Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Outing Around Kuala Lumpur

If anybody ever read or just having a glance on my written-style in this blog, you all may realise that I usually the person who is lazy to be a long-winded writer and I always ask the photo to the talking rite??? but for this posting, as a special edition of my post, I will try to write as long as I can until I feel asleep and fed up. So, are you all ready to rumble.

First, lets begin the post with a picture to make the flow of the story become more clearer. I spend like one and a half day in KL with my family and having some gathering and a good time together.. This gathering was super fabulous and amazing. The gather begin with an in-purposes and useless visitation to I-City, Shah Alam. Except the photo with the colourful lighted-trees, there is nothing more to be shouted out. According to what I observed, most of the visitor are from Pantai Timur which indicate that Pantai Timur's citizen love lighted-trees. Perhaps. Besides, there is also Ferris Wheel there. So, to those who are addicted to korean drama, you should give it a try because in korean dramas, LOVE always begin there.

My favourite arc which I called Hydra.
Next, over-posing photo under the paradise of light heat. It is not that bad actually.
And of course, my extra large face-captured. Hiding behind the giant sunflower. New plants that had grown here; Sunflower.
Then, the excitement of the gathering does not stop here, but actually it is just a start to the more blissful, chuffed and gratified event. On the next morning, we had been planned to be at Ulu Yam's Waterfall or "Air Terjun Ulu Yam" which is so popular among the citizen of KL. The water is really undeniably cold and refreshing. I think that the water sources is from the Genting Highland which prove the coldness and the crystal-clear water of the waterfall itself. 

Everybody is sink in the incitement of swimming. Laughing from ear to ear. =)
On this vacation, I took the call to give a try for my camera's ability to resist water and able to capture picture from underwater. You know what, it is totally worthy and super dumbfounding as the advancement of technology can even reach up to this limit now-a-days. Now watch and please be stunning.

Look, how amazing am I underwater. Even initially I feel a little nervous to give it a try, after much provocation and provocation from my brother and younger brother, I bravery myself to give it a try and look the outcome.
Another smiling captured-image underwater. From this view, I truly think I am gorgeous. =) **perasan 
And a little cute perhaps. ***koh3x, muntah darah...
This occurrence become more fun because we are having BBQ and it was specially prepared by our damn gorgeous mom. What ever she cook, she is a pro and the food will be truly appetizing and lush cause she did it with an extra love and care.

Look, how ke"ibu"an is my mother is??? she is really a SUPERMOM. please be jelous OK.
The joyfulness does not just stop here but it ended up with a little dinner together. We are heading to Aroma Ikan Bakar, Jeram. Here, they serve with a lot of seafood, fresh seafood that will make you craving to death to have it. *Over-reacted* . For this one, I plan to write is in my next post because when it come to food-related post, it may take a long talk..because it is food. ^^

Do wait for my upcoming post about Aroma Ikan Bakar, Jeram.
So, till here...


asyraf harun said...

Magad rindu gila Ulu Yam! I still remember going there when I was like, a toddler lol

unknown said...

Yeah...u should miss it cause there, the water is truly chilling...

asyraf harun said...

waterfall water is waaay better than sea water heh :D btw itu guna kamera SONY u tu ka?

unknown said...

yeah...absolutely and this is the first time i give it a try to dive underwater...LOL..later if maybe we hang out together bolehlah kite snapping...

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