Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Akak.

Happy Birthday Akak
Ok all, nowadays, i can directly updating an event that happen in my life as i was on break for two months. so, insyaAllahh for this two months duration, there will be no more delayed post as before. this time, me, my brother aus and sister, adik went to Seri Iskandar in order to celebrate my sister-in-photo birthday that fall on 15th of May. thus, one simple phrases, Happy Birthday to You.

A3 and i am on the opposite site of the photo..sobss3x..
All of the A4 members gather together-gether in order to celebrate my 'leader' of the A4 team as known as kepala iradat...keh3x.but??where am i?ectually, im the one who took the photo so im in the opposite site if the photo where all of them is watching straight to me rite now, =) LOL

Initially, there is no cake but suddenly after half-way, we decided to buy a cake as the symbolic of the birthday. without cake, birthday party will seem moody and out of mood. Here it is, half kilo of tiramisu cake from the JusToEat.

Heavenly delicious of the half and adozen of the Tiramisu Cake. perfectly delicious, ok.
Enough with it, lets move on to the food ordered and served for us for today. but this time, let the photo do the talking instead of my worse writing skills;

Myr 6.00 of Chicken Chop with extremely large portion of the chicken. the brown sauce is quite delicious and overall i give it 3/5 stars

Next is the creamy spaghetti carbonara. this time the amount of the spaghetti is too little but alhamdulilah ia masih mengenyangkan. with price just as low as Myr 4.50, everyone of it is now able to taste the taste of spaghetti

Chicken Tempura, Myr 6.00. damn cheap but the taste is still consider to be OK. the brown sauce is so perfect but to compete with Tea Pot Deli's Brown Sauce is seem to be impossible.
Last but not least, my tender and juice plus strong smell of  Lamb Chop. even the taste of the menu is not as i expected it to be but the price is truely cheap.the presence of the brown sauce is totally completing the lamb.


asyraf harun said...

WOWW the western delicacies do look tempting! cant believe how cheap they could be! dekat manakah ini ya? T.Intan is it
BTW happy belated birthday to your sis :)

unknown said...

thanks...nope it is at Seri Iskandar, my sister university's food area...yeah damn cheap and delicious