Monday, October 15, 2012

Open Haus Miss Fiza.

Finally after an ages waiting for all the photos to be on my hand, I got it. Means that this is the right time for me to write about it before even this merely long gone memory start to vanish into thin air. LOL's. Basically this open haus thingy happened back then in Syawal like one and a half month ago. Too long time ago rite but yeah, just to write up a little about the party, upload some photos to the net as well as keep this memory alive rather than it been buried, untold to anybody. As saying goes, "good memories must be shared so that the happiest will spread out".

Basically, Miss fiza had organised and invited us to her open house but our bad, most of us didn't come due to personal reasons. So, as to still celebrating the merry of Eidul Fitri, we planned to just like gathered around together at Miss Fiza haus, bringing our own food, ate and having fun together. Just with that kind of intention, we successfully held the party. And it was heaven.

Haus-owner; Miss Fiza, Gorgeous and fantabulaz chemist lecturer.
Foodies on the day.
Home made muffin by Miss Fiza. Superbly delicious.
And also satay prepared by our beloved lecturer.
Additional KFC treated by the boys.
Cocktail by the gurls.
Dominos by the chiness girls... I'm not try to be racist here.
Group photos.
Me, ucop and Miss Fiza. Plus Mamaza's head at the back.
All in all, the pot luck was super fantastic and there were lots of delicious delicacies to be feed on. LOL's. Now I know why it is so hard for me to get slimmer. Urghhhh.

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