Saturday, August 4, 2012

Part 1 : Famine 30 Hours DIY Camp

It almost 1.00 in the morning but I still cannot sleep. Thus, I'm deciding to write the adventures that I am  experiencing  today; Part 1 : Famine 30 Hours DIY Camp. Briefly about this camp, it was basically organise for us to collect plus donate money to the person in need especially the poverty in Ethiopia, India, Africa, Bangladesh, Asia and even Pacific. This money will eventually directly go to them and it is used to help them learning to fish instead of us giving them fish. Means, we are teaching them how to survive in this cruel life for a long time period. We provide them seeds to crops, we establish them clean water supply system so that they don't need to walk for 4-hours just to take water at the river, and we provide them with education so that they can change the entire community in the future. This is actually the things that this camp/NGO working on and the support from youngsters are very appreciable

Bla...bla...bla... That is what they say and now is I say. I think this camp is a good start for the youngster or student like us to get involve in. Beside strengthening the bond between you and your friends, get to know new faces, we can also doing a charity by helping those in needs. Absolutely, this program bring more good than harm to us. Albeit of religions, races, ethnicity, age and gender, we all should gather the energy and join the camp, raise the fund because it is really beneficial towards the poverty all around the globe. Get to know their problem and factor that causing it through videos that being published to you will surely become an eye-opener for us to be more appreciate of things we have today

Maybe by helping them today will ensure that you will also been help in the future. Who knows what we are going to face in the future btw. Enough with the formal talk, now lets see some random shots during the camp.

Officially card camper of Famine 30-hours DIY Camp at Intec. With the aim, Hunger No More, the camp run smoothly.
Basically, during this camp, the campers are ask to fast from solid food for 30 hours with the aim to feel what is felt by the children, mothers, fathers and the community back in the third class world that did not have enough food to eat, water to drink and strawberry to be enjoyed with. But, as a muslim camper, I was given an exception, a very amazing exception which is I can still eat solid food for my iftar. Showing that eventually they still believe that religion will always come first. Besides, the food for iftar is also prepared by the committee members itself. Means I ate for free today and the food is really foodilicious.

Badah Berendam, Puding Roti and Tamar. Way out of my expectation. I thought the will just provide Nasi Putih with Scramble egg only.
And for real, Nasi Goreng with Papriks. Plus the Omelette. Superbly delicious except for the portion of oil in the Papriks that is just too much.
As I'm saying before, participating in this kind of camp will broaden the opportunity for you to get to know new faces and for me, I knew a lots more. From my teammates up the other campers, volunteers and committee  members, I manage to get to know them even remembering their name will be quite a tough task. But still there is few of them that I barely know before, becoming my clique now. Just imagine that, from stranger to a friend. Don't you think it awesome.

My new discovered friend. He is Hui Yang from KTJ program and major in chemical engineering. Get along with him within a day and he is such a cool man to be friend with.

Eating to think to forget about the emptiness of stomach. Another new faces that I have seen before but never come across to ever say Hi to them; they are Nidel and Eng Yee from right respectively.
And there is some lots more new faces and fyi, this it the entire group members of mine plus the two volunteer(the two at the left end)
This is it. Maybe the camp is just for a day and we still barely to know each other and fast for 30 hours without solid food will actually not letting us experiencing the true feeling of them in that particular shoes; poverty and hungry, at least we are trying too. And trying is way better than just sit back and doing nothing

Perhaps this is just the beginning of my charity or activities that involving charity. If there is any other upcoming opportunity, I will still like to consider it and do lend my hand to do the other charity especially a charity event for our beloved friend and members at Palestinian that have live in not just a poverty and miserable life without enough food and drinks, they are also being invaded and their homes are being demolished, booms are like a metal raining, explosion is just like a games to the Zionist and what is more sad is people dying because of it. So, hopefully this camp will trigger my spirit to help more people across the globe and Malaysia itself.


asyraf harun said...

waaaaah it must be a very good experience for u aite ;DD

unknown said...

yeah, such an amazing experience.
maybe u should join too in future if u got the chance

atul zakariya said...

ehhh hui yang ! my classmate from form2- form5 ! he is such a kind guy ! :D

unknown said...

for real, what a small world..but yeah he is fine to be friend with..

asyraf harun said...

OHEMGEE such a very tiny world! really din know and expect this heh =D