity by helping those in needs. Absolutely, this program bring more good than harm to us. Albeit of religions, races, ethnicity, age and gender, we all should gather the energy and join the camp, raise the fund because it is really beneficial towards the poverty all around the globe. Get to know their problem and factor that causing it through videos that being published to you will surely become an eye-opener for us to be more appreciate of things we have today

Maybe by helping them today will ensure that you will also been help in the future. Who knows what we are going to face in the future btw. Enough with the formal talk, now lets see some random shots during the camp.

Officially card camper of Famine 30-hours DIY Camp at Intec. With the aim, Hunger No More, the camp run smoothly.
Basically, during this camp, the campers are ask to fast from solid food for 30 hours with the aim to feel what is felt by the children, mothers, fathers and the community back in the third class world that did not have enough food to eat, water to drink and strawberry to be enjoyed with. But, as a muslim camper, I was given an exception, a very amazing exception which is I can still eat solid food for my iftar. Showing that eventually they still believe that religion will always come first. Besides, the food for iftar is also prepared by the committee members itself. Means I ate for free today and the food is really foodilicious.

Badah Berendam, Puding Roti and Tamar. Way out of my expectation. I thought the will just provide Nasi Putih with Scramble egg only.
And for real, Nasi Goreng with Papriks. Plus the Omelette. Superbly delicious except for the portion of oil in the Papriks that is just too much.
As I'm saying before, participating in this kind of camp will broaden the opportunity for you to get to know new faces and for me, I knew a lots more. From my teammates up the other campers, volunteers and committee  members, I manage to get to know them even remembering their name will be quite a tough task. But still there is few of them that I barely know before, becoming my clique now. Just imagine that, from stranger to a friend. Don't you think it awesome.

My new discovered friend. He is Hui Yang from KTJ program and major in chemical engineering. Get along with him within a day and he is such a cool man to be friend with.

Eating to think to forget about the emptiness of stomach. Another new faces that I have seen before but never come across to ever say Hi to them; they are Nidel and Eng Yee from right respectively.
And there is some lots more new faces and fyi, this it the entire group members of mine plus the two volunteer(the two at the left end)
This is it. Maybe the camp is just for a day and we still barely to know each other and fast for 30 hours without solid food will actually not letting us experiencing the true feeling of them in that particular shoes; poverty and hungry, at least we are trying too. And trying is way better than just sit back and doing nothing

Perhaps this is just the beginning of my charity or activities that involving charity. If there is any other upcoming opportunity, I will still like to consider it and do lend my hand to do the other charity especially a charity event for our beloved friend and members at Palestinian that have live in not just a poverty and miserable life without enough food and drinks, they are also being invaded and their homes are being demolished, booms are like a metal raining, explosion is just like a games to the Zionist and what is more sad is people dying because of it. So, hopefully this camp will trigger my spirit to help more people across the globe and Malaysia itself.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Syamil Bornday

Dedicated to my friend, Syamil that I'm sure he wouldn't even read my blog, Happy Birthday To You and May Allah Bless You Up Till Jannah. Actually, his birtday is on tuesday if I am not mistaken but due to the physic topic test, we post pone the celebration to the wednesday. So, the party if to-be-called is done at of course Pak Li Kopitiam that is just a walking distance form cemara. Besides, Pak Li Kopitiam is like one of the most convenient venue for this sort of event as it is quite a luxurious albeit it spacious space, the price is also affordable for student like us that "hidup hujung bulan berbuka pasir berulamkan pucuk asparagus". 

Back to the realisation, Syamil is actually my classmate and a new appointed ass. class representative. So, beside having an annual class gathering and iftar, we make it as one go by also celebrating his birthday. Normally, he celebrate his birthday by his own as he is the one and the only son of the family.LOL...

We gather at Pak Li around 7.00pm and guess what, it was full house and thank god that Vivien had book a table for all of us. If not, maybe we just celebrate the bornday at Masjid Unta. But, even we gather and eat together, we are forced to pay for what we ate like a saying, "you pay what you ate". 

Cake as a symbolise of Birthday. Blow the candle and make a wish. Sponsored by Wai Yi and Heng Min. Plus Shahnon!
Besides, as a birthday boy, he himself had bought as a cute, small and this cozy teddy bear key chain for each one of us of 12m12 members. Such a sweet and adorable men rite.

Each single member of 12m12 have it. Prove of the unity, kononnyer.
 As I said before, this event is like 3 in 1, class gathering, iftar and birthday celebration. All together in one go. So, for me, I ordered Hokkien Kuey Teow instead of my first choice Nasi Ayam Lemon plus Ipoh White Coffee for my iftar menu. All of us ordered different type of food but for me to capture one by one, it will consume time and kill my iftaring period. So, I decide to just not to but mine is still here. Hold your breath.

Hokkien Kuey Teow. For me, the kuey teow itself is just too dry and quite tasteless. A little spicy will spice it up more maybe. Btw its jeruk cili is amazing. sour and crispy. All in all is still not to bad.
Hot Ipoh White Coffee. Instead of its portion that is just too little, the coffee itself is thumbs up. I like the coffee here because it is not as strong as other coffee and it is just nice.
Home made Kueh Che Mek prepared by chef Suri. Quite nice. Fluffy and sweet. Plus adorable for sweet tooth person like me. Just, hopefully that Suri wash her hand before cooked it.LOL. Joking.
Finish eating, we stay a while and sang Syamil a birthday song out loud and even people or around that basically still INTEC student also singing along make him more blushed. But as we sang it for a second time, the atmosphere turn grey. Perhaps too much birthday song. keh3x.

Done doing all the birthday sort of things, we took a few class picture and end the 3 in 1 event by separating in our own life direction.

Cindy, my classmate and me. Peace for the hunger all around the globe.
And class photo memory. Everyone s here except for Jeffery and Kak Razana. High Five everybody, weird pose anyway.
Up to that last photo, we move on. Lastly again, Happy Birthday To You and May Allah Bless You Syamil. For present we post pone it to some suitable time in future, Insyallah kat Ireland later.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Breaking Fast

Again another post for the week. Initially, I am planning on posting this yesterday after my Physic first topic test which is btw quite tough, but as my brain had been working too much and become fatigue I guess, I fall asleep up to late evening prohibiting me to update my blog. But no regret as I still have the chance today, rite?

So, two back yesterday, me and my hausmate had gambling the energy together which is just actually me and Yap with little help from Radin cooking food for our iftar. We had planned this earlier where I have had the opportunity to go googling about the ingredient of black pepper chicken which turn out super delicious. Plus, on the last minutes just before me and Yap walk to Giant that just walking distant from cemara, we add 1 more dish which is sayur campur masak tiram that actually also turn super amazing. And another dish is scramble egg.

Actually cooking in fasting month is really troublesome as you will keep wondering whether it have enough sugar ker, salt or event is it too dilute and more-more things. But thank to Allah as a super pro amateur cook, I managed to predict the quantity of the ingredient and the cuisine turn out to be a thumbs up.

Without further ado, let us sneak a peek at the food cook by me and Yap just by using rice-cooker. Belas ihsan to who want to donate or sponsor a multi-cooker is really appreciable. 

Big sized golden colored scramble egg. Plus mayonnaise! 
Sayur Campur Masak Tiram. Superbly fantabulas. even the soup is awesome. thanks to the sos tiram btw.
Chicken Black Pepper with extra pepper.super spicy and delicious.
Now, presenting the delicacies of the foodies. The combination of these all is really amazing and mouth-watering.
And as the drink, we prepared Cocktail that is 'terliur yang teramat sedapyer'
So, with just cost around MYR5 each collected from the housemate, we can eat so much and thanks to those helping in preparing the food. Slruuuuppppp, till next time.