Friday, November 9, 2012

Farewell @ Dave Deli, Subang Parade

Finally, this hectic week that is full of  stress and pressure ended. With the end of the final examination is officially sign me up to a full package one and a half month holiday, whee. Not so bad basically taking a-level for two years. Just imagine how many day a years we are on holiday, I think its more that five months. Means 5 months of heavenly environment. LOL.

The weeks was basically super tough and yeah for me it is extremely hard and hard core. yeah wacakalakabebeh. Albeit the end examination, I also need to sit for my IELTS that stand for International English Language Test System as well as my University Placement Interview.  By the way, damn pack of important event that I really can give a shit bout it, really. Focus and hard work is a must thing to have for all these stuff. Well, some people said, within a 10 minutes can ruin your life but as for me instead of ruin it will change your life cause yeah sitting for interview for just about ten minutes will determine either you can fly or not. rite? Blurppppyy and scaryyyy.

For my IELTS, the result had come out and such a happy momento, I passed, with flying colour. Nahh, lying. But mine was not so bad as long as I don'n need to re-sit for it, am grateful enough. Cause just imagine to re-sit for it you need to pay up MYR 590.00 (good luck to those who is re-sit for it). Pricy enough for me. Overall band I score 7.5 and for the element, 8 for listening, 7 for reading as well as speaking and 6.5 for my writing. I think I really need to work out on my writing skill cause it maybe kind of sucks. All in all, I appreciate it as it is cause I passed. Now, nervously waiting for my Uni Placement Interview result to come out. Phewww.

Want to talk about exam, neyyy. I don't know. It is quite tough but I think I already did my best and for the record, I sleep to like almost 2-3 am to study almost every nite instead of watching movies, and chit chatting, just to study. Thing I never done in my whole life, even for SPM. So I really hope it will be good as I expected. Amin. 

LOL. Out of topic already. For this whole semesta, most of my lecturers is new except for physics only;

Le photo with Miss Fiza, our substitute lecturer for Chemistry.
Together with le Biology lecturer, Miss Fathiah.
With Alis Ustazah, Ustazah Nabila. Sweet moment thou learning about marriage from her. 
There is still another two lecturers we miss, Miss Aminah and Madam Nazlinda due to several time constriction problems and I don't know what. But we'll still be in contact. As the annually event, last ouuting eating together of the sem, we planned ahead to go to Dave's Deli and give it a try. Basically it is just a simple plan but turn out to be this very sweet , memorable time out together. Yeah, I know it a story for like what, 2-3 weeks already as we went there even before the study week but better late than never rite.

So, all of us, 12M12 member along with les beloved lecturers when there but pity to Ustazah Nabila as she already leaves once we just arrive and Madam Nazlinda due to her own tight schedule that cannot join our party that nite. Anyway it just a simple one, where we gather and eat then leave but it is still memorable enough. So, the food-porn of the day, as there were many people means there will be lots of food to be posted. Then, here it is, less talk more photos then.

Our food spot this time, Dave's Deli, Subang Parade. My rating 2 and a half star only.
By the way, there are quite selection of food available here and maybe someday I'll come again and try another dishes cause maybe that day is just a bad mojo for my dish. LOL. Presenting the food;

Don't know whose, Chicken Parmigiana.
Roasted Chicken. For me, Teapot's Deli one's is more preferable.
Fish and Chips but seem like Goreng Pisang rite. But Miss Fiza said it is quite nice and I don't know cause never taste it.
Syamil's Beef Lasagna. For me the portion is just too small and minute. For a large capacity stomach like mine, it won't be enough I think.
My help, NZ Beef Stick. Instead of the Brown Sauce that is just too dilute, the meat will just be fine.
Me and the lecturers with the girls.
"Family" of 12M12 with les lecturers.
Like I said, finish eat straightly go home. As me and syamil is car pooling with Miss Fiza, we went back earlier than others. On the way to the car park, thanks to Miss Fiza for re-treating me and Syamil with Baskin Robbins, BR. Truly baskirobbilicious.

Syamil and Miss Fiza. Thank god Miss has lots of pink card, allowing us to get discount on pink wednesday.
And then my help. Forgot the name already; Pink Rainbow and what-to-call.
So, here it is the remarkable end of our third semesta which is full of happening moment that is really hard to forget. See you all next sem with a better quality of time together. OmaiAllah, A-level is next semesta.


asyraf harun said...

great moments! ahaha so true, the fish n chips memang look like pisang goreng pun! LOL..

Shahnon Salleh said...

Keh3x...really rite