Monday, July 30, 2012

Iftar with Big Apples, Air Kathira And McDonald.

Let waste some time before iftaring. Today, I just buy something which is actually lot of things from Bazar Seksyen 17 that is btw more merry and provided varieties of choices from it beverages up to its food compared to Seksyen 18.

So, this post is about an event that had took place last friday nite where I went to PKNS, Seksyen 14 to look for things and when I finally decide to break my fast here. So, here is the food that had filled up my stomach to the fullest. Thank to Allah for His ''nikmat''. Presenting the goodies;

I initially grab this super awesome Bapple to break my fast. This trio combination is superbly amazing.
My first attempt of Air Kathira that is actually quite nice. Just cost you MYR2 and look at its generous volume.
 Just having that as the food for breaking fast is surely not enough rite. so, straightly after performing maghrib prayer, Syamil ask me to McDonald and treat me. Such a good friend you are. Thanks.

Food for both of us. As Syamil treat, I ordered large instead of regular.
Adding Strawberry Sundae in order to obtain free mug or glass instead. The Strawberry topping is delicious btw.
Lastly, the fries that is actually  contain high amount of preservative and do harm you're body. And if look at it closely, there is some of the fries end is a little green like a mold perhaps which I wish not.

Thanks to Allah for still giving me this opportunity to fast and break fast for this year...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Iftar'ing' At Kopitiam Pak Li

Assalamualaikum... really, it has been like a decade I'm not starting my post with a proper greeting make the  blogosphere of mine becoming less and less islamic and being infected with 'dakyah-dakyah syaitan nan jahanam'. Full stop there. Ok, it truely had been a while since I went out with my old friends back in gopeng to grab some good food. So, I take the initiative and call them all out (using tajul phone absolutely) to gather at Kopitiam Pak Li for iftar. Our mini-gathering was also joined by Ajlaa, Aina and Khalidah.

Boys with sifat malu-malu kucing when confronting women. but when it comes to photo, I won't let that thing make me down. Pose is still a pose. Meet Tajul, Fikre and peace-ing Shahnon.
And the line of the girls women, smiling to the lens of my cheap stake camera. Plus, look at the width of our table which is so so small imposing us to squeezing in.
Enough with the introduction, lets now start the true porn in the middle of this hot-day. Hold your saliva, OK;

Faqeh's Nasi Ayam Lemon which is way so famous here especially to the Akasia'ans I think. My verdict it is just so-so. Nasi Ayam at Seksyen 6 is way better and delicious, for me.
Laksa Katong which belong to those juniors; Ajlaa, Aina and Khalidah.
My Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Rice. It is not as what I'm expecting it. Beside it small portion, the chicken itself is way too dry and not juicy. By the way, I love its black pepper sauce that I think well-prepared. Spicy and sweet.
Another version of Black Pepper Chicken Chop but this time it came along with French Fries instead of Rice.
 Finish iftaring, we all headed to the Ole Ole pray room to perform our maghrib prayer before separating to our own direction, boys with boys and girls with girls which actually all of us ended up at Cool Blog.

Mine, Apple plus Black Pearl. thanks to Tajul for treating me.
Done buying the Cool Blog, we headed out to the bus station to wait for bus to have a tour around Shah Alam. From section 19 across the section 2 to section 14 and stop at Perhentian Bas Shah Alam, repeating the same route back to section 18 by bus. Just wonder what an idiot will done this. And for god sake, the reasons is just to sit in an air-conditioning area.

The bus that responsible in riding us around Shah Alam. Dark and gloomy rite. btw, the air-cond does not functioning well causing a little disappointing in my heart. 
Enjoying m & m and Cool Blog from before while enjoying the skeptic view of Shah Alam from the bus.
One of the view of the nite during the un-purposes journey. Masjid Biru Shah Alam. 
Stranded for almost half hour at the Perhentian Bas Shah Alam to wait for the next bus.
So, the journey ended up here and once we got back to cemara, it almost ten and people that performing terawikh had got back from mosque while we are just finishing our touring. I walked back to my room, take a shower and directly performing my Isyak prayer + terawikh, unfortunately without the Withir. Hope for a better day on the upcoming days.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tea Pot Deli Re-hunting

Lets me keep my blogsphere as merry as possible, before a real things come to my life and ruin the whole scenario and my routine. Wokeyh, this small gathering take place last week just two days before ramadhan began. We had took the opportunity to go to Tea Pot Deli, at SACC Mall to have another bit of its delicacies which is for sure, superb. Didn't believe me, thus you should give it a try and I'm sure you'll die to give it another attempt.

Bla...bla...bla... Enough. Move on to the story itself and as usual, let the captured memory a.k.a  the pictures remind me the flow of the day.  

Friends of mine that joining the hunting. presenting Pozi and Noel.
And another two of my old food-hunting partners that already craving for the food.
Line of POP water with various flavour served for each one of us. For me, Apple POP is a must.
Roasted Chicken, the main dish of the shop and totally superb. The broccoli is served together with the cuisine instead of steamed carrot like previously which is actually turn bad and I think carrot is way better. This time, Noel, Yap and me order the same menu which is this super duper glamour Roasted Chicken with is heavenly-taste brown sauce.
American Chicken Pie. Ordered by Pozi and Radin. Turn out, radin is regretting his choice due to its small portion with a little diluted brown sauce compared to the brown sauce prepared for the Roasted Chicken. And you know what I said, "There is always tomorrow."
As the desert, we instead of I choose Scones that come together with a cream and some sort of undetected-taste jam. The scones and the jam plus the cream do give a very fantabulaz outcome. owh, I share it with Yap, means one each.
So, that is all about my third attempt to Tea Pot Deli. I think the portion of the Roasted Chicken had shrink a little compared to last time I be here. Plus less brown sauce also, compared to my first time being here. But what ever it is, the  taste is still no. 1 and hopefully will still be no. 1.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

iMP : INTEC Minggu Persatuan

Wow, this is my third post of the week indicating how desperate am I ti finish up all my previous story. Actually, blogging is just a thing that bring pleasure albeit being an unauthorized diary of my life, keeping my life in line; timeline or journal perhaps. So, now come a big event which is iMP that stand for INTEC Minggu Persatuan. And what make me more proud is that I am the one who in charge of this big great event. damn proud rite. It may seem simple and easy to handle but the real is it is way out of your mind coverage. Believe it or not.

As the "half-way" project director, let me tell you all a bit about the project. It take place for two days at INTEC great hall with the intention to gather all the club existed in INTEC to promote their club to the new freshmen of INTEC. And that is it all about. Nothing much or great to-be proud of btw. Then, shall we sneak a peak to the memoir captured on the day.

Explaining the club to the junior in order to persuade them to join the club which is btw too HARD. they are really a head-stone. credit to FA-C team.
More club booth in total of 18 proving how successful is the project. Thank to god and all the ORBIC club member that co-operate to make the event work. 
More club means more explanation or in correct word, persuasion. This time is from the ORBIC which is my own beloved club. And also the club that organizing the event. 
Beside joining the club, an open table for those kanak-kanak rebina who want to showing their talent thru drawing is also prepared by Hajjah Aluyah. And the feedback is quite impressive and awesome.
To avoid nothingness and boring-ness in the event, as the project director, I had invited teakwando club to make a show on the second day of the event and the respond is quite a shock.thanks to ITC.

Not forgetting the Silat Cekak Hanafi for their awesome and full of stunning show which can become an eye-opener for those who never know what is silat is? and againg thanks to PSCCH.
The event was a successful and I do really proud of my club and I hope that ORBIC (my club) can organize more event that is as prestigious as this one. Again thank to you all, ORBIC members for supporting me and making this event a success.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Master Chef'ing' with Housemates

Now its like a rush for me to re-update all those old story that had happened in my life in this short break weekend and it will be a crap-o- if i write a long meaningless essay, rite? thus I choose the option to write it short but enough to be remembered and refresh my memory when I read it 10 years upwards and story it to my future-wife-to-be. It's like i can tell her, I am a good cook, perhapss.. =)

Again to avoid long-winded post, lets us see some random photos :

First attempt: Yummylicious Tom Yom. to those who want to order just call us directly at 6/412.
Second attempt: Carbonara Sauce with extra hotdog and filamen with two packet of mushroom soups make it extra cheezy and spoon-licking delicious.
Along with the Carbonara Sauce is the Vermicelli instead of Spaghetti because of it smaller diameter. 
And combination of those second attempt can cause us crazy as it is way too delicious. believe me cause I never lie.
Third attempt is a Stew with thousand of filling, from hotdog up to the filamen, rusky and also the left-over vermicelli did make a wonderful supper dishes. Remember, recycling is always the key to be a wonderful chef.
Fourth attempt: Nasi Goreng Thai with extra cabbage. the cabbage really bring the crunchy texture to the nasi goreng. A little more chilies may bring more flavor to the Nasi Goreng but all in all it is still superb.
 All in all, our cooked resipi may not taste too wonderful but it is awesome and I can ensure that if Hunger all around the world can have a bit of our food they will call it as heaven. Believe me. Besides, we can also be called as a survivor cause instead of true dapur or multi-cooker, we were using rice cooker to prepare all these, wokeyh.. Justifying how pro we are btw. keh3x.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Restoran Aroma Ikan Bakar.

Oh am ji, it has been like a month or more perhaps this blog being left un-typed without any single new words or alphabet btw making it unbearably old-school blog that should be deleted straight away. LOL. So this is just another old promised story that I wanted to share with all my reader's' or the only one, Yap.

This event is actually take place over the last 3-4 weeks back but I dont know what make me unstoppable-bly super duper buzy with my life until I don't even have enough time to update my blog or even online with facebooking thru lappy. Maybe my life is now equip with a new gadget-smart phone make me barely online. Thank to Allah.

So, 2 in 1, beside saving the time, I can also updated more untold story into my blog just by letting the photo, picture, diagram or what so ever to do the talking. Enjoy ekk!! 

Restoran Aroma Ikan Bakar. New seafood pit-stop located at Jeram, Klang albeit Jeram, Perak. So please do some googling to ensure the venue ok.
The overview of the Restaurant and now with even more renovation on-going.
Sea-side gazebbo that can be rented for a better picturesque view of the ocean. if im not mistaken, a gazebbo will cost you MYR20 which is quite costly and for me NOT worthy. 
A caption of the scenery. Sea-shell covering the entire beach along the sea make it more eye-catching perhaps.
Enough with the description of the places and the view what so ever, let us move on and jumped into the conclusion what I had filled my stomach with here. Lets watch some food-porn that will surely make us mouth watery especially on this 1st day of Ramadhan.

Just look at the size of the "octopus" will surely make you eager to give it a call. The chewy and more chewy taste of it really make you wonder to give it a second call. 
As the dinner is sponsored by kak jah and family, hot and spicy cuisine is like a must. indeed, a hot and spicy ikan "unknown" is superbly delicious and crispy. especially it mouth. yummy.
Move on to the prawn. Yeah it looks kind of spicy but it is not. It is sweet and fresh btw. well-cooked and well-done to the cook.
Fried Ikan pari that is unbearably mouth-watering and well-grilled.. the soft texture of it plus the kuah asam do make it a wonderful combination and should be given a try.
Last but not least, Steamed ikan kerapu if i;m not wrong. it do taste delicious but i kind of not into it as for me it is like an uncooked fish.
Thus, this dinner is the sign of the end of our gathering of 2012. It may seem simple compared to other people family day but it do comes with thousand of memories that can be a lesson and a bed time story for my future son and daughter in the future.

This is just a quarter of my family. Such a dream family so please do jelous with me wokeyh.