Friday, March 16, 2012

Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri Taman Melati

If before i post about the penangan cendol dari syurga firdaus, this time is still about food which is sate from Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri Taman Melati...for me the sate is finger-licking delicious but according to my mom who is more expect in term of food-taste, she said the kuah kacang is a little too dilute and unspecial...beside, for people that never try sate kajang, its kuah is served together with cabai kering yang dibelenda to those that love spicy, this sate is absolutely your favourite.believe me!!!

-juicy-oily looking sate with ordinary kuah kacangnyer.-

We came here especially for dinner after 6 hours journey from JB to KL before continuing our journer to TI a.k.a. teluk intan.eventhough the kuah is not so tasty but what do i care..the tender, juicy and chewy texture of the sate really make me crazy you is pulpylicious...kuih3x.

With it cost 70sen per stick, i think it is worthy as the size is way bigger than ordinary side-road sate that been sold for alhamdulillah..without waiting more, i do enjoy every single bite of the this hungry state like mine, even a tiger will eat grass you know...actually, i also try its nasi paprik here but it is too not to nice and nothing to-be praised is true that "one men cannot be an expert at two field."

What ever it is, the sate is way much bigger that sate sold back in teluk intan even the price different is just 20sen.maka wak teni, now you have to compete.!!oh yeah, there is also the branch of the Sate Kajang Haji Samuri in PKNS that insya-Allah i will try later on...

Look, going back home really ruined my bionsee diet plan but i'm still so grateful because i can eat and experience more wonder, food and drinks in my life.Makanya, this holiday was awesome as many type of food and drink i able to try...such a wonderful mid-term break even homework is still unfinish.


asyraf harun said...

oh my satay, my other extremely guilty pleasure! dah lama tak makan satay kajang huhu, but kt Masjid Tanah pun ada this one sate sedap gila2 okeh, dah tak kisah dah diet ke free radidcals dah LOL

Papa-NtiQ said...

Baru jer upload pics masa makan kat satay hj samuri di shah alam baru2 nih. Not bad. Kuah dan sambal lain dari yang lain.
Senang2 jenguk blog saya kat topik pasal makan, makan dan...makan :) Kebanyakan review restoren2 menarik di area Johor maklum la orang JB kan tapi tempat2 lain pun ada.
Jangan lupa follow yer blog saya TQ bebanyak.

shaerin said...

okey ! terliurr ~