Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Birthday @ Teapot Deli

2 decades seem so short right now. If when I was a boy I really want to grow up like my elder brother, have job and getting paid, now I feel like the first thing that I wanna in my life is to be a boy again. Time where I can just live my life without having a proper thinking, doing whatever making me happy regardless of it consequences, the joyfulness and all the beautiful moment back there. But still past is past and I just need to keep moving on with life. Because, that is what life all about, expecting something that you don't have but always forgetting and not appreciating things that are in front of your eyes.

Officially am now 20 years old and still a single and student. Walking down the path of life that I had chosen. It may not be as easy as other way but somehow that what make my life more meaningful. The laugh, smile, cry, pain successful and disappointing are all there.  Maybe am not the top on the thing that I get into but at least am not also at the bottom. Am just grateful for whatever it was. 

LOL. Enough with the literature thingy. First and foremost to those who had wished me Happy Birthday thru FB, twitter, Instagram, Watapps and what so ever it was, thank you so much and I am so so touch. May Allah keep blessing me with a good friends like all of you all.

Moving on, thanks to my siblings, Abg Mae, Akak, Adik and Aus for celebrating my birthday. Even it is day earlier that the date, but the joyfulness and happiness were still and will always be there. Am so touch ^^. 

We were all headed to Teapot Deli (my idea) to celebrate my birthday as we were on our way to send me off to Cemara Residence, Shah Alam. 

Me and my sister posing before the food was served.
My elder brother and sister. Aus wasn't in photos.
A thousand of thank you for celebrating my birthday. So, here is what we had have here.

My Fish Pie. The Dowry Fish White Sauce is damn creamy and yummy. Love it.
Abg Mae's Roasted Chicken. Rated as the best dish of the day by us. Whee***
Akak's Cottage Pie. Unworthy! The potatoes layer is too thick perhaps and the filling is just not enough. Hmphhh~
Birthday Cake Slice, Red Velvet. Delicious.
Double Scoop Ice Cream, all-of-us-favorite.
All in all the celebration was happening and I just love it. Hopefully we can make more celebration like this and I love you all. Muahhhh~~~