Monday, May 7, 2012

Well Done Bro.. ^.^

-just receiving certificate and trophy...why SBP dont give money instead of all those thing, im wondering???-

First of all, there is nothing more to be said cause this is the last-long winded left over post due to the hectic life as being student...actually just one word i wanna express to my only and just only younger brother which is TAHNIAH...

He managed to score straight A in SPM even not straight A+.i do really proud of him and memang berbangga to be his brother and telling everybody that he is my brother...even that, i'm still in a confuse mode what to treat him for his success.

Lastly, piece of advice to my bro, Mohammad Firdaus, just be what you wanna be and study what you want to study, because it is your life and you are the one that will live with it, rite??? so, again, congrates yer...

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