Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Secret Recipi Seksyen 18

I think this is my first time eating here in Secret Recipi S18 since I moved in to Cemara. Yeah, even it is just a walking distance from my hostel, eating here everyday for every meals are an absolute impossible. Besides it expensive food, the drinks are also quite cozy. But grabbed its food once in a while is a must. The temptation of its cakes especially is quite hard to resist.

So, I went there together with my hausmates as well as my classmates. Actually, I am celebrating my Hari Raya after 6 days fasting in Syawal and they are all so sweet to willingly accompanied me here. Thanks all. So, here is the delicacies. Not so good but not that bad if I am asked to comment.

Shepherd's Pie. Not too tempting btw.
No name. I is quite nice.
Grilled Black Pepper Chicken own to Pozi. For me the Chicken is not juicy enough and not hot anymore. Bad service for sure.
My help. Noodle in Tom Yum Soup. Like always and just the size shrinking I think.
Thai Style Fried Rice own to Radin. Way below expectation. blurfff.
Ayap's Spinach Lasagna what-to-name I forgot. Total fail for me.
All of us on the day minus Zul. Thanks all for ur time.
Overall, the foodies here is SR S18 it totally out and what to say, it didn't achieve the expectation of customer especially me. I'll absolutely will try to not eat here anymore. Bon chance pour moi pour mon interview cette jeudi.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Skating @ Sunway Pyramid Ice

Actually this was a sudden suggestion from ma sister to go to skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice @ Sunway Pyramid of course. Albeit, me just finish sitting for the IELTS exam, going here was like a stress reliever. LOL's. But due to mild downpour, I headed to Kelana Jaya quite late to pick up my sister at aroung 3.00, before continuing my journey to UM (picking up my little bro) and then we all headed off to Sunway Pyramid. Wheee, so much fun filling the heart.

So, as I headed off quite late and I still didn't grab any food, I look out what was there left in the kitchen and mixed them all for my lunch, while watching Adam & Hawa. Basically, it is not that bad and I even grade myself as a amateur cook. It is spicy enough to sting my tongue and the crabby taste is there due to the crab filaments.

Hot and spicy Angelio lio Spaghetti on house.
Then after I finished my lunch as well as finished watching Adam & Hawa, the rain stopped and I packed up fews thing and straightly headed to pick up ma sis as well as ma bro and we all headed off to Sunway Pyramid Ice. This was my second time here while it was a first time for them. LOL's. Even I cant believe it that I can basically skating quite well this time. If I recall my last time here, it was a total disaster. Wuhuuuu, that why people said, practice make perfect and it always do. 

At the entrance.
 Before going into the arena, photo shooting is a must for memory later in the future. Here, the three of us with the same tee. Don't know why but I love to take photos especially if am in it.

As well as, anxious.
Aus and Adik in the alley.
Me, trying to act cute with the Hi-5 style

Adik in the alley again. Plus me at the back.
More photo.
Simple dinner before heading off back to my sister's haus at Puchong. Basically it just too plain and alittle tasteless.
Oh yeah, there was also incident where I lost my bike's key here. LOL's. It is a very panic situation indeed. Its like, how am I going to go back home kind of thought. But later, I called my brother-in-law and he-with-the-skill managed to start the bike and do-the-things-to-be-done to allow me ride it back home, safe and sound. Wow, disasterous memory btw. And there is also another memory to be brought home.
Scar on ma small finger as I collide with another skater and she cut ma finger using her shoes.
It was a very nice memory indeed. Maybe later we should spend more time together hanging out like this. And fyi, the fee was sponsored by adik. Thanks so much. Bout' the fee, on weekdays it will be MYR15 for adult and MYR20 on weekends. Plus, I think it is more expensive on any public holiday. And yeah, you can also buy a socks, MYR4 as well as glove, MYR8 here. 

Open Haus Miss Fiza.

Finally after an ages waiting for all the photos to be on my hand, I got it. Means that this is the right time for me to write about it before even this merely long gone memory start to vanish into thin air. LOL's. Basically this open haus thingy happened back then in Syawal like one and a half month ago. Too long time ago rite but yeah, just to write up a little about the party, upload some photos to the net as well as keep this memory alive rather than it been buried, untold to anybody. As saying goes, "good memories must be shared so that the happiest will spread out".

Basically, Miss fiza had organised and invited us to her open house but our bad, most of us didn't come due to personal reasons. So, as to still celebrating the merry of Eidul Fitri, we planned to just like gathered around together at Miss Fiza haus, bringing our own food, ate and having fun together. Just with that kind of intention, we successfully held the party. And it was heaven.

Haus-owner; Miss Fiza, Gorgeous and fantabulaz chemist lecturer.
Foodies on the day.
Home made muffin by Miss Fiza. Superbly delicious.
And also satay prepared by our beloved lecturer.
Additional KFC treated by the boys.
Cocktail by the gurls.
Dominos by the chiness girls... I'm not try to be racist here.
Group photos.
Me, ucop and Miss Fiza. Plus Mamaza's head at the back.
All in all, the pot luck was super fantastic and there were lots of delicious delicacies to be feed on. LOL's. Now I know why it is so hard for me to get slimmer. Urghhhh.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Resepi YB : Yazid Burger Seksyen 7

Assalamualaikum guys... So pheww, this week was a very hectic as lots of things need to be done and alhamdulillah I managed to settle everything without any difficulties. Wow, sound really islamic, rite?

As promised in my previous post that I'll talk about this super glamour, tasty and scrumptious YB Burger that is sell at S7 behind the UniSel, so here it is. To compare this burger with other burger that I've ate, I think this one is the biggest one. Up till now. Basically, this burger is made of minced beef that was being compressed and was put in between of bread. Add on some more vegetables, mayonnaise,  sauce as well as black pepper sauce and that was it, YB Burger. LOL's, that maybe too simplistic or way too simple. Maybe there are lots more steps that was taken in order to prepare the course as it is very sinfully taste.

Moving on to the best part which is a photo talk;

The store that sell the YB Burger. It is just behind the UniSel.
Side view of the burger. The black pepper sauce is really delicious and addictive. Should ask them to put extra.
Upper view of the burger. If am not mistaken even the bread is self-made.
Now is the cross sectional of the burger. Just look at the thickness of the meat. Really meaty and tender if I got to say.
My help. It just as a starter.
Due to it super-BIG size, we need too cut it into pieces so that it will be easier for us to take it in.
Overall, the burger is really tasty and it is not disappointing. With just MYR 20.00 you can get the half kilogram burger and if you plan for a kilo, just cross multiply the price with 2. One more thing, as we were buying it and brought it home means cemara, they packed the burger just like a cake is being pack. So, it was easier to be brought back home.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Azhar's Birthday Surprise Party.

Lol's, this story was way back in September but it is still like a must for me to update it to my blog as a memory for the future. Actually the party was not as surprise as it supposed to be because, yeah we are staying in the same house. It was like everything that we were planning on will be absolutely overheard by him, The Birthday Boy. A little about him; he is m hausmate, born on 23rd of September if am not mistaken and he is from Langkap.

So, let recall the memories with a few attached crime's photos;  

Instead of normal icing cake, we give the Yazid Burger a try. Will be explained more on the upcoming post.
Am also preparing a hot stew. Slruppp and undeniably delicious. Ingredient includes hot dogs, crab sticks, maggie as well as cabbages. 
The hot stew was boiling.
Because it was a birthday celebration, a cake is a compulsory. This cake is so sin-taste.
Me with the birthday boy. Seriously, my hair looks crazy and my mouth look weird. Duhhh.
Finally, a group photo. Lol's our face is overly express. Maybe it is because of the burger.
All in all, I just wanna stress that Happy Birthday Azhar and may Allah bless you for the rest of your life here and absolutely here after.