Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ronda Ronda Germany

 My very last stop for this winter break before heading back to my college. Yups indeed it was a loooong journey that surely I wouldn't easily forget. Lol. Btw, upon my arrival, my ex-schoolmate, Sobri fetch me up at the airport and we straightly headed to his house to unload my 10kg luggage that surely heavy as bulls. 

On the first day am here,  me hadn't had any perfect sleep for like 38 hours straight as my friend rushing-ly bringing me to this so well-known cathedral, Ecclesia Cathedralis Sanctorum Petri et Mariae at Cologne aka Koln. 

Amazing architectured Cathedral.
Inside the cathedral was a bunch of people
The cathedral was nicely structure but seem to me, it is too dark. Too scary. Its like so many things happening in this single building. There were people who just observing, people who were praying, people who dip their finger into the holy water, group of people who just wandering and speak Malay confusingly talking about what were they other else doing and  that last group include me. 

Very big.
Candles is every where and am not sure the purpose of it but mostly everyone light up one.
Then, visitation to Koln ended with an amazingly served Tacos. We all then headed of to Dusseldorf and just waiting for the next tram to get home where I can finally have my well-sleep. Otw home, here is some random shot I took using my kamera cap plastic.

Rheinturm across the Rhein River.
This wheel that is all over the places.
Know what, for every single places I visited, this wheel is like a must have. I don't really know why but I had experienced once at London and surely won't having it twice. Jimat cermat amalan mulia lah katakan. Lol. Walhal takde duit.

Remember the structure that look alike KL Tower across the Rhein River previously, I paid a visit there. It is just a walking distance along the Rhein River from the Dusseldorf City. Basically nothing much here. You can actually go up the tower and have a good nice view of Germany but I decided not to even it just cost you 4euro. Lol. So, bergambar dari luar ajelah, FREE no charge.

Along with my friends
Splendid. Then, on the next next day my friend brought me here to have a try to these amazing delicacies. With a bit like buffet style, me is surely so full and satisfied. Makan, makan. And thinking bout it am pathetically sympathy with Dublin, mengapakan tiada yang sedap di sini?

With a very large portion of food, you are surely gonna be happy with it. 14euro for the lunch set, memang you won't be able to finish all the course. Banyak oiii. Delicious is what I can just say.

Sushi that I had been missing.
Serve 1
Serve 2
Serve 3
Serve 4
Serve 5
There were indeed many more but as food in front of the eyes, the camera had been dump and put aside. Really, am enjoying the foodies so much. Yumsss. Memang feels like am visiting Japan instead of Jeremen.

With the crime partners.
Last but certainly not least, me wandering around the Mulheim an der Ruhr, place where me staying over a week. This place was indeed beautiful and nice. Can't even be describe with words.

The Ruhr.
One of the park here. No more leaves leave as winter coming
The Mulheim an der Ruhr.
By that am finishing my winter break vacation and it was surely like hell but indeed and amazingly great way to see and explore the world. Can't wait for the spring break, really. And currently, am just waiting for the arrival of my new baby. 

Come to Papa, hurry.

Monday, January 6, 2014


A dream city for everyone. I think its like everybody's hope to be here at least once and alhamdulillah I got the chance to be here. Travelling away from the place you used to be is indeed quite hard, plus when you were tagged with a big luggage. Arghhh, troublesome indeed.

Upon arrival at London, the weather wasn't so great. There were like sun shine shyly and the pouring rain continuously pouring. Sadist. Albeit all that matter, me still  wandering all over London and finish it within a single day cause in my calculation, over my 2 and a half years here, I won't be spending more time here, instead I spent time else where, Insyallah. 

30euro across London
A must have photo once in London, Tower Bridge.
Basically London is an old city with lots of ancient looking building that is truly mesmerizing and stunning indeed. There are nothing much to be visited except you are a shopaholic, London is indeed a very nice place. If not, London is nothing more compared to Teluk Intan. Lol.

Royal Albert Hall, place where Siti Nurhalia hold her concert.
The so popular Big Ben
St. Paul Cathedral.
Most of the attraction here in London is just a couple bunch of building where I able to snap few photos and that is all. Nothing much to do here.

Me and Tower Bridge, again.
For me, to those who coming to London, its like a must to take the package to visit Madam Tussaud's, London Dungeon, London Eye, London Aquarium and River Thame's Cruise. Except the one spelled, there are nothing else to be done here. So, lets begin, Madam Tussaud's.

At the entrance.
Going into Madam Tussaud's was like you entering the world of glamour and popularity. The people inside was indeed crowd. So many-many people. Sampai Tom Cruise pun orang berebut nak bergambar dengan. For me, this kind of obsession towards these actor takdelah terlalu mambuak and almost half of them I can't even spell out their names. Lol, that is me indeed, susah ingat nama orang, even you are so-so popular.
Me and Britney. She look miserable in person.
From this photo, I can tell that am short.
With England Royal Family.
Rafael Nadal, my schoolmate's obsession.
The Beatles.
 Summing up, for me, Madam Tussaud's was quite boring and a bit annoying as the people are too many. It was like tin sardin back there. Plus, engkau baru  nak senyum tangkap gambar ngan Brad Pitt tetibe ade orang selit masuk plak. Kalau muka paras Angelina Jolie bolehlah, ini, ish geram sahaja.

Then, next stop, London Dungeon.

At the main gate.
Believe it or not, I queue for almost 2 hours in front here just to enter. Wow, just imaging standing out here with the cold wind blowing overtime, making your toe frozen. Totally unbearable. Not much photo inside here taken as photography and filming is not allowed inside. Daaa, fe-feeling copyright lah kununnyer.
Out of all the activities, I think this one is the best and totally worth-it the money. With 18 pits stop in total, surely the best way to know the old history of London. Most of the pit stop have its own interactive activities and know what, the activity itself was interesting. Even lepas kau keluar pun masih kabur kabur lagik history London yang sebenarnyer, the moment you had been thru inside was indeed precious.

London Eye
Next one, London Eye. Nothing much to said here cause mostly done by looking. Yet, the view is stunning and thank to Allah I managed to get into at night, thus the view of light city of London had come into my eyes and masyallah, beautiful. But one thing that I hate but London Eye is the blue lighting. The light making the photo taken inside looking indeed miserable and OMG unforgivable.

Blue me inside the capsule of London Eye. 
The eagle eye of London.
Even my package include the London Aquarium, due to time constriction, I wasn't able to enter and thus I miss this one but basing on the senior, they said the Aquarium itself wasn't that nice. Not many fish thou. Kalau kau menyesal masuk Aquaria, Aquarium ini lebih mendukakan. Gituuuu.

Me and the Big Ben Tower.
I also board the ferry along the River Thames but indeed nothing special bout it. It just like you taking a boat along Sungai Bidor. Nothing more or less. And that right night summing up my days in London. It is indeed a splendid way to spend your holiday and I hope that I won't be here no more cause I really do wanna see the other part of the world.