Thursday, April 16, 2015

Malta, The Goddess of Mother Nature

Malta never fail to impress me. Everyday here is totally a different adventure. Cheap transportation and accommodation accompanied with beautiful god mother nature site to be visited surely making my trip wonderful. LOL, pardon my english. Too excited perhaps. 

We landed at Malta Airport at 10 to 12. Initially, we decided to sleep over at the airport and check in to the hotel early tomorrow but, nay - plan changed. We took a van to our hotel and just sleep at the lobby. Yeah the hotel lobby, like a homeless. LOL. but it damn cold that night as they left the door open (do they purposely do that or what - total bust to my sleep time).

But, we didn't directly sleep as that gonna seem awkward aite. So, we strolled around, crawling from one club to the next. Tak seronok. Then at around 3, we returned to the hotel and try to catch some sleep in the mist of cold morning.

We buy a week ticket (6.50) and on the first day here, we went to Mdina, Rabat and Dingli Cliff. Mdina and Rabat are the old town here which are so old yet preserved. Love the town because they are located on top of a hill where you can see such a panoramic view from the town. Total worth the 1 hour travel from St Julian's, our Hotel. And yes, we all stayed at Hotel, but cheap one. LOL.

Entrance to Mdina Old Town.
Scenic aite?
Much more scenic, not lucah ekk. Hahaha.
Before continuing another 15 minutes journey to Dingli, I stopped for the cake at Rooftop Cafe here in Mdina. I rate, so-so but with such amazing view, even belacan gonna taste like Butler's Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate Macedemia.  
Dingli Cliff.
As the day still early, we decided to extend our journey to Blue Grotto. We initially intended to take a boat ride here, boating into one of the so famous cave but the weather did not permit us to. After taking few shots here, it started to rain heavily. Like heavy heavy with the open ocean seem to be so scary. 

Blue Grotto.
Amazing view aite. On the following day, we took an extra mile, we take bus then ferry to the Gozo Island. A small island located up north to the mainland. Here, we need to buy another day pass as they didn't accept the one we bought from Valetta.

We arrived here at around 11.00 in the morning and directly took a bus to Azure Window. OMG, the wide-open ocean, blue sky and gigantic rock - you couldn't ask more. Everything just in place and spectacularly gorgeous.

Azure Window
In love.
Fefeeling ombak rindu.
Serenity and tranquility in one motherly heaven site.
As the day still early, we again board a bus to Rambla Bay. Located about half an hour from Azure Window. Initial plan is to dim ourself into the water but seem to the summer wasn't in its full bloom yet. The water is damn cold. Frozen bites, ouchhh. So, I just main celup celup manja jer.

The Mediterranean Sea.
This sum up our second day being a Maltezer.

On the third day here, we went to the so famous market here. (macam pasar malam ajer + more noob). Regardless, at the location of the market is along the ocean line (harbour), the scenery was INDAH. We spent almost 4 hours just strolling along before head off for lunch. I had the fish and chips which was so-so ajer.

The boat here a painted with multicolour making them to be so pretty. Floating on the crystal-clear water, the reflection - unimaginable. 

The Bazaar.
Marsalloxx Market. 
Nelayan in style.
Fresh catch. Selamat takde dapur, if not, I bought so many already.
Looking so middle east style, the weather, trees and building itself.
On the same day, back in Valette, I jadik Cinderella. Naik kereta kuda. LOL

Prince Charming. Wheeee 
On the last day here, we went to Popeye Village. This is the place we they shoot scene for Popeye movie. The village is small yet simple stunning to the eyes. Love it.

Popeye Village. 
Mouse trap.
Crystal clear water
With Les Popeye's Aztors
Solo plak.
Borak borak over Coke.
Amazingly delicious LUNDI (LUNch + DInner).
Can get bored with the view. 
Last one, promise.
On the next day, before catching our flight back to London, we stop at the main capital of Malta, Valetta again for a quick souvenir shopping. Indeed the memory was splendid. Thanks Malta.