Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dine-On At Pizza Hut Teluk Intan

Luxurious and glamorous double-store pizza hut. much bigger compare to pizza hut s14, shah alam
 Another post for tonite. Omaigod, before this, it is not easy for me and my siblings to get permission from our parents to went out especially after maghrib but nowadays, our father and mother had become cooler and more sporting. I like it so muchss. So, we went to pizza hut for our dinner which is actually the main purpose of the dinner is for aus to tell illa and eje that 'our class will stop till today' but aus seem to have not enough strength to express those words and end the class??? so, I assumed that the dinner at the pizza hut is just an ordinary outing within A3 + illa. **next week nanti akak balik, bole belanje kitorang yer?

Neat and attractive interior design of the pizza hut

For today, we had grab a few types of regular size pizza which is are seafood, beef and chicken topping. We decided to eat outside the store because instead of we can prevent from the crazy 10% service charge, we can also go to other more beautiful place and enjoy every slices of the pizza itself.

Beef topping pizza. the taste is not too attractive where nothing special to be shout out about this one
Chicken topping pizza. this one is quite delicious. the mozarella make is damn elastic*if that the word* and make you desire to eat more and more.
Lastly, Seafood topping pizza. this one is superb. the taste of the bun is quite sweet which i think from the taste of the tuna and the filament of the crab is so soft and mouth-watering. 
Here is some random photo of us, having a little party inside a car. Even the space is not too big and spacious but the aroma of the pizza do fill the entire atmosphere of the car and we like it.

Happy face of aus, adik and ila*substitution of of aus student, eje is too shy to join the party
A blurry photo of mine enjoying the elastic mozarella topping of the pizza. self-cam whore.

One of the colour of the menara condong. changing from blue to purple to red and green. a beauty scene while enjoying the pizza. damn perfect match.

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