Friday, February 8, 2013

Home-Made Chilled Oreo Cheese Cake

A short post from me, after quite a while rite? Last 2-3 weeks ago, my hausmates and me gathered all our energy preparing and making this yummy-licious extra chilling Oreo Cheese Cake. If normally I love to just bought this cake at Secret Recipe, now I prefer to make it by my own. This was actually my second attempt in making it is not as hard as I thought. Simple, as simple as spelling the word A.Y.A.M. No jokes.

Direct to the point, let me share the procedure to make this thing work even my first time s not too successful as I forgot to add in yogurt make it taste not too sour, the second time was a big success. Am really proud of myself rite now. LOL.

The cake before decoration.
Without further a due, les ingredients are so so simple and cheap;

For the base,
- 1/3 unsalted butter
- 2 full packet of Oreo with it cream removed

For the cake,
- 1 cup full of natural yogurt
- 250g of cream cheese, it either Tatura or Philadelphia
- 250g of whipped cream
- More Oreo
- Sugar
- Gelatin

First, let start with the base. Crunch all the Oreo that had been removed it cream using either blender but if you can't afford the blender, just use the back side of your mom 'senduk'. Make it as sandy as possible. Halus ok, halus. Then, melt the butter either using microwave or just using stove. Both will work. My advise, use unsalted butter as if you are using the normal one, the base gonna taste salty and less, so much less delicious. Once finish melting it, just pour the melted butter into the crunched Oreo and mixed them well. Well means really well okeyh. Ensure that all of the Oreo look wet. Finally just insert all the Oreo into the brass aka Loyang and compressed it a bit to make it fixed the bottom layer. Put the brass into the fridge and finish first step.

Yeah, bout the brass, find one that can be open at one end where you can easily pushed the cake out from the bottom of the brass. 

The Oreo Cheese Cake on the house.
For the second part, it may sound quite tricky but it is actually simple. Bare with my written skill okey. First, using a mixer (melayunyer yang ade mata pusing 2 tu. orang selalu buat cake) and blend the whipping cream well until "bertanduk". It like you can make thorn out of the cream. Basically, it from liquid, the whipping cream will turn to more viscous. Add 3-4 tablespoon of sugar. Finish with it, put it into the fridge for a while.

Now, mixed the cream cheese. After about 5-7 minutes, added on another 2-3 tablespoon of sugar but if you are a sweet tooth, you can always add more. LOL. Mixed it for a while and don't forget to first dilute the gelatin into a hot water before add it up into the mixing. A full-tablespoon of the gelatin gonna be enough but the more you add the tougher the cake gonna be. Add it together the mix and continue mixing them all. Add a full cup of natural yogurt then. Basically the order which one come first and second does not really matter as long as you add all of them in together. Mix again for a while and voila. 

Take the whipped cream out and now mixed the two of them together and don't forget to again  mix the for a minute. Now, add the crunched Oreo inside it. The last step, take out the prepared Oreo base earlier and pour the mixing into it. Da da dum, finish. You just now need to put the cake into the fridge for a bout 4-5 hours at least before it can be eaten.

Decorated Oreo Cheese Cake with Oreo. Such a lame rite. Taste yummy
The cake was fantastic and delicious. Easy to be prepared with low cost. Totally worthy. If you wanna try like Mango Cheese Cake, or perhaps Durian Cheese Cake, just substitute the Oreo with the thing you wanna cheesing.

Happy baking and hope you gonna try to make one. Make your mom proud.

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