Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Azhar's Birthday Surprise Party.

Lol's, this story was way back in September but it is still like a must for me to update it to my blog as a memory for the future. Actually the party was not as surprise as it supposed to be because, yeah we are staying in the same house. It was like everything that we were planning on will be absolutely overheard by him, The Birthday Boy. A little about him; he is m hausmate, born on 23rd of September if am not mistaken and he is from Langkap.

So, let recall the memories with a few attached crime's photos;  

Instead of normal icing cake, we give the Yazid Burger a try. Will be explained more on the upcoming post.
Am also preparing a hot stew. Slruppp and undeniably delicious. Ingredient includes hot dogs, crab sticks, maggie as well as cabbages. 
The hot stew was boiling.
Because it was a birthday celebration, a cake is a compulsory. This cake is so sin-taste.
Me with the birthday boy. Seriously, my hair looks crazy and my mouth look weird. Duhhh.
Finally, a group photo. Lol's our face is overly express. Maybe it is because of the burger.
All in all, I just wanna stress that Happy Birthday Azhar and may Allah bless you for the rest of your life here and absolutely here after.

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