Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gathering And Eating At Chicken Hartz

Another old story to be told.yup's, the third post for the day. this time, i wanna share about my small dormmates gathering at the chicken hartz, sunway pyramid. the gathering was join by all my dormmates; luqman, paan, rizkin and even amar without juhairi plus tajul..we went there by amar's car.

Here, the concept is buffet where you can eat as long as you want to eat because everything was free for you once you paid the entrance fee.for students like us, we are all provided with 15% discount that make the  price that we need to pay is just around myr 21.00...again, one you paid you can eat anything provided from early in the morning till nnite, also can...

But, for your information, there is no toilets and even bilik solat provided inside the restaurant and once you step out form the restaurant, you are not allow to enter again unless you paid again...broken english here but hopefully you managed to get the point.klu melayunye, bayar sekali, masuk sekali, klu dah keluar tak bole masuk dah...understood???

The varieties of the cuisine provided not too bad, except chicken opkos as the restaurant's name itself is CHICKEN HARTZ, there are also variety of fruits, salad, macaronni, spagetti, and many-many more but due to the over-excitation mode nak pelahap all the food up to the maximum because i want to make my myr21 is berbaloi.there is no time to be wasted to capture picture..

So, only here some of the food porns..

-sweet sour salad with thousand island sauce as dressing-

-healthy unsalty maccaroni..bad, truely bad-

-food hunter and sweetest dormmates i ever have except tajul...- 


asyraf harun said...

amboi memang post balas dendam la ni kihkih..anyway sedapnya nampak chicken hartz tu..tak pernah perasan pulak this chicken joint kat Sunway tu LOL..bila pergi ni?

unknown said...

befor finallah, lame sudah tapik no time untuk menghupdated...