Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Trip To Cameron Highlands...

Welcome To Cameron Highlands.
Lately, my life is very amazing and full of excitement. I do really enjoy every single second and moment of my life. LOL, cut the crap out and let make it straight to the point. yesterday, i went up to Cameron Highlands. it is just a day trip as we (including other members of the vacation team) went there right after dawn and come back just before it getting dusk. so, is there anything new back in Cameron Highlands? compare to my last visit there when i was in form 2, 5 years ago to be precise.

Actually, there is seem to be nothing special and different to be shouted out  here as visiting Cameron Highlands is like repeating the same vacation that i have done it 5 years ago; flowers, bees, waterfall, tea, and what is the most exciting is strawberries. nothing special and nothing interesting thou. plus, the chilling sensation at Cameron Highlands now start to disintegrate as more and more trees is being cut down.

During our arrival, the sky seem to be dark as it going to rain thus make the surrounding a little bit chilling up to my anak sedara's mouth turn to dark blue due to the coldness perhaps but as it come to noon where to sun glare persistently on the earth of Cameron Highlands, even me get sweating indicating how warm is here. but what make me feel so fun is that many Malaysian even care to wear sweater in this kind of condition.perhaps their skin is way too thin make them chilling too much..LOL...so, here is some of the photo during the vacation.

Flower of the day. what interesting there is the colorful flower across the garden.
Another blooming flower.
Extra sweet and mouth-watering strawberries. there are MYR 5, 7 and 18 strawberries packaging.
Welcome to the Cameron Valley where tea plants is being grown.
Acting in the middle of the tea plants.
The bee farm visitation. this one is trigona Bee.
Final destination, Lata Iskandar. the water is so cold and refreshing.
So, that is all the story of my trip to Cameron Highlands. Another post that is related to this post will insyaAllah will be posted in no time. till then, assalamualaikum and peace be upon to you. =)

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