Friday, August 30, 2013

Re-visiting Bonjour Garden @ Bukit Jelutong

Again, another old story. This was during the A-Level exam where me and my classmates who is Syamil and his G went to this French-based cafe situated just a few minutes away from Shah Alam. As it was his treat, me was eating alot. LOL. And me is suggesting this cafe to those who love french food at a very reasonable price. Plus, a few days before that, I had went to this cafe along with all my hausmate to have our very last dining together. Look, me just love to eat here. Not just because the price is affordable, the cuisines served itself are very tasty and mouthwatering.

Btw, as I have talk more bout this cafe previously (Bonjour Garden), I just don't wanna talk more. Just enjoy the photos. 

Quarter Chicken with salad
Syamil's treat to me; this lovely cheezy Carbonara Spaghetti.
Also Syamil's treat, this amazingly delicious cake.
Ending my food course with this delightful Tiramisu.
Plus there is more available food stuff that you can eat here. Here are some more photos when I was here having my dinner with les beloved housies.

Beef Lasagna complimented with 3 chosen side dishes. 
A slice of cheese cake at a very cheap price. MYR3.50
Look, excited me when the food is in front of my eyes. Happy me is a happy tummy.
Surely gonna visit this place again in the future. 

Seoul Garden Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Entrance to a Korean Food World.
Again, this was like 2-3 months ago where me and my fellas (include my little bro) headed off to Seoul Garden Paradigm Mall for abit of celebration as the mark of the end of A-Level which is surely like hell. My advise, take it or leave it, if you can avoid from taking A-Level especially Edexel one, please do so. After finish with my last paper, Physics Unit 5 I think which was the easiest paper among all, we all went there by my car. Wheeeee, off we go.

Located on the LG floor, this outlet surely the best among all the Seoul Garden I had gone to. With it varies food selection from meat to chicken as well as seafood, this is surely a place for a food hunter like me to eat alot. Yeah, I am preferably suggesting this Steamboat and Grill if you wanna eat alot and a must, you can eat alot. 
The available food selection.
Dessert on the house.
My favourite dish of the time. Don't really know the name of this fruit but it surely delicious.
When we bored, we pose. Me and my brother.
Members of the day.
U4R Association surely gonna be an organisation.
Group photo.
Then we off to the shops inside, browsing for few thing and here what I got for my dinner. A new set of pants.

Me is a new member of Uniqlo.
Hideous face once we were too tired.
Afterall, that day was full of sweet moment that will forever be cherish in my mind. Till we meet again and till we hang out again in the future. Miss you guys already.

Off to T.G.I Friday's

Big day huh. These was the day when my A-Level result is being released and I was and is very grateful as Allah listening to my prayer and fulfilling my dream to pursue my study in Medicine in Ireland. So, alhamdulillah by scoring 3A even not an A* or something, just a simpe A-kosong, me is so grateful. Thanks to those who had supported and teach me through out my A-Level. Right now, I had passed a level and insyallah will be entering the next level in just a T-minus 2 days. 

I will be flying to Ireland in no time and hopefully I will treasure this gift to the fullest and achieving my dream to be a good muslim doctor.

Back to the topic, after taking my result which actually me going eat first then take my slip as the office is close during lunch break, me, Ayap and Miss Fiza off to Setia City Mall to T.G.I Friday's. Basically it was my first time here and me is a happy person to eat here. The food's portion is above satisfaction, the food's taste is way above par and the restaurant is just nice and welcoming.

As usual, photo-bombing time;

At T.G.I Friday's
Starter. Can't really recall the name but the taste was amazing. Love the spiciness.
While waiting for the food. Camwhoring with Miss is a MUST.
The name is just too long. Southwest bla bla bla, something like that. Btw, its mine and it is cheesy.
Ayap's steak. Love the tenderness.
Miss Fiza's portion
As dessert, we shared this brownie***. If am not mistaken the name.
And finally the partner in crime.
It was a splendid evening afterall. Spending a good time with a good people accompanying by a good food surely a bless that can't always been earn anywhere and anytime. Till we meet again in the future.

Cheroye Hari Raya

Okeyh. Now me have leisure time to update this little thing that me refer as My Diary. So, this year was a fantastic raya I had celebrate. Maybe as am growing older, my Duit Raya had tremendously decrease. What a pity? Should not a young male teenager like me earning more money? Pfffttt.

So, as usual and normal Raya, me will wandering around my house, from house to house, stuffing my stomach with kueh raya, kuah kacak, ketupat and lemang. Not forgetting asking for forgiveness. So basically that is what raya is, right?

Moving on to the photos. And know what, me was targetting to wear different clothes for every day in Syawal but again it just lasting for the first 5 days in Syawal as my clothes stock is not much. So, that it's.

First Syawal; Berbaju Melayu Turquoise.
Second Syawal; Punjabi style.
Acting like a happy family were we are.
Third day, Berjubah ala-ala Islamic
Perhaps I can be a model???
4th day. Casuality.
So, before syawal, as me is on holiday, I tried out few things and well I made it. LOL, me is a happy person.

I made cookies. Yummy and crispy.
We made HoneyFlakes.
Lemang on fire.
And ketupat. Me is the one responsible in anyam-ing
Last but not least, family potrait.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Trick Art Museum, I-City Shah Alam

A simple short reunion of Igopians at Shah Alam.
 Basically our simple gathering was just a short visitation to the Trick Art Museum at I City Shah Alam. So, just enjoy the rest of the photos.

Pouring the water to help.
Room reflection.
Pulling the man's pant.
Off from a secret underground room.
Tilting the heavy stone.
Walking thru a death trap.
Am just a happy angle that wear green slipper.
Maddy bull.
T-rex, arghhhhh. Save me.
A timid crocodile.
Pouring off the water thru images.
The oversized whale.
Scary king kong with Puz
A strong lady.
Scary mummy with Tajul.
The alien on earth.
Fresh Milk to be sold..
On the way back, we stopped by at Restaurant Burger Bakar Abang Burn to give it new product, the meaty meatball Abg Burn that was so so but still edible and me love the brown sauce so much.

The Meatballs.