Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden Cafe 1st Attempt

Omaigod, i think it almost two weeks and more my blog had been dump. phewww, examination, it do killing me all the time, make me stress and die here it is the last 2-3 weeks story where usop, farid, afiq, zul and me went to the garden cafe at Plaza Alam Sentral (PAS) if im not mistaken just after our biology extra classes...

With the promotion provided for lunch where with any purchase of food below, you will also be given a glass of Ais Teh Limau...even not a fancy drink but what to expect more rite, bende percuma...The cuisine is not too bad actually plus quite good.

So, here is some of the food ordered :

-Farid's and my button sizzling mee...the kuah is delicious-

-Afiq's Wok Nasi Goreng Kampung perhapss -

-Zul's Nasi Pataya-

-Last but not least, usop's food..almost similar to my sizzling except it use rice instead of noodle and te kuah is slightly not too delicious i think compare to mine -

All in all, with just around myr7.00, the food is OK and affordable...

**Penulisan sedikit kesampahan sebab dah lame tak mengupdate...and you know what, open2x aje browser, tu dia, new setting for blogger...menyusahkan aje...

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