Friday, July 27, 2012

Iftar'ing' At Kopitiam Pak Li

Assalamualaikum... really, it has been like a decade I'm not starting my post with a proper greeting make the  blogosphere of mine becoming less and less islamic and being infected with 'dakyah-dakyah syaitan nan jahanam'. Full stop there. Ok, it truely had been a while since I went out with my old friends back in gopeng to grab some good food. So, I take the initiative and call them all out (using tajul phone absolutely) to gather at Kopitiam Pak Li for iftar. Our mini-gathering was also joined by Ajlaa, Aina and Khalidah.

Boys with sifat malu-malu kucing when confronting women. but when it comes to photo, I won't let that thing make me down. Pose is still a pose. Meet Tajul, Fikre and peace-ing Shahnon.
And the line of the girls women, smiling to the lens of my cheap stake camera. Plus, look at the width of our table which is so so small imposing us to squeezing in.
Enough with the introduction, lets now start the true porn in the middle of this hot-day. Hold your saliva, OK;

Faqeh's Nasi Ayam Lemon which is way so famous here especially to the Akasia'ans I think. My verdict it is just so-so. Nasi Ayam at Seksyen 6 is way better and delicious, for me.
Laksa Katong which belong to those juniors; Ajlaa, Aina and Khalidah.
My Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Rice. It is not as what I'm expecting it. Beside it small portion, the chicken itself is way too dry and not juicy. By the way, I love its black pepper sauce that I think well-prepared. Spicy and sweet.
Another version of Black Pepper Chicken Chop but this time it came along with French Fries instead of Rice.
 Finish iftaring, we all headed to the Ole Ole pray room to perform our maghrib prayer before separating to our own direction, boys with boys and girls with girls which actually all of us ended up at Cool Blog.

Mine, Apple plus Black Pearl. thanks to Tajul for treating me.
Done buying the Cool Blog, we headed out to the bus station to wait for bus to have a tour around Shah Alam. From section 19 across the section 2 to section 14 and stop at Perhentian Bas Shah Alam, repeating the same route back to section 18 by bus. Just wonder what an idiot will done this. And for god sake, the reasons is just to sit in an air-conditioning area.

The bus that responsible in riding us around Shah Alam. Dark and gloomy rite. btw, the air-cond does not functioning well causing a little disappointing in my heart. 
Enjoying m & m and Cool Blog from before while enjoying the skeptic view of Shah Alam from the bus.
One of the view of the nite during the un-purposes journey. Masjid Biru Shah Alam. 
Stranded for almost half hour at the Perhentian Bas Shah Alam to wait for the next bus.
So, the journey ended up here and once we got back to cemara, it almost ten and people that performing terawikh had got back from mosque while we are just finishing our touring. I walked back to my room, take a shower and directly performing my Isyak prayer + terawikh, unfortunately without the Withir. Hope for a better day on the upcoming days.


Azian Elias said...

org bujang ni selalunya iftar sure kena keluar ye..

INSYALLAH one fine day kita jumpa.

malacca2u said...

The fragant white flowers after pollination become small coffee berries with two beans covered by a silver-membrance enclosed by a yellow pulp that turns red when ripe. Already a nice beverage, roasting the seed give coffee much of its pleasant taste.

unknown said...

@Azian Elias : itu semestinyer sbb nanti klu nak masak mau terlepas solat terawikh...kuih3x...

I-allah one fine day nanti...

@malacca2u : nice wordings.

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