Wednesday, September 26, 2012

INPRO 2012

Turn out, I choose this story rather than others to be posted for today. I basically wanna write about the open haus at Miss Fiza house but what to do as the pictures are still stuck at my friend, Zulfitri Firdaus. Attention to him, please pass it to me as soon as possible. LOL's. So, here it is; INPRO 2012.

INPRO is an abbreviation for INTEC Inter-Programme Games that is held each years and on the third sem of seniors and first sem of juniors. This year, the event was not as merry compared to last year as there were a few programme that not participating. If last year we have MEP's student as well as Russian's student, this year there were not as they already fly to their chosen destination. But, all in all the event is still a great success   and some people may also believe it as a "largho"

What is more memorable is that I had participated in Bowling Tournament during the games and what was shocked, I won. Even just as the second-runner up. And more joy is that my gamers' group which is A-Level 2 sat at the third place overall. If I 'm not mistaken.

So, as there is so many photos and colours to be presented, let me stop here and allowing the photo to take over;

The event was held at the mini stadium, main campus of UiTM Shah Alam. We went there by shuttle bus.
Plus, we were being escorted by the marshall in charge. LOL's. Feels so VVIP.
There was even fireworks during the opening. It last for about 2-3 minutes I think. So beautiful and picturesque. 
The event began with the marching from all the Programme that were still in INTEC namely, A-Level,
Korean Programme, A-Level German, KTJ, AUSMAT and also ATUSA.
Event continued with the dance and singing performance from the A-level group. Very energetic and awesome.
Go2x A level.
Followed by the performance form Korean Programme. Super fantastic with fast shaky movement that is
very attractive. Like it so much. Besides, if you realise, there is PSY Gangnam during the show.
Then, a musical theater form the A-Level German group about the war between Russian and German.
No offense by the plot is quite difficult to be digested.
But their accessories eg. Cable Car, was awesomely constructed. 
Colourful dance performance form the KTJ's student. Like the song so much and the dance is also enjoyable.
Full of pride and love plus dignity of an asian women dancers. Suddenly...
AUSMAT which was so soo AUSEMAT. Combining a few choreograph into one dance which is quite hard
to be done but they manage to do it. Plus, their balloon is really unforgettable.
Seem like a floating spermy rite? So cute.
Finally, performance from ATUSA's group. The idea was amazing as they were copying the Batman movie
and convert it into a I guess. I like the joker; dress up and make up both, so real.
As all had perform, the winner goes to A-Level team and they were asked to re-performed. But this time,
all of us do join them dancing, including me. LOL's. So much fun. Congrate to A-Level.
Finished all the tentative, its time for a little cam-whoring with le hausmate.
Another cam-whoring on the stairs.
Bit more cam-whoring with the KTJ's student as they wore awesome outfit, plus there was a dragon. 
Finally, le hausmates photo excluding pozi. I don't know why but I do really like this photo.
Seem so real and full of different human expression in a single photo. Do you think so?


asyraf harun said...

LOLed at my pics, eeepss! *hideface*
anyway it was a great night, nonetheless :)

unknown said...

truly great nite...who ever missed this nite is totally at lost...

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