Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glendalough, Wicklow: The Lake Between Two Mountains

Again, another trip I went. It was fantabulaz indeed, full of amazing scenery that surely gonna make you stunned and mesmerized. So, last two or three weeks ago I think me went to this lovely place call Glendalough. It was a very beautiful place and once you are in Ireland, it like a must to come here. It is actually one of the biggest attraction here in Ireland.

Without more un-meaningful talk, lets the photo talk the words;

The Monestry
More Monestry
Lower Lake
Upper Lake
Along the way
Mysterious forest. Klu kat Malaysia macam estate getah aje
Upper Lake
Various panoramic view of the Glendalough
The birdy eyes of the lakes
Climbing or hiking am gonna say
Freezing-cold water. Damn, I kenot tahan.
Dinner with fish and chips at Bray. This is amazing indeed.
Really, living in Ireland was indeed blissful to me. Am appreciating so much that I've the opportunity to have a piece of memory here and surely am gonna make full use of it.

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