Thursday, January 31, 2013

Outdoor Theme Park, Genting Highland

Mainly this post will be bout photos. So, please be aware and fully prepare walaweh. This time was bout my vacation to Genting Highland for the first time in my life and it was superbbb. We headed there by taxi and reached the Skyway around 12pm. We then experience the cable car and then we were finally at the Outdoor Theme Park, Genting Highland. To describe the moment is just one word, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

So, be hold with the photos cause there will be like thousand of it and am happy with it. LOLs. Notification; the photo may not be in timeline sequences, just bare with it.

Excited to be a first-timer boarding the Cable Car. MYR6 for adult for one-way.
The most thrilling one. Super scary and full of screaming.
At first we was like, WTH people keep screaming with just riding these simple thingy and once am the one who board it, the feeling was like I wanna go home, mommy. It was terribly horrifying and scary. No lie. Really, the feeling was like you will collide with the metal there or fall out of the crane and die. Just imagine die will surely make you feel like hell rite. And I was like screaming thru out the journey and at the end of it once it start to slow down to start, I started to laugh to myself as I know that this is it. This is the feeling meh. So, people out there, don't say that people are gedik, poyo, gatai merenyang if there board roller coaster and scream and it was really thrilling. O mama.

The Flying Coaster.
Second, I rode that thing in the photo. So called Flying Coaster where you are laying like a Superman and that just like moving, stopping and keep moving. Adrenaline burst. But these time, there was less shouting but more to remembering to Allah. Tending to think about death. Such a pious men rite. LOLed. Sincerely, yeah there was less, much less shouting but still I tried my best to keep my eyes open to see what was happening and not to miss any. It was fun but torturing, very. It was like moving at top speed for 20 second then level off where it will start again to accelerate to max and you are like, "no no wait am still not ready and arghhhhhh, Again." Plus there is this one uncle that in the same plane as me (each set occupied 4 persons) keep saying like Allah, Allah, Allah the whole time. I was like how good he was to said that instead of screaming. Love you uncle. Blurghhhhh, suddenly.

Me and les sisters with this super popular building here in GH.
The four of us or so-called The Travellers.
At the entrance of Sungai Rejang Flume Ride.
ME, posing at le Rainforest Garden.
Again another ME looking for the direction. This park is really spacious... and chilling too.
Looking at the atmosphere I think even you can predict how cold was there. Its freaking cold. Level cakap kuar asaplah and playing with the asap-asap thingy was happy moment thou. Albeit most of the games closed, we didn't managed to finish them all, still. So, don't be sad if you came here and not all the games is available. For me, Cyclone, Space Shot and few more were under construction. But still the moment was still there, believe me.

Another ME together with the Cyclon. Unfortunately it wasn't available. Pity me to the max.
Pose in front of the Double Deck Carousel.
Pandoric view from the Cable Car. Gayut saye.
Cable car. Fun at first but for the second time was not too, just so so. My advise you come up by Cable Car and go down just directly from the Theme Park.

Arrival. Queuing to board the Cable Car.
Misty atmosphere. Those were clouds and you can even feel the water droplets.
Another photo of us all.
The Traveller . The air was so cool. Even cakap keluar asap. Ha ha ha.
Part of the A4.
Acting ME at the Phone Booth.
At the second floor at Double Deck Carousel.
Us at the Dinasourland.
Flexible ME. Like I was at oversea. Ha3x day dreaming, LOLs.
 Finally, the feeling was fun and hopefully I will be here for the next time to perhaps enjoy the indoor games. Am really looking for it. Total damage for the whole journey, MYR100 per person. Still under budget as yeah, you went up by taxi, fully air-conditioned, Cable Car experience; aller-retour, entrance ticket, lunch and bus ticket to go down back to Pudu Raya. All in all, the adrenaline was really rushing especially for all those thrilling games. So, before planning on going for a vacation oversea, Malaysia is actually not that bad, it just you to travel and explore it.  

Ayam Penyek Pecale Padang Jawa

It been like forever I didn't update anything here. I don't know a busy life, trial is just a round the bout or what bla bla bla, all those are like a classic tell, lies; it just that am not into the mood to update. As the consequences, there are like 6 - 7 untold story for me to be responsible to update. LOLed.

But still, as January had come to its final day, I gather all the spirit, sitting and typing the story and the taste of the food that had been kept in ma mind like for a thousand year. Exaggerated, benchis. This story was like back to the early January, around 5-10 Jan if am not mistaken. As the memory is like a bit blur, let just review it together by looking at these captured moment.

The stall that is easily spotted by by-passer, 10 minutes walking distance from INTEC.
Basically this place was recommended by Syamil, my classmate as he said that the food here is like a superbly finger licking delicious. Together with le trademark, "Makan tengah hari sure kenyang sampai malam", he kept promoting it to me and I was like, why don't I just give it a go. So, here am I, hunting and trying this new food hot spot along with my men-malay-non-kafir friends.

So here are the food before the comment, Try to judge it by the appearances.

The ayam lele.
Complemented beef soup. Tasty
And surely the white rice. Its malaysian must-have item.
Overall the food was above the par but not to my max. The soup was fantabulas with no regret but I think the Lele can get a bit improvement here and there.  Am not sure either Indonesian like or not like spicy but Malaysian really do. So, instead of making it to taste as sour-plain with just tomatoes and tomatoes, maybe it needed something to spice it up. Cause that is what Ayam Penyek popular with, SPICINESS not sourness. But still the portion was not only satisfactory but excellent and bravo.

Second thing is the fried tohu. Am not so sure either this tohu was basi or it had been "dijerukkan" cause it taste weird like a weirdo. LOLs, seriously. The tahu was like a spoiler ok. Better not that having it, sumpah. Still as I said before, overall, the food was nice and the most important is affordable especially for student like me and us.

And instead of the foodporn above, you can also have these following menu here;

Le menus. Look even Indonesian able to establish a stall while Malaysian still sleep under the bridge.
All the partner-in-crime. 
And yeah one more thing before I end up, this day was the day that I know the meaning of Pecal Lele. Initially, I thought it was like a brand name, shop name or sumthing but actually, Pecal is the name of Ikan Sembilang or Ikan Keli in Indonesian or Jawaness. LOLed and lele is the sauce. So Pecal Lele is like what you see the orangish photo above. Adios.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Promise you that this post won't take long. Unlike Ayap's blog, I don't have any secret silent reader that will tweet bout my blog post. But still, what do I really care bout popularity. My blog is just for my own view, keeping track of what I have done thru out my life, rite? LOL. Seem pathetic but really am fine and just doing well.

So, basically this post is related to my previous post where me and my housemates plus my lil bro out for some more fun at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya. And, basically this post is specially want to write bout what we had for our lunch as like I had promised in my previous post. As you, we had lunch at Chilli's and we are all first timer here. And truly, my comment, the food is fantabulaa albeit it small portion compared to it price. Still the portion is just enough for a food hunter like us all.

The service is good but most of it waiters are not Malay, Chinese nor Indian, most of them are foreigner I guess. LOL. Plus there was this tough lady with a rough voice projection, scarrry. Keh3x. So, just enjoy les food porns in the next 13 continuous photos below;

Like NO Place ELSE, Chilli's.
The environment inside the outlet.
Me the Alien. Camwhoring before hand.
More camwhore. Reddish face of me.
The environment from different view. Btw, these customers were just too loud like there were eating at Mamak's Stall.
The starter; Southwestern Eggroll. My thought, it was superb.
My brother and mine; Cajun Chicken Sandwich. Not that worthy as for me, Abg Burn Burger is much better. LOL.
Monterey Chicken.
Free Flow carbonated drink. Not worthy as a cup cost MYR 6.00++
Honey Cippole Criispeis. The chicken is crispy and sweet.
Radin's Fish and Chips. For me it is just like ordinary. Nothing special.
Me and my lil brother.
Lastly the five of us.
All in all, the food is just nice and A plus for it. Hope to be here again next time for more food to go. LOL.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shopping Spree @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

This story is like a week back already as am too busy with this student-life thingy.. Writing bout my life publicly, online for my own future. LOL. Btw, last week on Saturday me together with all my housemate plus my lil bro from UM come down to this newly open shopping mall at Kelana Jaya to do some shopping spree or perhaps new year shopping. 

We went there by bus as no one of us got car. Pity us, perhaps if we went there by car, lots of time waiting and boarding the bus can be reduced to a minimum level. Believe me. Basically this Mall is still under a few renovation but to be declared as 95% operated. With lots of new shop line from clothing, food, accessories and many many more will surely make you eager to walk across this building at least once in a life time.

Boarding bus U80 from Seksyen 2, Shah Alam and drop by at the sattion Nyanyang Siang Pau then board T623 to Paradigm Mall. Simple as that. We stayed here wandering up and down, north to south and east to west of the building from the time the shops open up to almost they wanna close up. Happy moment thou. So, here what happened there?

Radin and Aus joining le health test. MYR5.00 is charged as a donation to Cancer patients.
Off for Lunch at this popular so called Chilli's. Will be blogged in the next post.
My new favourite clothes shop.  3rd opened H&M in Malaysia.
Me trying this black jeansy T. My lil bro bought it.
Some sexual exposee by Padini Authentic Shop.
Confuse in choosing either one. This blue or a jeansy colored blu.
I even bought this new pant or jean perhaps.
Stop for a tea time, having this best sold item, **can't recall the name.
More bread selection at Cake Sense.
My tired lil bro on the massaging chair.
The 5 of us.
On the way back, waiting for the bus is really stressful. Arghhh.
Finally my newly bought T from Brand Outler.
On my way out, am quite regret as am not buying a cardigan that I have been aiming for quite a lonng time. So, as for birthday present, am expecting a blue with white stripped on the cardigan will be pleasent.