Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Journey to University College Dublin, Ireland

Really, it was like a dream come true. I think it was since my secondary school I dream and keep dreaming of pursuing my study abroad but I never thought of it to be true. Really, journey to achieve my ambition is really a tough way indeed. Instead of going to Middle East, I choose not to because I said to myself, I wanna go to the European. Seeing the other side of the world. Besides there are lots of Malaysian aldy back in Middle East. So, I sit for A-Level examination and just Allah know how I am initially regretting of my choice cause A-Level is damn hard. But with Allah will, I unexpectedly pass the exam, with flying colour. And me is a happy person.

So, here am I, on a long journey to my dream. From KLIA to Heathrow London Airport and to Dublin Airport. Finally arriving to my home here at UCD, Ireland.

Me, Ayap and Faqeh. Sending me off. Thanks buddies.
Photo-bombing at the parking lot. Miss you all aldy.
Igopians. **Ignore the eyes**
Members from INTEC.
Off to my dream.
 Boarding an airplane may be excited. Nahhhh, that was a short thought. After 2 hours trap in the small petite seat, then you will realize that you will wish that you would not want to board an aeroplane that often. Cramping here and there. Unsatisfied toilet and many many more. But still, with Malaysia Airlines, the food prepared for us was at the top notch.

Breakfast. Omelette bla bla. Nasi Lemak is preferrable.
Thank god TV with lots of interesting movie can be watch from your seat.
Sky view of London.
Transit to Dublin.
My very first scene of Ireland.
And more.
Keep coming, more.
Until lastl, me is finally arriving at my campus and indeed my apartment. Marville Residence, House 6, Apartment 3, Room 3.

My house is the one on first floor.
Living room.
Outside view.
My almari.
My room.
The statue.
More residences.
The view at dawn from outside my window.
So, there is time when a day can really make you feel like a different person. Jumping into a shower, taking bath with a pouring icy-cold water, sleeping while wearing sweater and covering yourselves with a thick duvey and even eating maggie using a paper clip. But really, this all things gonna make you grow faster and be more matured.

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