Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lepas 3 Bulan Merantau

It had been more than a month I left this blog un-updated but yet, I still got no real thing to tell. Lol. Is it my spirit in blogging drifted away? Hopefully not.  3 months, phewww. It is a long period. Very indeed. So, what is it about Ireland now, my study, the happiness, joy and yet life must be balanced kan, so where ever is happiness must surely be accompanied by sadness. Kah3x.

One fine day at Giant Causeway 
Btw, the very first semesta of me as a medic student had finally come to an end. Next week am gonna sit for my final exam. Nervous, feeling-shitty, perghhhh, only Allah yang tahu. And currently, am having sleeping disorder, just why there must be a TV series I must watch upon examination. If during a level I bantai 4 seasons of Hot In Cleveland, right now me just spending like more of the time watching Lie To Me, and currently at season 2. hu3x. Hurdle of the examination perhaps.

Cuaca nan iklim di Ireland. I got to admit that the first time you here it gonna be like, OhhhMaiiGod, adalah very amazing dan indahnyer bercuaca sejuk. No need for air-cond what so ever but overtime you'll feel that, how I miss Malaysia so much. Except the too much sun-blazing. Lol.

Makanan. As a food hunter, am really quite disappoint with Ireland. The food indeed is not as best as it was recommended and been told. I miss Malaysia food so much, yet cooking with limited ingredients, the taste won't easily be the same. Plus, am really missing the spicy-ness of the food. Ok, drooling. But still am fully-feed here, no worries. Makan, pakai, tidor sumernyer bahagia ajer. Ha3x. 

Apa lagik mahu citer? Oh yeah, currently am not been on any travelling mode. Not sure why; examination, tired ka, or perhaps just wanna have some times alone inside the chamber. But still I got plan for this winter break which is just a week away. Really looking forward for those adventure. Ha3x. Hopefully everything gonna be fine.

Alumni IGOP.
So, by restating the blogging today (which make me seminggu nak siapkan post nie), hopefully the cascade event is back where am keep updating what am doing here so far and fort. Till the next post. Adioss.

**Gambar-gambar berkenaan semua berlokasi dekat Giant Causeway, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Asyraf Harun said...

Anon! missing you here!! wah itulah same here me also not in so much mood for blogging righ now huhu..Oh, all the best for your exams k! mesti can ace punya hehhee..btw winter break pergi mana nanti? bestnyee