Sunday, July 22, 2012

iMP : INTEC Minggu Persatuan

Wow, this is my third post of the week indicating how desperate am I ti finish up all my previous story. Actually, blogging is just a thing that bring pleasure albeit being an unauthorized diary of my life, keeping my life in line; timeline or journal perhaps. So, now come a big event which is iMP that stand for INTEC Minggu Persatuan. And what make me more proud is that I am the one who in charge of this big great event. damn proud rite. It may seem simple and easy to handle but the real is it is way out of your mind coverage. Believe it or not.

As the "half-way" project director, let me tell you all a bit about the project. It take place for two days at INTEC great hall with the intention to gather all the club existed in INTEC to promote their club to the new freshmen of INTEC. And that is it all about. Nothing much or great to-be proud of btw. Then, shall we sneak a peak to the memoir captured on the day.

Explaining the club to the junior in order to persuade them to join the club which is btw too HARD. they are really a head-stone. credit to FA-C team.
More club booth in total of 18 proving how successful is the project. Thank to god and all the ORBIC club member that co-operate to make the event work. 
More club means more explanation or in correct word, persuasion. This time is from the ORBIC which is my own beloved club. And also the club that organizing the event. 
Beside joining the club, an open table for those kanak-kanak rebina who want to showing their talent thru drawing is also prepared by Hajjah Aluyah. And the feedback is quite impressive and awesome.
To avoid nothingness and boring-ness in the event, as the project director, I had invited teakwando club to make a show on the second day of the event and the respond is quite a shock.thanks to ITC.

Not forgetting the Silat Cekak Hanafi for their awesome and full of stunning show which can become an eye-opener for those who never know what is silat is? and againg thanks to PSCCH.
The event was a successful and I do really proud of my club and I hope that ORBIC (my club) can organize more event that is as prestigious as this one. Again thank to you all, ORBIC members for supporting me and making this event a success.

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congrats congrats congrats! if only there's a picture of me here LOL