Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Belated Adam & Adik Birthday Post

Seem like there is just a day or two left before am going back to Shah Alam, coninuing my study. Hopefully I will become more motivated and will study all day long and pass the A-Level with flyng colour. Amin. So, here is another story happened back 2-3 week ago on 2 February. I remembered this date so well as this day was my sister, Masitah birthday. Happy Birthday sister. Love you. Adam's birthday, my nephew was like 1-2 days earlier but we just combined it together and celebrated it as one. Cheaper and merrier. LOL.

The Birthday Cake from Cake Sense.
With the concept, "Bakar-Bakar", the celebration went so well and truly happening. I was like a small family gathering. LOL I miss family gathering so much. Growing up is truly a big matter where you are becoming more concern bout surrounding, bout family matters.

Aside of cake and the "Bakar-Bakar" thingy, my sister also prepared some food staples for the night. Malay stomach will always hunt for rice, rite? How to get slim, I don't know.

The food staples.
Birthday boy and girl.
Cut the cake event.
2 Pembakar Setia. Thanks
Partying at the open sky. Walaweh, happy.
Our birthday present to Sister.
Being together with family surely the best moment regardless when you are sad, happy, smile, or cry


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