Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visitation From Malacca's Fellas

Such a nice experiences fellas. Wow, this two days one night were a very hectic day for me cause as the tourist guide for the visitation, I need to plan and make the plan work accordingly. But with the aid from my beloved mother, I am able to ensure the event flow successfully. Btw, it is about two of my friends from INTEC, Ayap, my hausmate and Syamil my classmate, both come to my beloved hometown, Teluk Intan for some simple exploration. And what a coincidence is that both of them are from Malacca. Initially there was quite a few person planned to come along but due to some family matter, most of them didn't come.

Overall, the intention of their visitation is mainly to have raw FREE durians. It is so unique home-stay package where you can just directly pick a durian under the tree, kupas and then eat. As simple as that. Beside, their excitement can never be stopped even the sky is darken already.

Picking up durians under the trees of durian. Ayap berpayung kerna hujan.
As you know, it is quite bored just hanging out at the pondok for a long time. So, on that particular night too, we all headed to Bandar Teluk Intan and what a disappointing as there is not many places neither store or shops open during the night and even the Gerbang Malam was like "hidup segan mati tak mahu". After camwhorring at Menara Condong, we buy 5 satay each because as far as I know, WakTeni's Satay is like the best in Perak. As there is no other interestng places to be visited, I asked them to go and watch latest movie on roll and it is our luck where we just need to wait for 5 minutes before our show get started. We watched Rise Of The Guardians. The story was really nice thou.**will be told later in another post, perhaps.

Syamil and The Learning Tower.
Finish with the movie we straightly went back to the pondok for holiday. The pelita accompanying us through out the night. It lit up our pondok make it glow. Thank god I buy le Turpentine.

Candle of the night.
On the next morning as early as 6 am, we woke up and start performing our subuh prayer. Once everyone finish performing their obligation, we start to walking around and across the orchard to collect the durians to be transported home so that it can be sold by my brothers. For us, our journey does not only stop here, we lengthen our horizon by deciding to go to Teluk Batik for some more fun. Initially, I planned to go to the waterfall nearby but due to the mild rain on the morning make it a little bit dangerous to go there. Hopefully there will be next time for us to hang together there.

Btw, going to Teluk Batik is not that bad, we arrived around 9.30pm and without further a due, we straightly go for a swim. Woheeee. So much fun. We even invited Tajul to join us here as his house is just a stone throw away from the beach. Thanks to Tajul for treating us for a banana boat ride. The fare is not that cozy which is just MYR5 per head. Finish with swimming, banana boat riding, we went for some photographing session. Wow, the scenery is totally skeptic and beautiful.

Preparing for the high speed. Stay calm.
And now, come on baby boat, faster and faster. Wheeeehaa.
Photographing. Thanks for the god given hand for me. Am a pro-photographer, really pro. LOL.

Ayap's pose on the edge of the water.
Another hang god creativeness. Am really a good photographer even may not professional.
Me and Tajul assy pose. Credit to Syamil. 
Gorgeous and sexy. Beautiful.
Playing timbus timbus at the beach. Truly fun. No lies.
The outcome, It should be penis arch but people normally mistaken said it is a cow. Weird, huh!!!
Then, we headed to Tajul's house for lunch as we were invited for it. Thanks to both your parent. Finish with all the obligation which is Solat Jumaat as our trip was on friday, we headed to Lumut waterfront and Marina Island. Tajul drove us there. Basically, due to the mild rain, we cannot walk and enjoying the mesmerizing view much but still the view is picturesque. Its like what a god mother nature beauty.

At the Jetty Lumut Waterfront. Unique post huh. LOL.
Bridge to the Marina Island. Basically this island is a man-made. Still not fully develop.
Beautiful view from the island. Heavenly amazing.
 Next, we went back home. The journey may not be the best to be called cause even am no a pro traveller and this is my first time my friends come over to my house for a few days staying. So, this is really a new thing for me. Am so nervous, no lies. Hopefully, I'll be better in this kind of thing in the future. LOL. All in all, the experience was awesome ad great. Thanks to both of you Syamil and Ayap for trusting me and hope I'll be travelling to Malacca in a close future and both of you will show me the greatness of Malacca state. Hopefully.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Educational Students Fiesta, Intec

LOL. This is another left over post for more than a month, I think. The event took place during my final exam. Yes, there was lots of things I did during this final examination. As you know, life is only once and if you unable to enjoy it to the fullest, you will never be.

To cut it short, let just talking about what I have did during the fiesta. Nothing much thou because the intention I went to the Intec was basically to do some revision in the library. As I arrived, first thing that I did was drawing out my blood for those in need. Mine is B positive and I hope who ever get my blood will survive and get well. For me donating blood is like a must thing to everyone. A drop of blood can save a live, rite? Besides, the blood at the blood bank also decreasing and never enough. With the ever rising accident will cause higher consumption of blood too. So, here am I, my fourth times donating blood. Albeit the reward obtain, I am fully sincere. **three donation within 12 months will allow you to get injection for Hepatitis B.

Lying down, sucking my blood out. Ouch.
A big bag of my blood. 400cc I think.
After donating my blood, I spotted a place where I can do my art. The drawing was free with all the materials needed provided, I said "why should not we give it a try?". The love-love one is mine while the flower beside it is drawn by me and coloured by Radin. Seem simple but quite hard to control the wax.

First Batik trial.
Finish wasting time, it already almost 12 noon and we straightly went to the stall open on the day. There were quite a few stall selling food, even not a solid rice for lunch, the food is still tempting and delicious. I just manage to grab few things as my lunch cause I was rushing to start my revision for final. Funny, rite?

Mee goreng + satay 2 batang = Lunch
Red velvet. Extremely delicious and truly scrumptious. Believe me. Hopefully they will sell it again in future.
Some fruits after lunch. It use the Tutti Fruiti concept where we pick up and they weight. For every 100g  cost  me MYR2.
The event was a success for me. Instead of food there was also cloth, books, karaoke booth, shawl, pin just to name a few being sold here. Hopefully, this event will be held annually cause it is a good thing thou.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Save Gaza, Palestine

Written by M. Shahnon Salleh

Wow, seem like this issue is once again becoming a hot topic,
Facebook, twitter, blogs, paper and even television all talking about these thing,
Bombarding, killing, beating, raping, flying jet with a bomb, Zionist just to name a few,
But try and think back?

Is talking without action is worthy,
Is watching without feeling is enough,
Is it?

And that is the thing needed to be answered.

Cause every second we keep standing on the same page,
Pitying them, crying for them, be mad to the USA,
On the exact same second,
A mom wishing goodbye to her son,
A man is been shoot by a gun,
A wife become a widow,
A son become an orphan,
And a people live in a scared environment.

Thus, buckle up man,
Muslim and muslimah,
Take your best shot,
Not just by boycotting McMuffin today,
But try to avoid it in a lifetime,
Not just by crying for them,
But try to keep praying in every single pray of you to Allah,
Not just by pitying them,
But try to raise help and money for them,
Cause that way is way much better,
And that way is a better way of helping,
Our brother and sister there to get what is destine for them.

Save Gaza. Amin ya Robbal Alamin. ~~~

Pizza San Francisco, Bukit Jelutong

Another delayed post. Basically this is my last hang out together with my friends before all of us headed to our own hometown for one and a half month holiday. I went there together with les classmates and my english lecturer. The intention is obviously to appreciate and repay all the unpaid effort of her teaching us english for 2 semesta and thank god, me together with all the boys pass the requirement. We all are one step closer to our dream and ambition. So, as I said, passing the english test, IELTS is truly a indescribable feeling as I don't know cause it is just too amazing you know. LOL.

So, as planned by me myself, we headed to this so called Pizza San Francisco outlet that located just a walking distance from Bonjour Garden that I told before. Even I noticed this place a week before when I am having diner at Bonjour Garden. Heading there together with Miss Aminah, we went there by absolutely her car. As it is located at the outskirt of Shah Alam, it takes around 15-20 minutes journey from section 18 excluding the traffic congestion thou.

Pizza San Francisco. Not too bad btw.
Overview of the restaurant. There are two section, air-conditioned and fresh air area.
The concept of the restaurant is quite simple but still catchy enough. Even the cushion is tore a bit here and there maybe because of the "cakaran kucing jalanan" or I-don't-know-why, this place is so cool. The lighting is a little orangish make the environment quite romance thou. Albeit it seat, the surrounding is so chilling and I think the air-cond may had been set to 10 or 12 degrees celcius perhaps. It is just so cold. And one more thing, the wi-fi here is damn fast. One point for that.

Beside that, the selection of food here is  quite a lots. From it pizza, pasta, dessert, soup & bread, drinks, cold drinks, appetizer and salad just to name a few. Many rite;

Just a part of the menu. Believe me.
We ordered separately and while waiting for the food, a cam whoring is a must, rite. After a while and not too laon around 15 minutes, the food arrived and now no more talking neither chit-chatting as everyone is just too busy enjoying their own dish.

Cam whoring while waiting for the food. Thanks to Syamil.
Ucop's help. Chicken Chop. Just so-so and nothing much to be said.
Afiq's. Don't know the taste as don't have a chance or maybe not be given a chance to try it out. Maybe later perhaps.
My food; Salmon Steak. Truly salmonilicious. It is just well cooked and what I like the most is the white sauce, creamy and cheesy.
Abbas'. Can't recall the name thou. According to him, the meat ball is not too nice.
Syamil and Miss Aminah part. Lamb Chop. For me the meat maybe too thick and the black sauce is too minute.
Finally, the pizza of the day, Pizza Capriciosa *can't recall the spelling*. Not worthy as the topping is not that good plus the bread that is just to hard. Dominos pizza is thousand mile better for me.
Then, dessert of the day. 50% of for every purchased pizza. Sundae. Just nice.
Lastly, a group photo. The member of crime for that day.
All in all, as there is too many food selection available here, I surely will come back to give other dish a try. The food is not that bad thou even the price maybe a little bit cozy. But spending money for a good food is not a crime, rite?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bonjour Garden, Bukit Jelutong

Lame me on this delayed post due to several un-avoidable problems. Basically this was a house outing including me and les hausmates; Ayap, Pozi as well as Radin to Bukit Jelutong in order to give a shot to the "Bonjour Garden". Basically this food heaven situated just on my way back to my sis house at Sg. Buloh. Right before passing the Tol Bukit Jelutong if you are from Shah Alam, you'll easily spot this place cause it is just by the road side. And if you are planning on using PapaGo to locate it, I suggest you to type in Jaya Groceries cause this food place is inside the same building.

Initially I thought the cafe is not that big but my first thought is absolutely wrong. There is sit provided inside and outside the cafe itself and roughly I think it can support like 150 customer per time. The decoration is not that interesting nor beautiful as it is way to simple. I think there is nothing much but the price is reasonable and fantabuloz. 

The caption of the Bonjour Garden; Cafe Express as well as Bakery.
The concept of this cafe is almost similar to like when you are at the boarding school o if in the western movie is when students or prisoners taking food from canteen. We need to take tray and just walk thru the bench. If there is any food that catch your eyes and appetite just point it to the chef-to-be-called and he/she will prepare it for you. As simple as that. There are varieties of food here as I said, Food Heaven rite! From main dish to sandwiches, salad, beef, chicken chop, spaghetti, dessert and cakes just to name it. So, just walk thru and point what your stomach want but make sure you have enough money to pay at the end of the bench if you don't want to wash the dishes; plates and cups.

The scenario when choosing the food. 
Some of the available dessert on trial.
From my observation, most of the customers that patronizing this cafe is malay, chiness, few foreigner but no indian. The delicacies are totally awesome and mouth watering. Every penny I spent on it is truly worthy. No regret at all even lots of obstacles need to be faced on the way here where there was quite a heavy downpour on the way. As we came here by riding bike, surely we all get wet and I am the worst. Pity me. Should buy a "baju hujan" I think? But what ever it is, no regret thou. Plus, getting this amazingly cooked food after a stressed exam paper is so cool as I can right away forgot about the paper and keep going on with my life. **Sigh.

So, here is the food that me and les hausmates have here; for most of the meal involving beef or chicken, we will get to free coups of salad. We can even choose it from 6 selection of salad. Presenting;

My help; beef steak or roasted I forgot but truly delicious and addictive. The meat is well cook plus the salad that is really scrumptious.
Radin's Quarter Roasted Chicken. The mash potatoes is awesome in some sort of way but the "horse nut" is out.
Beef Lasagna. Not too cheesy but still delicious. 
Ayap's second dish after the beef steak. Spaghetti Carbonara that is truly cheesy and slrupppp.
Food hunters.
On our leave, we stop by at the Bonjour Garden Bakery to grab some souvenir to be brought home and be eaten later on and this is what I got; A Caramel Bun if am not mistaken.

Just nice for a sweet tooth like me. Nice.
So, that is my journey to the Bonjour Garden at Bukit Jelutong after a stressful biology paper. New thing that I learn is that good food is always the best way to release your stress and anger, not by committing suicide.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Farewell @ Dave Deli, Subang Parade

Finally, this hectic week that is full of  stress and pressure ended. With the end of the final examination is officially sign me up to a full package one and a half month holiday, whee. Not so bad basically taking a-level for two years. Just imagine how many day a years we are on holiday, I think its more that five months. Means 5 months of heavenly environment. LOL.

The weeks was basically super tough and yeah for me it is extremely hard and hard core. yeah wacakalakabebeh. Albeit the end examination, I also need to sit for my IELTS that stand for International English Language Test System as well as my University Placement Interview.  By the way, damn pack of important event that I really can give a shit bout it, really. Focus and hard work is a must thing to have for all these stuff. Well, some people said, within a 10 minutes can ruin your life but as for me instead of ruin it will change your life cause yeah sitting for interview for just about ten minutes will determine either you can fly or not. rite? Blurppppyy and scaryyyy.

For my IELTS, the result had come out and such a happy momento, I passed, with flying colour. Nahh, lying. But mine was not so bad as long as I don'n need to re-sit for it, am grateful enough. Cause just imagine to re-sit for it you need to pay up MYR 590.00 (good luck to those who is re-sit for it). Pricy enough for me. Overall band I score 7.5 and for the element, 8 for listening, 7 for reading as well as speaking and 6.5 for my writing. I think I really need to work out on my writing skill cause it maybe kind of sucks. All in all, I appreciate it as it is cause I passed. Now, nervously waiting for my Uni Placement Interview result to come out. Phewww.

Want to talk about exam, neyyy. I don't know. It is quite tough but I think I already did my best and for the record, I sleep to like almost 2-3 am to study almost every nite instead of watching movies, and chit chatting, just to study. Thing I never done in my whole life, even for SPM. So I really hope it will be good as I expected. Amin. 

LOL. Out of topic already. For this whole semesta, most of my lecturers is new except for physics only;

Le photo with Miss Fiza, our substitute lecturer for Chemistry.
Together with le Biology lecturer, Miss Fathiah.
With Alis Ustazah, Ustazah Nabila. Sweet moment thou learning about marriage from her. 
There is still another two lecturers we miss, Miss Aminah and Madam Nazlinda due to several time constriction problems and I don't know what. But we'll still be in contact. As the annually event, last ouuting eating together of the sem, we planned ahead to go to Dave's Deli and give it a try. Basically it is just a simple plan but turn out to be this very sweet , memorable time out together. Yeah, I know it a story for like what, 2-3 weeks already as we went there even before the study week but better late than never rite.

So, all of us, 12M12 member along with les beloved lecturers when there but pity to Ustazah Nabila as she already leaves once we just arrive and Madam Nazlinda due to her own tight schedule that cannot join our party that nite. Anyway it just a simple one, where we gather and eat then leave but it is still memorable enough. So, the food-porn of the day, as there were many people means there will be lots of food to be posted. Then, here it is, less talk more photos then.

Our food spot this time, Dave's Deli, Subang Parade. My rating 2 and a half star only.
By the way, there are quite selection of food available here and maybe someday I'll come again and try another dishes cause maybe that day is just a bad mojo for my dish. LOL. Presenting the food;

Don't know whose, Chicken Parmigiana.
Roasted Chicken. For me, Teapot's Deli one's is more preferable.
Fish and Chips but seem like Goreng Pisang rite. But Miss Fiza said it is quite nice and I don't know cause never taste it.
Syamil's Beef Lasagna. For me the portion is just too small and minute. For a large capacity stomach like mine, it won't be enough I think.
My help, NZ Beef Stick. Instead of the Brown Sauce that is just too dilute, the meat will just be fine.
Me and the lecturers with the girls.
"Family" of 12M12 with les lecturers.
Like I said, finish eat straightly go home. As me and syamil is car pooling with Miss Fiza, we went back earlier than others. On the way to the car park, thanks to Miss Fiza for re-treating me and Syamil with Baskin Robbins, BR. Truly baskirobbilicious.

Syamil and Miss Fiza. Thank god Miss has lots of pink card, allowing us to get discount on pink wednesday.
And then my help. Forgot the name already; Pink Rainbow and what-to-call.
So, here it is the remarkable end of our third semesta which is full of happening moment that is really hard to forget. See you all next sem with a better quality of time together. OmaiAllah, A-level is next semesta.