Saturday, April 19, 2014

Iceland : Hot Dip In The Blue Lagoon

Basically this is our very last activity before heading back to Keflavik Airport and waited for our very next flight back to London at dawn tomorrow. One of our activity, The Northen Light Hunting wasn't go as plan. Maybe it just not our luck thou. Basically the occasion here in Blue Lagoon is just dipping and swimming. The place is spectacular and absolutely one of the thing in the world. Perhaps two. I think there is another place that have this kind of baby blue water in Turkey, Pamukkale if am not mistaken.

First step.
Baby blue.
Being here was indeed a new experience to me. Not just go dipping into the baby blue water, but the environment itself was absolutely stunning. The lagoon itself is surrounded by a small man-made mountain using larva stones and this place itself is stranded in the middle of larva field. Unless you have car, being here by bus was actually the best option. If you thinking of walking, forget it, the weather is just too cold for that.

Another thing is that, one thing that is totally new for me is the human exposure. Thank god the changing room isn't the mixing of men and women but still even all of us is men, the scenery is totally different. People in the changing room was so open, and by open I mean really really open. They didn't care about their shuttlecock and showing them to other people isn't a big deal. Without any restriction, from a small kids to an old granpa, they are just let the shuttlecock fly freely in an open area.

One thing that I didn't understand is that they can chit chatting with their friends, mates and even strangers without anything covering the shuttlecock. Even they have towel with them, they preferred to put them on their shoulder instead of covering their shuttlecock. Wow. They walk for over 100m in nude, passing like 40 people and still they are OK with that. Omai mai, totally a new blow to my head.

Steaming hot water.
Reflection of sunlight.
But one thing that I noticed is that they didn't care to show it and other people didn't care to look for it either. Everybody is showing theirs to one another. Multi-shaped, different length and colour but still over the same sex organ. They are not judgmental. And recalling this, its is like the day later in "Padang Masyar" where everyone in nude and nobody cares.

Partner in crime.
And me.
The weather that day was just lovely. It changes every 5-10 minutes, sometimes got cloud cover, sometimes got sun, and even snow for few minutes. The memory was indeed spectacular. This is a must reach place to whoever go to Iceland.

Pinch mouth due to coldness.
More coming
At the entrance before head off.
And this is the outside lagoon.
Overall, trip to Iceland was totally worth every single penny I spent. Most of my "being an oversea student's ambitions" was achieved here. From the snow to the build a snow man, and many single bit and pieces of memory that was not been able to create elsewhere like the full frontal will surely be remembered till forever.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Iceland : Larva Caving and Horse Riding

LOL, it had been a month already but I still didn't finish with the story in Iceland. So the very next day in Iceland, I start off with this super famous local yogurt, Skyr. It was one of the recommended side during breakfast by The texture is a bit thick compared to other yogurt but still the taste is marvelous. Just before the activities of the day, we all went to this so called flee market which is indeed nothing more than "pasar payang" in Malaysia. The goods isn't that cheap thou. But one thing that I managed to grab was the taste of shark, which was Yuckss. Me don't like it. At all. There was a very strong after-taste. Fishy and indeed not delicious. Still am glad that I managed to have a bite on it. Whale and Shark, tick and tick.

The so popular Icelandic Yogurt, Skyr
Free shark give-out.
After finished wondering around the flee market, we all head off to the landside, abit outskirt of the city towards the mountainous area where we all gonna start our Larva Caving. Yuhuuu super excited. We all changed to this prison-looking attire which was indeed provided by the company.

Prison Break.
Feeling on the top of the Larva
More and more.
The experience was indeed precious, even the feeling is just like entering Gua Kandu back in Gopeng. No good lighting means you see nothing in there. Blurghhh. One thing that is totally different is the coldness. This cave is freaking cold. All the stalectide & stalecmide (wrongly-spell) were made of ice. Memang exacly like the Ice Age movie except it is dark.

One of the best photo in the cave.
Icy ice.
Finished caving, on the very next day we go for horse riding. I must admit that this is the first time experience I ride a horse. Plus this is the first time I ride on a living things, human excluded. I think I just instantaneously fall in love with it : )

The horse stable.
Everyone in the tour was assigned to a horse and for me I got this horse, Gangster is what I was told it normally been called. But for that day, o special occasion as am the rider, I give him a special name, Amanda instead. Cute rite. The whole journey on the horse that approximately took 1 hour 30 minutes was indeed very beautiful. Regardless of the cold wind blowing, the falling snow, the frozen leg and fingers, you can never expect something better that just sit on top of a horse and just let is walk you thru the larva site.

Not only that, the changing weather every 5 minutes was indeed the weirdest experience ever. Snow and sun isn't really a good friend. Not only that, thru this 1 hour plus also I can feel the real coldness of Iceland. One thing I never noticed before. LOL, it's freaking cold.

Cam-whoring with Gangster
Meet my horsie.
The best fish and chips I ever had.
Later that day, we all went to one of the texas food restaurant in the city-side which served a very amazingly fresh and delicious Fish and Chips. I am truly enjoyed it and if only chili sauce is available, the taste gonna be just as perfect as it can ever be.

Then just to finish off the day, I, again walk thru the city center, looking for cheaper souvenir and then go back to our apartment and call it the day.

Falling snow late that evening at city.