Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dine-On At Pizza Hut Teluk Intan

Luxurious and glamorous double-store pizza hut. much bigger compare to pizza hut s14, shah alam
 Another post for tonite. Omaigod, before this, it is not easy for me and my siblings to get permission from our parents to went out especially after maghrib but nowadays, our father and mother had become cooler and more sporting. I like it so muchss. So, we went to pizza hut for our dinner which is actually the main purpose of the dinner is for aus to tell illa and eje that 'our class will stop till today' but aus seem to have not enough strength to express those words and end the class??? so, I assumed that the dinner at the pizza hut is just an ordinary outing within A3 + illa. **next week nanti akak balik, bole belanje kitorang yer?

Neat and attractive interior design of the pizza hut

For today, we had grab a few types of regular size pizza which is are seafood, beef and chicken topping. We decided to eat outside the store because instead of we can prevent from the crazy 10% service charge, we can also go to other more beautiful place and enjoy every slices of the pizza itself.

Beef topping pizza. the taste is not too attractive where nothing special to be shout out about this one
Chicken topping pizza. this one is quite delicious. the mozarella make is damn elastic*if that the word* and make you desire to eat more and more.
Lastly, Seafood topping pizza. this one is superb. the taste of the bun is quite sweet which i think from the taste of the tuna and the filament of the crab is so soft and mouth-watering. 
Here is some random photo of us, having a little party inside a car. Even the space is not too big and spacious but the aroma of the pizza do fill the entire atmosphere of the car and we like it.

Happy face of aus, adik and ila*substitution of of aus student, eje is too shy to join the party
A blurry photo of mine enjoying the elastic mozarella topping of the pizza. self-cam whore.

One of the colour of the menara condong. changing from blue to purple to red and green. a beauty scene while enjoying the pizza. damn perfect match.

The Sun Sinking On The Horizon

Assalamualaikum peeps. Ok, this post actually do have nothing important to be story about. It is just "an evening photography session" by me and my youngest brother at the river bank in Kampung Bahagia, my beloved and gorgeous hometown. This mesmerising scene was taken at 7.20pm just before the sun started to disappeared signalling the end of the day. So, let me just keep these photo in my blog, perhaps later on i can show to my great grandchildren about the beauty of my hometown. =)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Akak.

Happy Birthday Akak
Ok all, nowadays, i can directly updating an event that happen in my life as i was on break for two months. so, insyaAllahh for this two months duration, there will be no more delayed post as before. this time, me, my brother aus and sister, adik went to Seri Iskandar in order to celebrate my sister-in-photo birthday that fall on 15th of May. thus, one simple phrases, Happy Birthday to You.

A3 and i am on the opposite site of the photo..sobss3x..
All of the A4 members gather together-gether in order to celebrate my 'leader' of the A4 team as known as kepala iradat...keh3x.but??where am i?ectually, im the one who took the photo so im in the opposite site if the photo where all of them is watching straight to me rite now, =) LOL

Initially, there is no cake but suddenly after half-way, we decided to buy a cake as the symbolic of the birthday. without cake, birthday party will seem moody and out of mood. Here it is, half kilo of tiramisu cake from the JusToEat.

Heavenly delicious of the half and adozen of the Tiramisu Cake. perfectly delicious, ok.
Enough with it, lets move on to the food ordered and served for us for today. but this time, let the photo do the talking instead of my worse writing skills;

Myr 6.00 of Chicken Chop with extremely large portion of the chicken. the brown sauce is quite delicious and overall i give it 3/5 stars

Next is the creamy spaghetti carbonara. this time the amount of the spaghetti is too little but alhamdulilah ia masih mengenyangkan. with price just as low as Myr 4.50, everyone of it is now able to taste the taste of spaghetti

Chicken Tempura, Myr 6.00. damn cheap but the taste is still consider to be OK. the brown sauce is so perfect but to compete with Tea Pot Deli's Brown Sauce is seem to be impossible.
Last but not least, my tender and juice plus strong smell of  Lamb Chop. even the taste of the menu is not as i expected it to be but the price is truely cheap.the presence of the brown sauce is totally completing the lamb.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Anggerik Terrace, Hotel Uitm Shah Alam

Everyday passing thru this banner do make me eager to give it a try.
 Evening everyone. so another delayed-post due to the same reason; hectic student's life. during the final examination, ayap, pozi and me had took a chance to give a try at the anggerik coffee corner at first but due to the several technical problem, where kedai tutup sbb celebrate hari wesak, we changed our plan to another choice and give Anggerik Terrace a try.

First impression is like, omaigod so glamorous and fabuloz.
dalam hati "mesti mahal nak mampus hargenyer?"

Interior design of the Anggerik Terrace will absolutely make you mesmerizing.
Beauty rite? so, as i don't want to write long, let the photo do the talk;

First my quite delicious and tasty Lasagna. with a little burnt taste on the top of the lasagna,
make it a little bitter but the minced meat sauce is damn delicious.

Steak with unsure full name. according to the owner, the taste is not bad but the quantity is  too "generous".
served together with potatoes and pelbagai daun.

Meatball Spaghetti Bolognaise..again the same sauce as my lasagna and it is truely delicious. 

A mouth watering desert. melting in the mouth and it is hellly tasty.
Self-portrait in the terrace...
But, the price is actually not too pricey and still under students budget.15% off is provided with all student's card power no matter which universities or schools are you in.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Newbie.

New niece for the year 2012
Greeting all*macam ramai sangat jer*. anyway, updating blog seem to be quite addictive as many delayed-post waiting on my list need to be posted. for this time, let me wish to my sister, congratulation for a new baby-born, Nor/Noor/Nur Ashikin binti Irwansa which im not sure which one. 

This cute little baby was born on a day in April which im not sure cause during the labouring-incident, im absent. so, welcome to the dunia nan fana freshmen. as a little celebration for this good and memorable occasion, i bought half-a-dozen of Big Apples from The Mines.

Delicious doughnut from Big Apple.
Eager nephew for this craving delicious of Big A

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fahme Burger : Magribul Maut

-transforming old-left house to a new food hot-spot.-

Omaigod, new story for my blog.just happen about an hour ago where i went to the Fahme Burger "Restaurant" perhaps that just situated around 500m away from my house to taste this new secret resipi of finger-licking delicious burger.if shah alam is famous with the Yazid's Burger, back in teluk intan we also have Fahme Burger..damn delicious and what is more important is the price is still under control... ^.^

First of all, with concept of ala-ala retro zaman 60's and a little affro, the restaurant had been well-design with lots of antique and priceless accessories like old teddy bear, photo frame, old bicycle, E.T and many more. this all kind of stuff do make this-what-so-called restaurant becoming more unique and attractive.

-antique frame and old cartoon-

-big bear, old TV and hanging ET bicycle-

Enough with the design, move on to the food especially the burger itself. various type of burger from ayam to daging up to ikan, arnab and even king kong are available here. but the most super-special is the Magribul Maut yang konfem maut. As i said before, the price is affordable for everybody and still under budget.

Some random burgers photo to be exposed : 

-this is Burger King.double slices of daging-

-representing myr 7.00 of Burger Magribul Maut...-

With 3 piece of daging + 2 pieces of chicken slices + 2 eggs make this burger combination extremely perfect and do can lead to death. the high level of cholesterol, fat and oil plus the calories can lead to high blood pressure and this may finally cause CVD and finally you will die young.kuih3xxx. but, if once in a 3 month is OK i think, but if everyday, it do killing...

So, to close up, those who eager to eat burger but already boring with mcD or Burger King, now you do have another option which is Fahme Burger.with cheaper price, you will absolutely get more than what you are expected..believe me. =)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gathering And Eating At Chicken Hartz

Another old story to be told.yup's, the third post for the day. this time, i wanna share about my small dormmates gathering at the chicken hartz, sunway pyramid. the gathering was join by all my dormmates; luqman, paan, rizkin and even amar without juhairi plus tajul..we went there by amar's car.

Here, the concept is buffet where you can eat as long as you want to eat because everything was free for you once you paid the entrance fee.for students like us, we are all provided with 15% discount that make the  price that we need to pay is just around myr 21.00...again, one you paid you can eat anything provided from early in the morning till nnite, also can...

But, for your information, there is no toilets and even bilik solat provided inside the restaurant and once you step out form the restaurant, you are not allow to enter again unless you paid again...broken english here but hopefully you managed to get the point.klu melayunye, bayar sekali, masuk sekali, klu dah keluar tak bole masuk dah...understood???

The varieties of the cuisine provided not too bad, except chicken opkos as the restaurant's name itself is CHICKEN HARTZ, there are also variety of fruits, salad, macaronni, spagetti, and many-many more but due to the over-excitation mode nak pelahap all the food up to the maximum because i want to make my myr21 is berbaloi.there is no time to be wasted to capture picture..

So, only here some of the food porns..

-sweet sour salad with thousand island sauce as dressing-

-healthy unsalty maccaroni..bad, truely bad-

-food hunter and sweetest dormmates i ever have except tajul...- 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Well Done Bro.. ^.^

-just receiving certificate and trophy...why SBP dont give money instead of all those thing, im wondering???-

First of all, there is nothing more to be said cause this is the last-long winded left over post due to the hectic life as being student...actually just one word i wanna express to my only and just only younger brother which is TAHNIAH...

He managed to score straight A in SPM even not straight A+.i do really proud of him and memang berbangga to be his brother and telling everybody that he is my brother...even that, i'm still in a confuse mode what to treat him for his success.

Lastly, piece of advice to my bro, Mohammad Firdaus, just be what you wanna be and study what you want to study, because it is your life and you are the one that will live with it, rite??? so, again, congrates yer...

Garden Cafe 1st Attempt

Omaigod, i think it almost two weeks and more my blog had been dump. phewww, examination, it do killing me all the time, make me stress and die here it is the last 2-3 weeks story where usop, farid, afiq, zul and me went to the garden cafe at Plaza Alam Sentral (PAS) if im not mistaken just after our biology extra classes...

With the promotion provided for lunch where with any purchase of food below, you will also be given a glass of Ais Teh Limau...even not a fancy drink but what to expect more rite, bende percuma...The cuisine is not too bad actually plus quite good.

So, here is some of the food ordered :

-Farid's and my button sizzling mee...the kuah is delicious-

-Afiq's Wok Nasi Goreng Kampung perhapss -

-Zul's Nasi Pataya-

-Last but not least, usop's food..almost similar to my sizzling except it use rice instead of noodle and te kuah is slightly not too delicious i think compare to mine -

All in all, with just around myr7.00, the food is OK and affordable...

**Penulisan sedikit kesampahan sebab dah lame tak mengupdate...and you know what, open2x aje browser, tu dia, new setting for blogger...menyusahkan aje...