Friday, August 30, 2013

Re-visiting Bonjour Garden @ Bukit Jelutong

Again, another old story. This was during the A-Level exam where me and my classmates who is Syamil and his G went to this French-based cafe situated just a few minutes away from Shah Alam. As it was his treat, me was eating alot. LOL. And me is suggesting this cafe to those who love french food at a very reasonable price. Plus, a few days before that, I had went to this cafe along with all my hausmate to have our very last dining together. Look, me just love to eat here. Not just because the price is affordable, the cuisines served itself are very tasty and mouthwatering.

Btw, as I have talk more bout this cafe previously (Bonjour Garden), I just don't wanna talk more. Just enjoy the photos. 

Quarter Chicken with salad
Syamil's treat to me; this lovely cheezy Carbonara Spaghetti.
Also Syamil's treat, this amazingly delicious cake.
Ending my food course with this delightful Tiramisu.
Plus there is more available food stuff that you can eat here. Here are some more photos when I was here having my dinner with les beloved housies.

Beef Lasagna complimented with 3 chosen side dishes. 
A slice of cheese cake at a very cheap price. MYR3.50
Look, excited me when the food is in front of my eyes. Happy me is a happy tummy.
Surely gonna visit this place again in the future. 


D-SIM said...

syamil melaka eh ? pergh dah ada G dia sekarang -.-

shahnonsalleh said...

yup syamil melaka.. hahahhahah, jejaka romeo kowt.