Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lunch @ Pak Su Corner

The banner.
Just by looking at the size of this banner, you surely can know how success this restaurant is rite? Basically, I've been here once and this is my first time here. The restaurant surely does not disappoint me at all. The food was variety, delicious and the most import is affordable.

Me, rate this restaurant as 4 star out of 5. For those from S18, you just need to board RapidKL T529 to be here. Lets watch the porn now;

Just the Ulams and Sambals selecion.
Part of its vegie.
The dishes served.
 The concept was buffet style. So, you just take what ever you want and paid. As easy as that. But seriously, the food was like huge, I means alot. But, my bad as am feeling quite full during my visitation here, so am just having a super big bowl of Mee Kari. Truly admirable.

My MYR5.00 Mee Kari that was totally superb.
More soup-based food served.
The interior of the restaurant. Totally spacious.
Next time when am here again, I will surely try its Nasi Lauk. Pinky Promise.