Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Secret Recipi Seksyen 18

I think this is my first time eating here in Secret Recipi S18 since I moved in to Cemara. Yeah, even it is just a walking distance from my hostel, eating here everyday for every meals are an absolute impossible. Besides it expensive food, the drinks are also quite cozy. But grabbed its food once in a while is a must. The temptation of its cakes especially is quite hard to resist.

So, I went there together with my hausmates as well as my classmates. Actually, I am celebrating my Hari Raya after 6 days fasting in Syawal and they are all so sweet to willingly accompanied me here. Thanks all. So, here is the delicacies. Not so good but not that bad if I am asked to comment.

Shepherd's Pie. Not too tempting btw.
No name. I is quite nice.
Grilled Black Pepper Chicken own to Pozi. For me the Chicken is not juicy enough and not hot anymore. Bad service for sure.
My help. Noodle in Tom Yum Soup. Like always and just the size shrinking I think.
Thai Style Fried Rice own to Radin. Way below expectation. blurfff.
Ayap's Spinach Lasagna what-to-name I forgot. Total fail for me.
All of us on the day minus Zul. Thanks all for ur time.
Overall, the foodies here is SR S18 it totally out and what to say, it didn't achieve the expectation of customer especially me. I'll absolutely will try to not eat here anymore. Bon chance pour moi pour mon interview cette jeudi.

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