Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bowling Tournament @ Ole-Ole Mall Seksyen 18

Hello guys. This story took place last week, on Wednesday to be exact and as informed, I had joined the A-level team to participate in Bowling match that was held in line with the INPRO (stand for Intec Sports Programme or so so). The tournament was held at the Bowling alley at Ole-Ole Mall which is just a walking distance from my hostel. About the tournament, it was an inter-programme match that is still here in Intec like Ausmat, KTJ & Korean Programme, ADFP, and opkos A-level as well. 

The alley where the war took place.
The emptiness of the bowling arena was just for a while as more and more students came in from time to time supporting there  own programme mates and friends. The match begin and ended up as Ausmat becoming the winner followed by A-level 1 and A-level 2 as the second-runner up. Btw, I am one of the members in the A-level 2 and indicating that I win. Wheeee... For first place you'll have bag and towel for the first-runner up and umbrella as the third place prize. And I'll prefer the umbrella instead of the towel.

Score sheet of the last match. We played 3 set in a row.
Lol's. Playing in a tournament is way different from playing with friends for fun as maybe there is more pressure that keep forcing me to do the best. Thus, this kind of feeling really ruin my first and second sets games, avoiding me from collecting a high points. As I realised, on the third game, i shove that feeling away and strengthen my gut back, then strive to the highest and wow, thanks Allah, I scored quite high with a drastic increment from my previous set. Accordance to the score sheet, as my name is Shahnon that start with a S, the S in the sheet represent me.

Not only that, our games that nite also been sponsored with a can of rehydration 100Plus from Miss Fiza. Perhaps if she came by earlier, treated us earlier, we can score much better. Keh3x, just kind of expecting. And owh, btw my war-mates for the match were Yus, Aus and Afiq.

Together with the sponsor woman. Thanks a lot miss.
And yeah opkos, my roomates also came and support me and perhaps, maybe they are the only supporter, a loyal supporter that I have compared to others team on show that nite. Pity me, rite?

After games. Camwhoring a little with Miss Fiza and super-loyal supporter.
Another shoot of don't look at the camera with them and balls.

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