Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bonjour Garden, Bukit Jelutong

Lame me on this delayed post due to several un-avoidable problems. Basically this was a house outing including me and les hausmates; Ayap, Pozi as well as Radin to Bukit Jelutong in order to give a shot to the "Bonjour Garden". Basically this food heaven situated just on my way back to my sis house at Sg. Buloh. Right before passing the Tol Bukit Jelutong if you are from Shah Alam, you'll easily spot this place cause it is just by the road side. And if you are planning on using PapaGo to locate it, I suggest you to type in Jaya Groceries cause this food place is inside the same building.

Initially I thought the cafe is not that big but my first thought is absolutely wrong. There is sit provided inside and outside the cafe itself and roughly I think it can support like 150 customer per time. The decoration is not that interesting nor beautiful as it is way to simple. I think there is nothing much but the price is reasonable and fantabuloz. 

The caption of the Bonjour Garden; Cafe Express as well as Bakery.
The concept of this cafe is almost similar to like when you are at the boarding school o if in the western movie is when students or prisoners taking food from canteen. We need to take tray and just walk thru the bench. If there is any food that catch your eyes and appetite just point it to the chef-to-be-called and he/she will prepare it for you. As simple as that. There are varieties of food here as I said, Food Heaven rite! From main dish to sandwiches, salad, beef, chicken chop, spaghetti, dessert and cakes just to name it. So, just walk thru and point what your stomach want but make sure you have enough money to pay at the end of the bench if you don't want to wash the dishes; plates and cups.

The scenario when choosing the food. 
Some of the available dessert on trial.
From my observation, most of the customers that patronizing this cafe is malay, chiness, few foreigner but no indian. The delicacies are totally awesome and mouth watering. Every penny I spent on it is truly worthy. No regret at all even lots of obstacles need to be faced on the way here where there was quite a heavy downpour on the way. As we came here by riding bike, surely we all get wet and I am the worst. Pity me. Should buy a "baju hujan" I think? But what ever it is, no regret thou. Plus, getting this amazingly cooked food after a stressed exam paper is so cool as I can right away forgot about the paper and keep going on with my life. **Sigh.

So, here is the food that me and les hausmates have here; for most of the meal involving beef or chicken, we will get to free coups of salad. We can even choose it from 6 selection of salad. Presenting;

My help; beef steak or roasted I forgot but truly delicious and addictive. The meat is well cook plus the salad that is really scrumptious.
Radin's Quarter Roasted Chicken. The mash potatoes is awesome in some sort of way but the "horse nut" is out.
Beef Lasagna. Not too cheesy but still delicious. 
Ayap's second dish after the beef steak. Spaghetti Carbonara that is truly cheesy and slrupppp.
Food hunters.
On our leave, we stop by at the Bonjour Garden Bakery to grab some souvenir to be brought home and be eaten later on and this is what I got; A Caramel Bun if am not mistaken.

Just nice for a sweet tooth like me. Nice.
So, that is my journey to the Bonjour Garden at Bukit Jelutong after a stressful biology paper. New thing that I learn is that good food is always the best way to release your stress and anger, not by committing suicide.


asyraf harun said...

the pastries are truly to die for! now I'm super hungry :3

unknown said...

LOL. but u tweet that u make an oreo cheese cake rite...jelousy...make ur hausmate one then...pleaseeee

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