Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good time at Portmarnock Beach and Malahide Castle Park

Well, this was the places that I had been visited 2 weeks ago. LOLs, not that am too busy studying, it just that anatomy, physiology, histology and many more the -logy things that make my mind less peace and serene. So, study first, traveling second and blogging come in the third place. 

Basically, here in Ireland weekend was amazing, it was sunny, and less windy making it the best day to hang out. So, as planned, we went to Portmarnock. With the aid of google service, we prepare everything; we cooked and we packed cause we are going to swim. Portmarnock beach here I comeeeee.

The rocky side of the beach. During low-tide.
Sandy beach
With an icy-freaking-cold water 
Yup, the water was freezing-cold but still not the coldness that you may die. Refreshing. It had been like a year I had not swimming in the open sea and here it was, my very first time, swimming at Ireland and am really looking forward for more interesting places to swim.

Me in the water. Ouch, sejukkkkkk.
 There were not so many people swimming. Most of them just stay half-naked at the sandy side, sun-bathing.

Meet Saphire. He is French
Saphire and Alex
The Portmarnock Beach

Light house
Finish swimming, we headed off to Malahide. Just about 15-20 minutes aboarding bus from Portmarnock.

Off to Malahide
A really sunny day thus a good day for jalan-jalan
Mitochondrion Depletion

Malahide Castle and me
Lepaking at the Malahide Castle Park
Nice park indeed
Overly tired but cam-whoring was still a MUST
Over the shades of trees
Basically, most of the tourist attraction here in Ireland is just nature-related. There are not so many tall buildings like Malaysia, yet less number of grand shopping complexes, even there are no men-made park like Sunway Lagoon or Tambun that I had discover here. Plus, if Malaysia's museum is bored, the museums here is triplex bored and small too.

Late Dinner at a Pakistani Restaurant.
As this is a day-trip, we just grabbed some dinner before headed back to hostel. This tinny little burger that seem cheap is totally pricy indeed. Living in a country with a bigger currency is really killing me. A beef quarter pounder with chips had cost me aroung 5euro. Still, that day was amazing and nice.

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