Friday, February 22, 2013

My Birthday With Domino & Cakes

What a bless birthday it is. Even it had been almost a week since my date of birth, the enjoyment is still here. The celebration is like would not stop, forever. LOL. In simple word, the happiness is like here to be forever. Deep inside, am truly touch and am really proud to have a people like you all surrounded me, becoming my friends. ~.~

So, the first one is a big whole cake, a surprise from my east Malaysia friend, Zul. As my birthday was on the same date as Nadia, both of our name were written on the cake. And the cake was amazing. Love it chocolate layer on top, plus the deco-fruit was also so fresh and hard, still. Thanks Zul. It means alot  to me.

My Birthday Cake from Four Seasons.
Next is also another cake which was also given to me by my friend, Ucop. A slice of Tiramisu Cake that was given on the third stage of buying. He said that;

"Kita membeli ade 3 tahap. Pertama, kita beli satu benda tu dan kita makan/gune sorang sorang, Second stage plak kite beli satu bende tue, pastu kite bagi orang lain but on the same time kite still enjoy jugak skali bende tue like beli sepotong kek bagi kawan tapi yang pemberi tu pun makan sekali. The last and the highest stage, peringkat ketiga plak, kite beli sesuatu bende and kita bagi bende tu kat orang lain without kite berkongsi balik bende tue."

Simple rite, and that was the lesson I learn when I am accepting this cake. 

A slice of Tiramisu Cake from SR.
Other than all the cakes, we also celebrating my birthday by a late night call for Domino's Pizza. Farid ordered it online at around 10.++pm and we were enjoying the pizza just on the last moment before my birthday day ended. Eating to the last pieces was all of us. Thanks to all the "Malay Islam Jejaka" classmates and Fawwas and Syapo. Even initially they wanted to play thing "tepung" thingy, I managed to control them to not to. Thank Allah, cause it was going to be hell bathing with flour all over your hair, head, toe and place-that-you-know.

The criminals of the night.
While everyone else focus on eating. 
The late night supper.
And lastly treated by Syamil, my favorite CoolBlog drink, Smoothies Blog Sour Plum complemented with Black Pearl. Yummy.
All in all, thanks for everything fellas. May Allah keep us close as a friend forever and ever. ^^

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Birthday @ Kenny Rogers Roasters

If last time I post bout my celebration with my siblings, this time is the celebration together with my beloved hausmates as well as old friends from Igop. "Memory cannot be gained but must be created" so this is one of the method to create the memory. We rushed to Plaza Alam Sentral right after class, taking T529 to S14. As planned, we directly went to the PAS to Kenny Rogers Roasters which basically my first time being here. But actually it not the food that is the most enjoyable but hanging out with person that we adore is the best thing. Thanks for everything, thanks for remembering my birthday and thanks for treating me all these. Am truly touched and there is no other word to express my gratefulness except thanks. 

The partner-in-crime.
Me and my beloved stylish friends.
LOL, I thinks that is it the photos that have people included in, the rest will be the photos of the delicacies that we have here. My rate, superb and delicious. The portion was just amazing and delightful. The taste was a little bit plain but delicious-plain, perhaps a little addition of salt gonna make it more yummylicious.

The muffin was delicious. I love the crust part on the top of the muffin. The Banana-flavored Muffin truly taste like banana. Love it to the max. Either BBQ sauce and black pepper sauce, I prefer black pepper sauce as the BBQ one is too sour and less spicy/kick for me. But still different people have different tongue. For drink, am having the most expensive one available on the restaurant, Strawberry-Heaven bla, bla, bla, the name was quite difficult to be pronounced and remembered. Just like the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram.

So, enjoy the moment;

Muffin. Mine was Banana-flavored.
Quater Meal Chicken complimented with BBQ sauce.
Faqeh's Quater Meal Chicken with 3 side dishes. Yummy.
Yap's drink. Strong chocolate taste.
My turn. Strawberry Milk Shake...
Surely a birthday won't be complete without a cake rite. So, we brought along two slices of cakes imported from Secret Recipe. Along with it is Big Apple which am not photograph it. Bad me right. So many sweet-toothy food that is truly my favorite.

Blueberry Chess Cake. First trial and was not that impressive.
Also first trial on this Absolute Chocolate and it was like complemented with a WOW effect. It was alittle crunchy bit here and there. Yummy.
All in all, the moment was created and recorded then will surely be remembered thru out my entire life. There was so much fun and laugh, reflecting the past will surely make you laugh. Am looking forward for more moment like this. Wishing that I was born everyday and my birthday was celebrated every day too.

My Birthday @ Teapot Deli

2 decades seem so short right now. If when I was a boy I really want to grow up like my elder brother, have job and getting paid, now I feel like the first thing that I wanna in my life is to be a boy again. Time where I can just live my life without having a proper thinking, doing whatever making me happy regardless of it consequences, the joyfulness and all the beautiful moment back there. But still past is past and I just need to keep moving on with life. Because, that is what life all about, expecting something that you don't have but always forgetting and not appreciating things that are in front of your eyes.

Officially am now 20 years old and still a single and student. Walking down the path of life that I had chosen. It may not be as easy as other way but somehow that what make my life more meaningful. The laugh, smile, cry, pain successful and disappointing are all there.  Maybe am not the top on the thing that I get into but at least am not also at the bottom. Am just grateful for whatever it was. 

LOL. Enough with the literature thingy. First and foremost to those who had wished me Happy Birthday thru FB, twitter, Instagram, Watapps and what so ever it was, thank you so much and I am so so touch. May Allah keep blessing me with a good friends like all of you all.

Moving on, thanks to my siblings, Abg Mae, Akak, Adik and Aus for celebrating my birthday. Even it is day earlier that the date, but the joyfulness and happiness were still and will always be there. Am so touch ^^. 

We were all headed to Teapot Deli (my idea) to celebrate my birthday as we were on our way to send me off to Cemara Residence, Shah Alam. 

Me and my sister posing before the food was served.
My elder brother and sister. Aus wasn't in photos.
A thousand of thank you for celebrating my birthday. So, here is what we had have here.

My Fish Pie. The Dowry Fish White Sauce is damn creamy and yummy. Love it.
Abg Mae's Roasted Chicken. Rated as the best dish of the day by us. Whee***
Akak's Cottage Pie. Unworthy! The potatoes layer is too thick perhaps and the filling is just not enough. Hmphhh~
Birthday Cake Slice, Red Velvet. Delicious.
Double Scoop Ice Cream, all-of-us-favorite.
All in all the celebration was happening and I just love it. Hopefully we can make more celebration like this and I love you all. Muahhhh~~~

Cendol Durian Borhan

A short post bout another thingy that can only be obtain here in Malaysia. Some sort of Only In Malaysia lah. Here it is, Cendol Durian Borhan. Compared to the previous Cendol Bakar, this one is miles better with a better portion as well as taste. Plus the price is way cheaper compared to the one sold at cendol Bakar. Honestly, I rate it as 3 and half stars over 5.

The photos;
Cendol Durian Borhan that can be easily spotted by the passer.
Mariyos Cafe OR Cendol Durian Borhan???
The stall environment. All the workers were wearing kopiah. Sweet.
The cendols selection; Labu, Jagung, Keladi, Pulut, all have.
And mine is just Cendol Pulut without Durian. Yummy.
With just MYR2.00, you can have this quite nice cendol and just by looking at the portion of its Gula Melaka will surely make you able to estimate how sweet it was. Omai am crave for cendol rite now!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Belated Adam & Adik Birthday Post

Seem like there is just a day or two left before am going back to Shah Alam, coninuing my study. Hopefully I will become more motivated and will study all day long and pass the A-Level with flyng colour. Amin. So, here is another story happened back 2-3 week ago on 2 February. I remembered this date so well as this day was my sister, Masitah birthday. Happy Birthday sister. Love you. Adam's birthday, my nephew was like 1-2 days earlier but we just combined it together and celebrated it as one. Cheaper and merrier. LOL.

The Birthday Cake from Cake Sense.
With the concept, "Bakar-Bakar", the celebration went so well and truly happening. I was like a small family gathering. LOL I miss family gathering so much. Growing up is truly a big matter where you are becoming more concern bout surrounding, bout family matters.

Aside of cake and the "Bakar-Bakar" thingy, my sister also prepared some food staples for the night. Malay stomach will always hunt for rice, rite? How to get slim, I don't know.

The food staples.
Birthday boy and girl.
Cut the cake event.
2 Pembakar Setia. Thanks
Partying at the open sky. Walaweh, happy.
Our birthday present to Sister.
Being together with family surely the best moment regardless when you are sad, happy, smile, or cry

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lunch @ Pak Su Corner

The banner.
Just by looking at the size of this banner, you surely can know how success this restaurant is rite? Basically, I've been here once and this is my first time here. The restaurant surely does not disappoint me at all. The food was variety, delicious and the most import is affordable.

Me, rate this restaurant as 4 star out of 5. For those from S18, you just need to board RapidKL T529 to be here. Lets watch the porn now;

Just the Ulams and Sambals selecion.
Part of its vegie.
The dishes served.
 The concept was buffet style. So, you just take what ever you want and paid. As easy as that. But seriously, the food was like huge, I means alot. But, my bad as am feeling quite full during my visitation here, so am just having a super big bowl of Mee Kari. Truly admirable.

My MYR5.00 Mee Kari that was totally superb.
More soup-based food served.
The interior of the restaurant. Totally spacious.
Next time when am here again, I will surely try its Nasi Lauk. Pinky Promise.

Tea Pot Deli Revisited

When it comes to holidays especially if am staying a home, studying will be like always the most troublesome thingy to be done even A-Level is just like almost a the edge of the corner. Hopefully I will success amazingly. Keep praying for me fellas. So, as today is holiday, another last month post that had been postponed till today, me and and mes amis re-visitation to the Tea Pot Deli, SACC Mall.

For me, this deli served the best food and surely will be above your standard. So, for those staying around Shah Alam, you all must surely give this Deli a try. So here are the food porn;

The so popular Roasted Chicken here. Radin's portion.
The melted Lasagna. Never try this yet.
My drink, hot white coffee. Sore throat, no icy drinks.
My Victoria Strawberry Slice. Just so-so.
Pudding Caramel. Truly delicious and yummylicious.
So, I will surely be back here in a close future to have it Fish Pie that Radin had been craved for like a year. ^^

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor

Holiday is really the best time to update blog. Wuuhuuu, so here is it the second post of the day, Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor. One of the best drink that you can only get in Malaysia, I think. Is it? Actually I have passed through this stall for like a million time as it is one, on the way to my sister's house at Sungai Buloh and two, again on the way to my college. But it only this time I got the opportunity to have a stop and give this so-called popular Cendol a try. LOL.

At first, I thought the word Bakar indicate that the Cendol will be roasted or perhaps been cooked/boiled inside the fire but turn out Bakar is just the name of the owner. Hmphhh, what a frustration. Lorgh. Situated just after the exit of Latar Highway, I think it can be easily spotted by passer here. Perhaps one more thing, there are like 10 stall selling Cendol in this area. Maybe KL citizens just love Cendol extremely. 

The stall; Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor.
The available selection of Cendol here.
Their charity work through out business hour.  
The stall environment. Nicely decorated and very village-look.
Some of their fun fact that was published by paper. Read it or just leave it be.
Finally the Cendol itself.
For me the Cendol was not that great. Plus it minute portion compared to it price, it is absolutely below the satisfactory level. The santan does not really taste like santan, it is more likely too taste like a milk or diluted santan with milk. And the Gula Merah/Gula Melaka is just too stingy. Should be, the patronizer here are provided with the Gula Merah so that we can add in as much as we want, rite? The next thing is it portion, too minute. I repeat, too minute. I don't know, for a big boy like me, if this is the size will surely not gonna be enough. So, all in all I awarded it 2.3 stars out of 5.

Instead of it cendol, there are also other food being sold here like Bakso, Nasi Ayam, Cucur Udang just to name a few. But as we just had our lunch, having either Nasi Ayam or Bakso seem not to be appropriate, so we just had it's Cucur Udang that really is not taste well. Instead of it floury-taste, there are no udang (1-2 small pieces maybe) in it. And the sauce is too dilute. So, blacklisted already. 

The so-called Cucur Udang.
One thing that make me laugh here is that the aunt that we bought the Cucur Udang sent the food we ordered quite late and she said that, "Maaplah yer, sibuk tadii dekat bahagian Drive-Thru!". Walaweh, class you aunty.

The Drive-thru. Don't think only McDonald have it.
My brother and his family. Thanks^^.
So, maybe if there is next time, am gonna try other Cendol stall here in Kuala Selangor. Perhaps there is one that really served the best Cendol-ever. till then.