Saturday, July 21, 2012

Master Chef'ing' with Housemates

Now its like a rush for me to re-update all those old story that had happened in my life in this short break weekend and it will be a crap-o- if i write a long meaningless essay, rite? thus I choose the option to write it short but enough to be remembered and refresh my memory when I read it 10 years upwards and story it to my future-wife-to-be. It's like i can tell her, I am a good cook, perhapss.. =)

Again to avoid long-winded post, lets us see some random photos :

First attempt: Yummylicious Tom Yom. to those who want to order just call us directly at 6/412.
Second attempt: Carbonara Sauce with extra hotdog and filamen with two packet of mushroom soups make it extra cheezy and spoon-licking delicious.
Along with the Carbonara Sauce is the Vermicelli instead of Spaghetti because of it smaller diameter. 
And combination of those second attempt can cause us crazy as it is way too delicious. believe me cause I never lie.
Third attempt is a Stew with thousand of filling, from hotdog up to the filamen, rusky and also the left-over vermicelli did make a wonderful supper dishes. Remember, recycling is always the key to be a wonderful chef.
Fourth attempt: Nasi Goreng Thai with extra cabbage. the cabbage really bring the crunchy texture to the nasi goreng. A little more chilies may bring more flavor to the Nasi Goreng but all in all it is still superb.
 All in all, our cooked resipi may not taste too wonderful but it is awesome and I can ensure that if Hunger all around the world can have a bit of our food they will call it as heaven. Believe me. Besides, we can also be called as a survivor cause instead of true dapur or multi-cooker, we were using rice cooker to prepare all these, wokeyh.. Justifying how pro we are btw. keh3x.

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asyraf harun said...

looking good Chef Unknown!