Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Best "Omma" Ever. -HB-

Looks, when school start, this blog will be like a shit...ruin without any post right. really, students life is way too buzy than what people think.and what is more, kome ingat nak pegi belajar oversea senang is a long journey need to be through. =P

Enough with the dirty talk.!! T__T last week on 18 march 2011 is my mom birthday that make a birthday boy of the day...i do really wanna put the pic of her but you know, if aurat is not covered properly, jangan memandai-mandai nak upload gambar tue, perhaps it will be "dosa jariah".

Just simple celebration at home where classic cheese and chocolate indulgence from SR is choosen and also mee rebus abdul ghani. two amazing combination what.way so delicious and heaven.

Now, lets the pictures do the talk ;

-pieces of cake to symbolize birthday... sweet 5* omma. =P-

-mee rebus special tanpa telur and also air sirap bancuhan aku...-

What else??? for present initially we want to give golden necklace, or mayde prada bag but after thinking for a while, my mother already have that we decided to just repair the kitchen kabinet that had broken as the bday present for my mother..sweet kan???

I do really admire him...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri Taman Melati

If before i post about the penangan cendol dari syurga firdaus, this time is still about food which is sate from Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri Taman Melati...for me the sate is finger-licking delicious but according to my mom who is more expect in term of food-taste, she said the kuah kacang is a little too dilute and unspecial...beside, for people that never try sate kajang, its kuah is served together with cabai kering yang dibelenda to those that love spicy, this sate is absolutely your favourite.believe me!!!

-juicy-oily looking sate with ordinary kuah kacangnyer.-

We came here especially for dinner after 6 hours journey from JB to KL before continuing our journer to TI a.k.a. teluk intan.eventhough the kuah is not so tasty but what do i care..the tender, juicy and chewy texture of the sate really make me crazy you is pulpylicious...kuih3x.

With it cost 70sen per stick, i think it is worthy as the size is way bigger than ordinary side-road sate that been sold for alhamdulillah..without waiting more, i do enjoy every single bite of the this hungry state like mine, even a tiger will eat grass you know...actually, i also try its nasi paprik here but it is too not to nice and nothing to-be praised is true that "one men cannot be an expert at two field."

What ever it is, the sate is way much bigger that sate sold back in teluk intan even the price different is just 20sen.maka wak teni, now you have to compete.!!oh yeah, there is also the branch of the Sate Kajang Haji Samuri in PKNS that insya-Allah i will try later on...

Look, going back home really ruined my bionsee diet plan but i'm still so grateful because i can eat and experience more wonder, food and drinks in my life.Makanya, this holiday was awesome as many type of food and drink i able to try...such a wonderful mid-term break even homework is still unfinish.

Penangan Cendol Dari Syurga Firdaus.

Hola is way too awesome for someone like me, or students or maybe everybody on earth that is human because we can relax, take time and living in more slower pace durin this period...stay up late nite, wake up late morning *do not aplly to me =P* and nobody will be and get mad rite??? because it is holiday.!!enough mumbling.

On my last family vacation to JB few days back, we got the chance to taste this heaven-taste cendol that rating with 5 over 5 stars. super damn yummy and delicious.i loike because it is sumpa tak tipu SEDAP NAK MAMPUS...keh3x exxagerated a little over perhaps.

So, presenting Mak Siti Cendol 10meter :

It is just a stall beside the main road in between nusajaya to kulai jaya if i'm not mistaken..just rite beside the road and you know what i know, the cendol is awesomesss.Attention to ayap aka cendol's hunter, you must find sometimes and grab this cendol because you will die regretfully if you miss it... -___-''

Even the stall's name is Mak Siti but the cendol is prepared by 2 young malay men.perhaps, they are sons to Mak Siti because their face showing a few similar DNA sequences, from what i see...keh3x, ngelabah aje...

-two hot models memperagakan the imported cendol from heaven-

Lets talk about the has the hijau things, cincau and red beans, extra red beans i think...the usage of santan instead of susu cair marigold mahupun f&n make it taste more natural.more diabetic and heart attack too..kuih3x. but what ever it is it is still craving delicious.besides, look the proportion of the gula merah/gula melaka/what-ever-it-been-called-so is so many make the taste a little bit bitter.but instead of bitter, it taste most likely like seducing bitter make me eagerly want more and more...FULLSTOP.

Konklusinyer, this cendol is memang the best among all the cendol i ever taste.with it marketing price rm2.00 and singaporian can have it maybe just with $4 is super worthy.thanks to abg baim for treating me and my family which also his(abg baim) family this superb cendol.i'll come back again for you cendol in the future.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fantabuloz Night of Majlis Kenduri Berkhatan.

Rarely my blog been updated twice or trice a week. but this week is an exception cause it is holiday...yahooo!!! yeah, so many people doesn't believe that i am on holiday because they said it is school break not an university sem a repitition, my schedule is almost similar to those schedule of kindergarden, primary and secondary level kidz. kuih3x. maka tolong jangan jeles yer. ^.^

Back to the niat, on friday, the day my sem break start, my mom and pop pick me up at kolej cendana before we headed to Johor Baharu or Pasir Gudang to be more precise...

Azam datang johor is because my nephew of my parent's grandchild had undergone berkhatan the thing to cut of your extra skin at your penis, something like that.but this occasion take place like a month before and this day is just to having a little party or kndur kesyukura to be exact...

-full house : tetamu undangan dari surau berhampiran aje and jiran taulan.-

Just a simple 'kenduri'.only naprepared nasi ayam sepesial and a few side dishes for the guests. and for me the way to handle the kenduri is differ from the way is been done back in a saying lah kan, "rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain" *tetibe...

So, kak yo house is damn crowded with people especially my own siblings..only akak and adik do not attend due to the education try to imaginglah house full of small-small cute creatures...super noisy but remain me the old time of me...

It remind me the purposes of my life...we can just simply laugh when we happy, cry when we sad and always try something knew without thinking to much because that what will make us a better individual in the future..

Lantas, enjoy life more to the fullest cause there is no turning back machine and even with a thousand dollar you can buy a second ago...**exagerated english.

**terkenang zaman aku bersunat dulu kat hospital, duduk dalam bilik sejuk nak kasi kecut anu tue...memang kencing tak tertahan and the pain just last for a week i think... later, dah bole main skipping alik dah...

-anak sedara yang dirai...-

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tea Pot Deli and Ayap's A 'B'day Boy...

Again it has been ages since the last post updated which is last week perhaps. yeah i know, nobody is waiting for it actually but its ok cause i am blogging so that i keep all these sweet and sour memory, compile it all together so that my great-great-grandchildren can make it a novel with title "Riwayat Hidup DatokKu".and this grandson become multi-millionaire...kuih3x, such a big gloomy dream, right???

Straight to main purpose of today's post..last few days if i'm not mistaken; me, pozi, bday boy(ayap) *pity radin tak dapat ikut.vviplah katekan* went to sacc mall to hunting some more delicious and heaven-taste foods. On the basis reason is to celebrate ayaps birthday..sweet 19th meh.and old life version of you.

Here is some food-explicit to be watch:

-Ayap's beef lazagna...super big and damn delicious...-

-American Chicken Pie own to pozi.the pie is really taste and damn heaven-

-Mine is roasted Chicken with overloaded brown sauce.extremely amazing and
finger-licking *deliciousness*-

-for desert; puding roti which is so soft and mouth-watering.-

For the desert, we decide to share as most of the bakery is sold out already even it is just pass 7.45pm.means that this deli is very-very untung...finally, again happy birthday to ayap and may god bless you...

-sweet 19th to you and happy birthday... =)-