Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visitation From Malacca's Fellas

Such a nice experiences fellas. Wow, this two days one night were a very hectic day for me cause as the tourist guide for the visitation, I need to plan and make the plan work accordingly. But with the aid from my beloved mother, I am able to ensure the event flow successfully. Btw, it is about two of my friends from INTEC, Ayap, my hausmate and Syamil my classmate, both come to my beloved hometown, Teluk Intan for some simple exploration. And what a coincidence is that both of them are from Malacca. Initially there was quite a few person planned to come along but due to some family matter, most of them didn't come.

Overall, the intention of their visitation is mainly to have raw FREE durians. It is so unique home-stay package where you can just directly pick a durian under the tree, kupas and then eat. As simple as that. Beside, their excitement can never be stopped even the sky is darken already.

Picking up durians under the trees of durian. Ayap berpayung kerna hujan.
As you know, it is quite bored just hanging out at the pondok for a long time. So, on that particular night too, we all headed to Bandar Teluk Intan and what a disappointing as there is not many places neither store or shops open during the night and even the Gerbang Malam was like "hidup segan mati tak mahu". After camwhorring at Menara Condong, we buy 5 satay each because as far as I know, WakTeni's Satay is like the best in Perak. As there is no other interestng places to be visited, I asked them to go and watch latest movie on roll and it is our luck where we just need to wait for 5 minutes before our show get started. We watched Rise Of The Guardians. The story was really nice thou.**will be told later in another post, perhaps.

Syamil and The Learning Tower.
Finish with the movie we straightly went back to the pondok for holiday. The pelita accompanying us through out the night. It lit up our pondok make it glow. Thank god I buy le Turpentine.

Candle of the night.
On the next morning as early as 6 am, we woke up and start performing our subuh prayer. Once everyone finish performing their obligation, we start to walking around and across the orchard to collect the durians to be transported home so that it can be sold by my brothers. For us, our journey does not only stop here, we lengthen our horizon by deciding to go to Teluk Batik for some more fun. Initially, I planned to go to the waterfall nearby but due to the mild rain on the morning make it a little bit dangerous to go there. Hopefully there will be next time for us to hang together there.

Btw, going to Teluk Batik is not that bad, we arrived around 9.30pm and without further a due, we straightly go for a swim. Woheeee. So much fun. We even invited Tajul to join us here as his house is just a stone throw away from the beach. Thanks to Tajul for treating us for a banana boat ride. The fare is not that cozy which is just MYR5 per head. Finish with swimming, banana boat riding, we went for some photographing session. Wow, the scenery is totally skeptic and beautiful.

Preparing for the high speed. Stay calm.
And now, come on baby boat, faster and faster. Wheeeehaa.
Photographing. Thanks for the god given hand for me. Am a pro-photographer, really pro. LOL.

Ayap's pose on the edge of the water.
Another hang god creativeness. Am really a good photographer even may not professional.
Me and Tajul assy pose. Credit to Syamil. 
Gorgeous and sexy. Beautiful.
Playing timbus timbus at the beach. Truly fun. No lies.
The outcome, It should be penis arch but people normally mistaken said it is a cow. Weird, huh!!!
Then, we headed to Tajul's house for lunch as we were invited for it. Thanks to both your parent. Finish with all the obligation which is Solat Jumaat as our trip was on friday, we headed to Lumut waterfront and Marina Island. Tajul drove us there. Basically, due to the mild rain, we cannot walk and enjoying the mesmerizing view much but still the view is picturesque. Its like what a god mother nature beauty.

At the Jetty Lumut Waterfront. Unique post huh. LOL.
Bridge to the Marina Island. Basically this island is a man-made. Still not fully develop.
Beautiful view from the island. Heavenly amazing.
 Next, we went back home. The journey may not be the best to be called cause even am no a pro traveller and this is my first time my friends come over to my house for a few days staying. So, this is really a new thing for me. Am so nervous, no lies. Hopefully, I'll be better in this kind of thing in the future. LOL. All in all, the experience was awesome ad great. Thanks to both of you Syamil and Ayap for trusting me and hope I'll be travelling to Malacca in a close future and both of you will show me the greatness of Malacca state. Hopefully.


asyraf harun said...

what a very awesome trip, indeed! you just come over to Malacca soon ;DD

unknown said...

if Allah will, I'll be there in no time...Believe me... ~~~

rfadz said...

amboi....having vacation...hehehehhehe..

shahnonsalleh said...

Having fun thou radin...what a pity ko takde kat ti, if not bole joint venture