Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Well Spend Day At Liverpool

Yeah, it was just a short quick trip to Liverpool. Arrived around 9.00 in the morning and leaving at 2.25 in the morning of the next day. Ha3x, short trip indeed. Liverpool is as well a very nice place thou but compared to Manchester, the Islamic population is less, thus the Halal restaurant is also less and daaa, memang berpuasalah aku sepanjang hari tue. Mengikat perut. Lol.

Central Library and Museum
And then we took a cab straight ahead to the very well-known stadium, Anfield Ground. Based on my single day observation, people here are very fanatic towards football club. The football team is like god to them and they are very enthusiasm with their FC.

Instead of just taking photo from the outside of stadium, me deciding to give a stadium and museum visit and know what, it is worth it. Not that kind-a worth it sampai kau sanggup sujud syukur tapik takdelah menyesal sampe rase nak tikam the stadium's receptionist. Going in, sempatlah to take a snift or two of the player's jersey, seeing the place where the player get naked together-gether, and even sitting on the chairs where millions of people will eagerly cheer for their football player. Yet, indeed the stadium is not as big, huge as I am imagining.

The battlefield.
So-popular KOP.
This is the venue where the interviewing session held on
Lucky Anfield sign board
After spending the whole afternoon touring the Anfield, we headed back to the Liverpool City. As so all know, Albert Dock. Spending bout an hour plus there, strolling around like a foreigner, solat tepi laut, ouch freezing cold and the walk along the sea side and then off to The Beatles Gallery.

Albert Dock it is.
The view
Beautiful architecture along the canal's side
The Beatles
Across the canal at dusk.
After the day goes by and things get darker, me and my fellow mate decided to crash into the cinema, have a good seat in a good environment, which is not cold absolutely, while waiting for our next bus to London at 2.25 am. Phewww, what a day indeed.

Kalau convert harge tgk wayang, memang tidaklah kan.
So, London here we come.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jaulah Di Manchester

Manchester, a very nice city thou. Am jelly to those studying here because Manchester is indeed a heaven of Halal food in the west. There was like hundred and hundred halal restaurant along the roadside that will eventually make you feel like you're home. LOL.

So, I stayed here for quite sometimes, 4 days I think and thanks to Syed Hussein my ex-mate in INTEC for being so nice, showing me around. First stop is a Christmas Market. Basically nothing much here cause most of the things sold here is food which are in Haram OR Syubbehah categories. So, nahhh, can't eat those even it is so so scrumptious-ly looking. Ha3x.

Christmas Market at the city
Manchester Town Hall
Then, after a tiring walk and long day, we stopped for a glass of paradise. Kalau kat Malaysia mesti nak pekena cendol, dekat Manchester as well got this kind-a cendol. LOL. Quite nice thou but still cannot beat the cendol at home. Rase manis gula melaka tue takde, no umphhh di situ.

Manchester's Cendol. 2.50pound
Then, I paid a visit to the University of Manchester. It is structurally beautiful and amazing. Kind of old patern building is surely making it seem, wow gaya luar negara. Instead of UCD building that is more modern and more Malaysian-look. Kah3x. Lantas, another jelousy to the Manchester's student. Even so, the Malaysian + Pakistani here are alot. There are like everywhere. Sometimes, as I walk along the road, there was no single english man or woman passing by, just malaysian and pakistani.

At the main entrance
 Whenever you in Manchester, it was like crazy-hell to have a look and go around their football stadium kind-a thing. I don't know, even a super duper non-fanatic football like me was very eager to come and visit the stadium. Ha3x. Btw, here then I learnt that Manchester City and Manchester United are two different football team and both of them have separate stadium. One is Etihad Stadium and another one is the so-called popular Old Trafford. And guess what, I visit both. Ha3x. Jangan cemburu yer.

Ethihad Stadium.
Old Trafford.
I also went to Salford Quay. Interesting site of the city indeed. Beautiful.

The canal
Salford Quay.
Visiting Manchester was indeed an amazing memory that will not be forgotten forever. Till we meet again Manchester and perhaps I come again to watch a football match.

Last words from Manchester

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lepas 3 Bulan Merantau

It had been more than a month I left this blog un-updated but yet, I still got no real thing to tell. Lol. Is it my spirit in blogging drifted away? Hopefully not.  3 months, phewww. It is a long period. Very indeed. So, what is it about Ireland now, my study, the happiness, joy and yet life must be balanced kan, so where ever is happiness must surely be accompanied by sadness. Kah3x.

One fine day at Giant Causeway 
Btw, the very first semesta of me as a medic student had finally come to an end. Next week am gonna sit for my final exam. Nervous, feeling-shitty, perghhhh, only Allah yang tahu. And currently, am having sleeping disorder, just why there must be a TV series I must watch upon examination. If during a level I bantai 4 seasons of Hot In Cleveland, right now me just spending like more of the time watching Lie To Me, and currently at season 2. hu3x. Hurdle of the examination perhaps.

Cuaca nan iklim di Ireland. I got to admit that the first time you here it gonna be like, OhhhMaiiGod, adalah very amazing dan indahnyer bercuaca sejuk. No need for air-cond what so ever but overtime you'll feel that, how I miss Malaysia so much. Except the too much sun-blazing. Lol.

Makanan. As a food hunter, am really quite disappoint with Ireland. The food indeed is not as best as it was recommended and been told. I miss Malaysia food so much, yet cooking with limited ingredients, the taste won't easily be the same. Plus, am really missing the spicy-ness of the food. Ok, drooling. But still am fully-feed here, no worries. Makan, pakai, tidor sumernyer bahagia ajer. Ha3x. 

Apa lagik mahu citer? Oh yeah, currently am not been on any travelling mode. Not sure why; examination, tired ka, or perhaps just wanna have some times alone inside the chamber. But still I got plan for this winter break which is just a week away. Really looking forward for those adventure. Ha3x. Hopefully everything gonna be fine.

Alumni IGOP.
So, by restating the blogging today (which make me seminggu nak siapkan post nie), hopefully the cascade event is back where am keep updating what am doing here so far and fort. Till the next post. Adioss.

**Gambar-gambar berkenaan semua berlokasi dekat Giant Causeway, Belfast, Northern Ireland.