Friday, September 14, 2012

Family Pot Luck 2012

What to say, having a big family is really a heaven and bless as when we gather together, the bond called family's bond can really be felt. Spending time together, eating, snapping photos, playing mercun, and sleeping together; thronging the living area and so much more interesting and joyfulness event that will absolutely creating a very good, sweet memory.

Story began on a Saturday evening where all of us gathered at my Abang's house at Puncak Jalil. This Pot Luck is also joined by my beloved parents that is specially imported from Perak. Initially, I thought, me and Abg Jale foodies are the merryest but as soon as the arrival of the troop from Perak which is my parents, we are totally doomed. My mother is a supermom as she had cook more that 4 dishes for that particular gathering. Awesome melampau, rite? 

Photo session while waiting for azan as my mom is fasting for the last day of her Puasa 6.
While waiting for azan, I grabbed the chances to take as many pictures as possible together with my mom as everybody else was busy preparing the dishes and courses for the day. Unlike normal shooting, we try out the latest phenomenal of "sore eyes 5 days mc" face together with our mom. Besides, the unnatural plus stripper-smile of mine was also captured. Overall, am satisfy with the photos event my face is really oily.

Snapping photos, creating memories to be remembered.
Moving on to the best part of the day is actually the selection of varieties of foodies from western to eastern, from chocolate cake to orange cake, form butter bread to garlic bread and so much more that will make anybody that catch the smell of the food will drool. As I said, the concept of this Pot Luck is where we, each single person or sharing can buy or cook food to be brought together. Like me, am bringing the carbonara sauce that will compliment the spaghetti and also the garlic bread even the garlic-taste is not taste-able. Noted, there is selection of cakes; chocolate and also orange, spaghetti that is complimented by three choices of sauces; seafood carbonara, sardine bolognesse, and also fresh-meaty bolognesse, fruits, varieties of rendang; ayam, daging and also daging kicap. Wow, so much to be taken in by my stomach. Presenting the foodilicious:

So many food and all of them are really tasteful.
As time passed by, the night came and now there was an event to make us more enjoying the moment. Besides cam whoring and cam whoring again, we also played mercun that is provided by Abg Arip. But as a grown up man, bunga api is no more my style cause im Oppa Gangnam Style. LOL . Abg Wan was putting in charge of taking care of the fire as well as the kids. Its look like we are at kidzania cause there is just too many kids around.

Enjoying the fire crackers together with the nephews and nieces.
Continuing playing the fire cracker, we were also been visited by Kak Ana. Not only that, a simple birthday celebration was also been held together here; Kak Jah and Abg Baya's birthday. After tired eating we play outside and once the stomach empty-out again, we start to refill it back. Cause that is the natural phenomena.

Happiness to the power of two.
Finally, the pot luck is really awesome and we should make it more regular next time. Having fun with family members is differ from having fun with friends. Maybe next time we can held it someplace nicer like at Kg Bahagia, perhaps. The facilities is more complete. Finish enjoying the food, we the bachelors headed off to Downtown Cheras together-gether with Kak Ana and Abg Baya. Here I bought a sleeve-less blue T that will accompany me sleeping in more open-armpit style. Till next post.


M Fizan said...

untung lah ada pot luck. jeles tau x? memang memorable sangat kan. enjoying time with family, nothing can match the happiness. amboi, makanan tu memang nak buat orang terliur je. btw, jangan makan sangat. join aku diet ^_^

unknown said...

LOL's...insyallah memang on da way nak berdiet nie...