Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tea Pot Deli and Ayap's A 'B'day Boy...

Again it has been ages since the last post updated which is last week perhaps. yeah i know, nobody is waiting for it actually but its ok cause i am blogging so that i keep all these sweet and sour memory, compile it all together so that my great-great-grandchildren can make it a novel with title "Riwayat Hidup DatokKu".and this grandson become multi-millionaire...kuih3x, such a big gloomy dream, right???

Straight to main purpose of today's post..last few days if i'm not mistaken; me, pozi, bday boy(ayap) *pity radin tak dapat ikut.vviplah katekan* went to sacc mall to hunting some more delicious and heaven-taste foods. On the basis reason is to celebrate ayaps birthday..sweet 19th meh.and old life version of you.

Here is some food-explicit to be watch:

-Ayap's beef lazagna...super big and damn delicious...-

-American Chicken Pie own to pozi.the pie is really taste and damn heaven-

-Mine is roasted Chicken with overloaded brown sauce.extremely amazing and
finger-licking *deliciousness*-

-for desert; puding roti which is so soft and mouth-watering.-

For the desert, we decide to share as most of the bakery is sold out already even it is just pass 7.45pm.means that this deli is very-very untung...finally, again happy birthday to ayap and may god bless you...

-sweet 19th to you and happy birthday... =)-


asyraf harun said...

Thanks a lot tak terhingga kayh Anon! I really had a blast that evening :D

unknown said...

^^...not a problem