Monday, November 19, 2012

Pizza San Francisco, Bukit Jelutong

Another delayed post. Basically this is my last hang out together with my friends before all of us headed to our own hometown for one and a half month holiday. I went there together with les classmates and my english lecturer. The intention is obviously to appreciate and repay all the unpaid effort of her teaching us english for 2 semesta and thank god, me together with all the boys pass the requirement. We all are one step closer to our dream and ambition. So, as I said, passing the english test, IELTS is truly a indescribable feeling as I don't know cause it is just too amazing you know. LOL.

So, as planned by me myself, we headed to this so called Pizza San Francisco outlet that located just a walking distance from Bonjour Garden that I told before. Even I noticed this place a week before when I am having diner at Bonjour Garden. Heading there together with Miss Aminah, we went there by absolutely her car. As it is located at the outskirt of Shah Alam, it takes around 15-20 minutes journey from section 18 excluding the traffic congestion thou.

Pizza San Francisco. Not too bad btw.
Overview of the restaurant. There are two section, air-conditioned and fresh air area.
The concept of the restaurant is quite simple but still catchy enough. Even the cushion is tore a bit here and there maybe because of the "cakaran kucing jalanan" or I-don't-know-why, this place is so cool. The lighting is a little orangish make the environment quite romance thou. Albeit it seat, the surrounding is so chilling and I think the air-cond may had been set to 10 or 12 degrees celcius perhaps. It is just so cold. And one more thing, the wi-fi here is damn fast. One point for that.

Beside that, the selection of food here is  quite a lots. From it pizza, pasta, dessert, soup & bread, drinks, cold drinks, appetizer and salad just to name a few. Many rite;

Just a part of the menu. Believe me.
We ordered separately and while waiting for the food, a cam whoring is a must, rite. After a while and not too laon around 15 minutes, the food arrived and now no more talking neither chit-chatting as everyone is just too busy enjoying their own dish.

Cam whoring while waiting for the food. Thanks to Syamil.
Ucop's help. Chicken Chop. Just so-so and nothing much to be said.
Afiq's. Don't know the taste as don't have a chance or maybe not be given a chance to try it out. Maybe later perhaps.
My food; Salmon Steak. Truly salmonilicious. It is just well cooked and what I like the most is the white sauce, creamy and cheesy.
Abbas'. Can't recall the name thou. According to him, the meat ball is not too nice.
Syamil and Miss Aminah part. Lamb Chop. For me the meat maybe too thick and the black sauce is too minute.
Finally, the pizza of the day, Pizza Capriciosa *can't recall the spelling*. Not worthy as the topping is not that good plus the bread that is just to hard. Dominos pizza is thousand mile better for me.
Then, dessert of the day. 50% of for every purchased pizza. Sundae. Just nice.
Lastly, a group photo. The member of crime for that day.
All in all, as there is too many food selection available here, I surely will come back to give other dish a try. The food is not that bad thou even the price maybe a little bit cozy. But spending money for a good food is not a crime, rite?

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