Friday, July 20, 2012

Restoran Aroma Ikan Bakar.

Oh am ji, it has been like a month or more perhaps this blog being left un-typed without any single new words or alphabet btw making it unbearably old-school blog that should be deleted straight away. LOL. So this is just another old promised story that I wanted to share with all my reader's' or the only one, Yap.

This event is actually take place over the last 3-4 weeks back but I dont know what make me unstoppable-bly super duper buzy with my life until I don't even have enough time to update my blog or even online with facebooking thru lappy. Maybe my life is now equip with a new gadget-smart phone make me barely online. Thank to Allah.

So, 2 in 1, beside saving the time, I can also updated more untold story into my blog just by letting the photo, picture, diagram or what so ever to do the talking. Enjoy ekk!! 

Restoran Aroma Ikan Bakar. New seafood pit-stop located at Jeram, Klang albeit Jeram, Perak. So please do some googling to ensure the venue ok.
The overview of the Restaurant and now with even more renovation on-going.
Sea-side gazebbo that can be rented for a better picturesque view of the ocean. if im not mistaken, a gazebbo will cost you MYR20 which is quite costly and for me NOT worthy. 
A caption of the scenery. Sea-shell covering the entire beach along the sea make it more eye-catching perhaps.
Enough with the description of the places and the view what so ever, let us move on and jumped into the conclusion what I had filled my stomach with here. Lets watch some food-porn that will surely make us mouth watery especially on this 1st day of Ramadhan.

Just look at the size of the "octopus" will surely make you eager to give it a call. The chewy and more chewy taste of it really make you wonder to give it a second call. 
As the dinner is sponsored by kak jah and family, hot and spicy cuisine is like a must. indeed, a hot and spicy ikan "unknown" is superbly delicious and crispy. especially it mouth. yummy.
Move on to the prawn. Yeah it looks kind of spicy but it is not. It is sweet and fresh btw. well-cooked and well-done to the cook.
Fried Ikan pari that is unbearably mouth-watering and well-grilled.. the soft texture of it plus the kuah asam do make it a wonderful combination and should be given a try.
Last but not least, Steamed ikan kerapu if i;m not wrong. it do taste delicious but i kind of not into it as for me it is like an uncooked fish.
Thus, this dinner is the sign of the end of our gathering of 2012. It may seem simple compared to other people family day but it do comes with thousand of memories that can be a lesson and a bed time story for my future son and daughter in the future.

This is just a quarter of my family. Such a dream family so please do jelous with me wokeyh.


asyraf harun said...

YEAYYY finally ;DD

asyraf harun said...

oh yeah, anyway I also live in Jeram, but in Melaka instead! LOL