Friday, June 1, 2012

Aus Dan Universiti Malaya.

It has been awhile rite since I am posting in my blog. saying that the hectic student life as the excuses now seem to be too lame because we are on vacationholiday. So, here is it, my first post about non-food related after ages. This is about my little brother that just passing his SPM with opkos flying colour got an offer to UM to pursue his study in Science Foundation or in melayunyer Asasi Sains Hayat.

All in all, nothing to be shouted about because it is just a one day sent off plan where we sent him there and when back to Teluk Intan, initially.**klu tak paham terus ignore. =) Now, let just look at the photo of the memories before berpisah.

 Camwhoring at jalan duta. A last stop by for peeing.

 Congrates to aus because you make mama and papa proud. and I do proud of you.

 Muka macam tgh kepit urut keliling ponggong tahan angin keluar.

 Where ever we are, we are still A4.

 And another A4 photo

This is the advantages of having a big family. Once masuk U, satu bas hantar, kalah orang kawen...jangan jeles.[yang dalam photo nie baru suku, lagik 3/4 tgh merayap merata-rata OK..maka banggalah ade family ramai.. wheee3x]

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