Friday, August 30, 2013

Cheroye Hari Raya

Okeyh. Now me have leisure time to update this little thing that me refer as My Diary. So, this year was a fantastic raya I had celebrate. Maybe as am growing older, my Duit Raya had tremendously decrease. What a pity? Should not a young male teenager like me earning more money? Pfffttt.

So, as usual and normal Raya, me will wandering around my house, from house to house, stuffing my stomach with kueh raya, kuah kacak, ketupat and lemang. Not forgetting asking for forgiveness. So basically that is what raya is, right?

Moving on to the photos. And know what, me was targetting to wear different clothes for every day in Syawal but again it just lasting for the first 5 days in Syawal as my clothes stock is not much. So, that it's.

First Syawal; Berbaju Melayu Turquoise.
Second Syawal; Punjabi style.
Acting like a happy family were we are.
Third day, Berjubah ala-ala Islamic
Perhaps I can be a model???
4th day. Casuality.
So, before syawal, as me is on holiday, I tried out few things and well I made it. LOL, me is a happy person.

I made cookies. Yummy and crispy.
We made HoneyFlakes.
Lemang on fire.
And ketupat. Me is the one responsible in anyam-ing
Last but not least, family potrait.

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